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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 

What's this, is Marz suddenly changing?

Some surprising hints Ron Marz might be in the middle of rethinking some of his liberal standings. Although he's still found time to post this absurd one about the GOP:

As if the committee didn't have anything interesting to turn up? Hilary Clinton just demonstrated how poor her conduct was.

But later, Marz tweeted the following in response to a college shunning a woman who doesn't agree with the ultra-liberal take on feminism:

Now that's pretty amazing, since in the past, he probably wouldn't have even acknowledged this galling show of disrespect for somebody coming to a campus the opposition doesn't even own.

Then, in response to a Chuck Woolery comment about Clinton's dismaying display at the committee, he wrote:

Not entirely clear to me, I assume he's agreeing with Woolery? If he is, and realizes Clinton's a bad lot herself, that's certainly surprising. Then, in response to Weekly Standard writer Mark Hemingway's comment about universities enforcing speech codes, he says:

And when Joe Carmagna points him to an Atlantic article on the subject, he says:

Well this sure is pretty surprising to see him lament students, directors and whatever dwellers on campus there be who consider a building they don't own their literal property, and go out of their way to demand it adhere entirely to their beliefs. But the most challenging question here, obviously, is whether he realizes many of the colleges enforcing Orwellian codes today are run by leftists? Because that's where a lot of this hostility is stemming from today, and failure to consider that will only ensure it keeps on. This is practically why Ayaan Hirsi Ali wound up shunned by Brandeis University, all because Islamofascists on the campus didn't want her to be heard.

And how come he attacked Pamela Geller several months ago? Doing that was just following the example set by various leftists at the same universities. If he really comprehends what's wrong at universities now, he'll apologize for that cheapjack commentary.

And he's still attacking GOP politicians for the wrong reasons, including the following:

While Trump does have flaws, I don't see as many in Carson, though he does have some, to be sure. However, he's said he wants to cut funding for liberal colleges who could espouse what Marz appears to lament, and that could help send a message to these colleges to cut out any political biases they're sunk in. But if Marz is not being critical for logical reasons, then his comment is a waste of time.

Having said that, it's certainly interesting that Marz is adding himself to at least a handful of leftists who might be starting to question whether liberalism is going astray. To be sure, it won't endear him to any leftists who're still adhering to boilerplate positions. But it might suggest he's coming around, though there's still plenty of topics on which he'll probably have a long way to go before proving he can redeem himself. Even in his own comic book writing.

Update: then again, I must've gotten too enthused, seeing how he's now saying I'm confused how his brain works. And he's written a few more items that do make clear he's still not abandoning his ultra-leftist stance anytime soon.

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"Not entirely clear to me, I assume he's agreeing with Woolery?"

Nope. He's having a laugh at Woolery, who wrote "lier" rather than liar.

"Having said that, it's certainly interesting that Marz is adding himself to at least a handful of leftists who might be starting to question whether liberalism is going astray."

That's quite a leap you're taking.

I probably was, and he posted a tweet where he's saying I misread his mind. I guess it's not that surprising he could say something that he otherwise has no faith in. He'll surely have no qualms about leftists dominating universities despite his criticism of their steps.

Maybe he caught some heat from his colleagues for straying from the PC party line (that college should be a "safe place" where you never have to face reality), and now he's backtracking.

He's probably the type of guy who says he's "left" or "right" but just spouts off whatever comes to his mind and defends with saying "I'm a conservative" or "I'm a liberal", like 85% of the so-called "conservative" and "liberal" parties. How many of them are actually "True Believers" and not "copycat imitators"?

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