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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 

Chris Roberson detests Charles Schumer for opposing Iran deal

Several days ago, Roberson tweeted the following:

And what's that supposed to mean? That Roberson's okay with it? Bleah. To some extent,it's weird coming from a man who co-wrote the Fables spinoffs, since, whatever one thinks of Bill Willingham, the Fables series is supposed to feature right-wing metaphors. I guess that makes Roberson the wolf in the flock. Then again, this was the same man who said all men are bad after the Isla Vista murders. Mr. Roberson doesn't understand that the whole "deal" is just a faustian farce, and last week, the UN was said to be willing to allow Iran to conduct its own inspections. Unfortunately, Roberson must think this makes perfect sense, when it doesn't. He's just another ostrich putting his head in the sand.

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Politics, bleck.

Using the Iran nuclear deal as a precedent, you should be allowed to audit your own tax returns, and the IRS should have to take your word for it as to the results.

The deal not only allows Iran to build nuclear weapons (and intercontinental missiles to carry them), it gives them billions in sanctions relief. Which the mullahs have openly stated will be used to fund terrorists.

It also obligates the US to help Iran against any attempts to "sabotage" its nuclear program. So, apparently, Obama wants us to go to war against Israel (or Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE) if they try to bomb Iraq's nuclear reactors. Would that be better than going to war against Iran?

Obama says that this deal is the only alternative to war. Oh? Why not increased economic sanctions? Obama says that sanctions won't work. Then he says that we don't have to worry about Iran violating the agreement, because "snap back sanctions" will be imposed if they get caught cheating.

How can they be caught? The deal requires 24 days notice for inspections, no Americans are allowed on inspection teams, and the inspectors are not allowed access to military bases. And the deal does not prohibit them from enriching uranium or building ICBM's, so they can continue to build weapons without violating the agreement, anyway.

And Obama says we need this deal, because sanctions won't work, so this agreement is the only alternative to war. Then he says that we can enforce the agreement by...threatening to impose sanctions. Which, he has said, won't work.

So becoming a politician means a general decrease in IQ? What occupation actually increases it then?

History has proven the brightest minds are not found in public office, otherwise, nations wouldn't fall into deficit, skyrocketing unemployment, or stagnant GDP rates. The brightest minds have and always will thrive best in the private sector, where actual achievements and accomplishments happen. Politicians are not the source of innovation. What they strive for is memorizing their rhetoric in time for the next midterm elections.
Apparently Roberson is new to politics. If Schumer thought the Iran deal was really in jeopardy of being stopped, he wouldn't vote against it, regardless of his constituents. Knowing it'll pass, regardless of his vote, just allows him the pretense of voting with his conscience.

Politics, bleck."

Don't like what you see here, Drag? Then don't read it/comment.

Can I help it if the guy doesn't post happy news every once in a while instead of the same old downer tidbits and twitter blips?

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