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Monday, August 10, 2015 

Mark Waid retweets comment defending Planned Parenthood

Here's a screencap of a retweet Waid posted at least a week ago, where he basically parrots the other tweeter's attack on the Republicans for taking offense at Planned Parenthood's recently discovered harvest of eviscerated body parts:
Of all the most cynical, disgusting comments he could be making by extension through the use of somebody else's tweets, this ranks right down there as the most truly awful. So only the NRA is a problem in his narrow mind. But a company that's profiteering through the use of sliced up body parts isn't repulsive at all? If Planned Parenthood were a conservative-owned business, he'd be spouting the opposite. Has he even watched any of the undercover videotapings? The Dems who blocked a bill to defund the crappy organization didn't, and Waid must've mimicked their misguided path. I suppose he's mad that a Democrat senator voted to defund the organization too? Or maybe he's just too obsessed with Republicans?

It's stuff like that really puts Waid in the separate-art-from-artist category as a scriptwriter.

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The videos were taken out of context and edited so that people like you that want every reason you can get to hate Planned Parenthood will get up in arms against them. It's called propaganda. They're lies designed to make ignorant people angry.

Try harder. Please.

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^LOL! Please explain how any possible surrounding context can possibly alter the meaning of "Yes, we at PP can and will alter our procedures to kill babies in certain ways so that we can sell different types of body parts illegally."

Waid and his type would literally excuse this kind of ghoulish stuff as "no big deal". But on the other hand, heaven forbid that someone say something that has a slight air of potential political incorrectness to it.

Sometimes things can be taken out of context to slant a story. Like when CNN reported that "two Palestinians were killed by Israelis." The "victims" were armed terrorists who were shot while trying to commit mass murder in a synagogue. Or the "unarmed bridegroom" who was shot by police in New York. (It turned out he was trying to run them over with his SUV.)

But it's hard to imagine in what context it would be OK to talk (over wine and salad) about using forceps in such a way as to crush a fetus and preserve parts for harvesting. Or to talk about "bumping up" the price of an embryonic liver because, "I want a Lamborghini."

Par for the course for Waid, blaming the NRA while ignoring the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood.

And you gotta love the leftist trolls that come in to dismiss the killing of babies as "propaganda" and calling people "ignorant," but are too scared to use their real names. Did Waid send them here?

Isn't there any real news out there, or is it all just sleazy clips and hyperbolic statements made by idiots with model-like faces?

Carl, Waid probably did send them to this site. Leftists will always use words like "ignorant" because that's really all they've been programmed to say. Well, that and "racist", or "bigot". They lack the mental capacity for critical thinking. They're incapable of articulating their position on any political topic if the answer requires something longer than what would fit on a bumper sticker.

The more tweets I read from Waid, the more deranged he comes across. Is he really this much of hardline supporter of Planned Parenthood, or does it only mean something to him because conservatives are against them?

More evidence that social media erodes your brain.

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