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Saturday, October 03, 2015 

Several tweets by Chris Ross

Ross is a digital director for IDW and Top Shelf Comix, an important reminder that smaller companies have their share of bad apples too. And here are some fishy tweets he posted in the past 2 weeks:

Oh, that's classic. What matters is that the kid was deliberately going around with the casing, scaring everyone at the school even after being asked to put it away, and this angered many at the school grounds. No doubt many parents were offended too. Richard Dawkins said the teen was pulling a PR stunt, and his former teachers say he was a troublemaker. But I suppose Mr. Ross doesn't see that as anything to get pissed about. As for "elaborate" plans, his former teachers say he developed them himself.

Yeah, tell us all about it, please. We could all do without these particular publicity stunts, which are the worst of their kind. According to this info found by BizPac Review, he didn't even invent that would-be clock.

What's that supposed to be, some kind of leftarded victimology? I'm not impressed. He then added the following about the awful shooting this week at the Oregonian university in which the gunman deliberately targeted Christians:

Neat trick there, trying to suggest the NRA support socialism or something. I'd sure look forward to Mr. Ross supporting apostates from Islam, for example, and stressing the positive example of working to make something of yourself in the world (which he just so happens to be doing, you could say; he does work for a publisher, after all). As noted earlier, the people whom the gunman targeted were Christians, and he was clearly anti-religious too (albeit not an Islamist). Doesn't Mr. Ross find that worrisome? Here's yet another industry insider whose world view is pretty poor.

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So he just randomly screams "WHITE PRIVILEGE!" at baby strollers, now? XD

Ah, hell, people like that, all they're good for is to scream "WHITE PRIVILEGE!" at everything. Reminds me of that episode from the Earthworm Jim animated series with the easily frightened aliens or "Sword of Righteousness. "Ahhh, something green! Ahhh, something not green!" "Ahh, something white! Ahh, something almost white! Ahhh!"

Oh, well, why shouldn't IDW join in on the fun of political comic book idiocy? Can't let Marvel or DC hog it all for themselves, right?

Here we go again. Was Ross "pissed off" at Maryland for suspending the kid with the Pop tart? Or at Virginia for suspending the boy who was playing with an Airsoft gun in his own yard (nowhere near school property)? Or at Colorado for suspending the kid who pointed his finger and said, "Bang"?

The "science-minded teen" in Texas did have an object that could have been mistaken for a bomb, or for a triggering device. He took it to English class after the science teacher told him not to. It is no different from bringing a realistic-looking toy gun to school. Or pulling the fire alarm as a prank. But, because of dhimmitude and Muslim privilege, we have politicians tripping over themselves praising the brat, and treating him as some kind of child prodigy.

And the Oregon campus, like the site of every other mass shooting in the past 50 years, was a so-called "gun-free zone." Even the lone security guard was unarmed.

Another clueless comicbook "progressive" trying to establish/maintain his lefty bonafides.

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