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Sunday, August 16, 2015 

More Marz mishmash about the latest Ferguson chaos and Cecil the Lion

The terrible Marz has opened his big mouth about the latest clash in Ferguson. Before we get to that, here's 2 he wrote about Ayn Rand:

Sigh. What's he got against a woman who wasn't even religious, and supported atheism? Such an obsessed, begrudging man Marz is against a woman he never knew. Now for what he's said of recent about Ferguson:

And I'm sure vandals who demolish other people's businesses are helping the situation too, right? As do more hoodlums who happen to carry guns and use them for all the wrong reasons? He still continues to push a false narrative about what really happened, and refuses to consider any of the real facts about what happened last year.

The last thing we need is somebody who thinks he's morally superior acting like a know-it-all.

He later brings up dentist Walter Palmer again:

If he were out in the open, Marz would be asking why he's not hiding, and still calling him a coward, or something else despicable. If he's really so worried about animal welfare, then is Marz furious at Islamofascists who hatemonger against dogs? In fact, in the Hadith, it's even written that dogs are abominable. But does Marz care? Nope, doesn't look that way.

Still the obsession with the Kochs, but no worries whatsoever about Soros. As this topic says, compared to Soros, the Kochs are mere amateurs.

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1. What's so great about Ayn Rand again?
2. Why do people keep manufacturing guns if nobody ever uses them?
3. One less lousy dentist to worry about I suppose. (What was the guy trying to shoot originally again?)
4. Both Sores and Koch are rich morons without an ounce of common sense between them.

From the mind that brought you a woman's corpse stuffed into a refrigerator.

It's only "selfish" if you want to keep your own money that you worked to earn. That is, if you work 70 hours a week and you vote for a candidate who promises to cut your taxes from 35% to 30%, you are selfish. If you are an able-bodied young adult on welfare, and you vote for a candidate who promises to raise someone else's taxes to pay for your "benefits," then it's OK.

There would not be a "volatile situation" in Ferguson if those thugs were not rioting in the first place. And SJW's still cling to the "hands up, don't shoot" meme, even though it was proven conclusively that Michael Brown attacked the cop, and that the shooting was justified.

There was a photo of a "protester" holding a sign that said, "No mother should have to worry about her son getting shot every time he goes to rob a convenience store." My first thought was that it was photo shopped, and was intended as irony. But then again, who knows? A lot of people, like Marz, would probably agree with that attitude.

It's whether or not that tax reduction promise will be kept is what I'm wondering.

Apparently ISIL hates ancient ruins as much as they hate foreigners:http://historiesofthingstocome.blogspot.com/2015/07/isis-and-post-diluvian-amnesia.html

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