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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 

Patrick Zircher waking up to what's wrong with modern liberalism?

It looks that way from these several tweets I'm posting here, though we should still be cautiously optimistic. It began this one:

Then, when somebody laments how liberalism is changing into a mindset that suppresses rather than celebrate various ideas, he replied with this:

Why yes, that's the problem today at modern universities, when you have Islamofascism and dhimmis running amok who suppress the freedom of former Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and even vulgarians and violent thugs not unlike the ones Henry Ford employed when he ran his car company as a mafia-like operation.

But it's not just students who pose a problem. There's also the professors and instructors who have to shoulder blame for the examples they set. One chilling example is Ward Churchill, the one who used slurs like "little Eichmanns". And there was another one in Colorado who made students recite an anti-American pledge. Never underestimate what kind of harm they can cause, and indeed they are part and parcel of the problem.

What an honestly odd statement to make coming from somebody who, until now, still holds conservatives like myself in low regard. But, if that's how he feels, then here's a bit of advice on how to approach the topic:
  • Bear in mind that a lot of this mentality, carried by what we now call "social justice warriors", has been turning up in mainstream comics recently too, and unlike video game designers, today's mainstream comic editors/publishers - quite a few of whom are left-wing - seem a lot more open to censorship and deconstructing some of the most imaginative ideas from past products, all at the expense of past contributors who worked hard to realize them.
  • Quit defending and apologizing for incidents like the Ferguson riots, and repellent fanfiction like Identity Crisis, Avengers: Disassembled and Civil War. That kind of shoddy material - filled as they are with blame-the-victim mentality and 9-11 trutherism - stems from the same mindset many of the same far-leftists and SJWs whom Zircher says he's dismayed at adhere to. Besides, it does not pay to support screeds that slight women and Americans. Food for thought.
  • Maintain some distance from all the Waids, Marzs, Slotts and Busieks out there so long as they adhere to the extreme leftism they've become known for, particularly since the beginning of the decade.
  • Stop being so negative towards conservatives. Of course there's some out there who're a bad lot, but not all are. Here's one who had to fight for his freedom of speech at a university, and the Conservative Party recently came out in defense of Pamela Geller's rights. There are some rightists around who're trying to help for the right reasons, and they should be thanked, not rejected.
If Zircher really wants to help better this world, the universities and the comics medium, then that's the best way I can think of to work towards improvement. But for now, there's no telling if he intends to change. If not, then there's not much point in making the argument to start with.

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Answer: How modernism and post-modernism have twisted conservative and liberal ideals into twisted parodies of themselves against the background of a fast-paced life.

Considering previous tweets Zircher has put out, this one is stunning. Almost he tripped into a moment of critical thinking. I do agree with his questioning what liberalism means now. Hard to believe it originally advocated maximum individual liberties, and now it advocates for maximum welfare.
Still, I'm too cynical to think there'll be tweets like this from him in the near future. It's stunning enough he made these comments public. His colleagues will make sure he comes back to the fold. You can only stray so far from the liberal plantation before being brought back into the herd.

So tell me, how hard is it to get out of religion once you get into it, on a general basis?

There really is no general basis. It depends on the religion or denomination. Christians and Jews can convert to other religions, or can become atheists or agnostics. In Islam, apostasy is punishable by death.

"Let us speak, you shut up" pretty well sums up modern "liberal" attitudes toward freedom of speech.

...that only tells me voluntary leaving from a monotheistic religion, how about ones with more than one god, or is that a touchy subject?

So basically modern political leanings/preferences is either "La la la, not listening!" for conservatives or "Loudest voice wins!" for liberals? No wonder politics have been spinning their wheels since the 70s...

Buddhism has no concept of apostasy. Hinduism does not prescribe any punishment for renouncing or leaving the religion, although former Hindus may be shunned. Christians and Jews are free to leave their churches at any time, with no earthly punishment, although a premise of Christianity is that anyone who does not accept Jesus as savior will be condemned in the afterlife. Islam allows the death penalty for apostates (and for "non-believers" in general), although some moderate Muslims believe (similarly to Christians) that punishment should be left to God.

Liberals believe in freedom of speech, but they want an exception made for "hate speech." Of course, "hate" means any disagreement with them about anything.

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