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Wednesday, November 18, 2015 

Tribune News Service makes biased comments tied in with Supergirl TV show

As the new Supergirl TV series debuts, out comes this annoying article on Arcamax that, among other things, even takes a crack at Jeb Bush just because he's an old man, and that supposedly makes it wrong to say a woman is beautiful:
She's alarmingly cute and likable, appealing even to middle-aged, married men like presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who described her as "hot." (I wish I was making that up.) But what sets her apart from other cute and likable actresses is that she can sell the role. She seems to tap into her inner Christopher Reeve so that her shy, nerdy and insecure secret identity, Kara Danvers, seems organic. And when someone in the premiere episode describes Supergirl as 5 feet 9 inches, Danvers seems to nervously shrink into herself to look shorter. So cute!
If Bill Clinton, also a married man, said the same things Jeb Bush did, you can be sure it'd all pass without comment. Is there something truly wrong with a guy who's "middle-aged", saying a younger woman is hot? I think not. Sean Connery, who must be an octogenarian now, could probably have said that too, and nobody would make a fuss, no doubt because that doesn't mean the man in question actually wants to date/marry/have sex with a younger woman that easily. Of course, isn't this Melissa Benoist in her early 20s now? If Bush was speaking within the context of the actress' age, that's kosher enough. When a woman is of adult age, 18 and up, it certainly isn't immoral for an older man to say the woman looks beautiful. Besides, it's complimentary, something I thought women were flattered to hear!

As for the part about Danvers "shrinking" because somebody described Supergirl as a medium height lady, that honestly sounds ridiculous, and hardly at all cute.

Now, here's something else I'll rebut:
COSTUME CHANGES: In the 1970s, DC wasn't quite sure what to do with Supergirl, as the sexual revolution and women's liberation movements had made her orphanage adventures seem kinda quaint. One thing they did was allow her multiple costumes, supposedly submitted by readers. (And maybe they really were!) They were based on 1970s fashions, which as we all know was the nadir of Western civilization, and pretty awful. That's what the costume scene in the premiere episode was all about, especially the midriff-baring outfit in which Kara whines, "I wouldn't even wear this to the beach!"
"We"? I take issue with that, because my own mother sometimes wore some neat suits in the 70s that were pretty fancy, and I didn't think the suits worn in those days were as bad the dummy writing that slop wants everybody to think they were. Say, didn't some girls also wear tank tops and shorts at the time? That actually premiered in the 60s, but was pretty cool for the 70s too. Not sure what's so awful about that. But when he speaks of a bare midriff outfit, I assume he's talking about a nod to the design the new Kara Zor-El wore in the overrated Jeph Loeb's reboot from 2004. If it is, then it's erroneous to say it's a nod to the 70s styles, and concealing the responsibilities Loeb, DiDio, Michael Turner and company had in conceiving such an otherwise poor design with long sleeves. Yet as superfluous as that costume design was, it's still the least of the mid-2000 reboot's problems.
DC eventually solved their Supergirl dilemma by killing her off (in 1985), and having a variety of other concepts use the name. But none of that's important now, as the current Supergirl is once again Kara Zor-El. [...]
Boy, some cheap dodge that was there! No comment or opinion on how absurd it was to get rid of Supergirl as a cousin for Superman just because the staff taking over wanted to emphasize Supes being a sole survivor of Krypton's destruction.

It gets worse. Here's what they say about the Justice League's tongue-in-cheek benefactor during the Giffen/DeMatties era:
MAXWELL LORD. This character started out as a good guy in the 1980s, but later turned out to be a really, really bad guy. (He shot Blue Beetle in the head! That's pretty bad!) I'm not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy in current DC comics, or even if he has appeared since the latest reboot in 2011. Which I guess is his status on the TV show as well. He bears watching.
Hmm, no comment or opinion about how disgusting that story in Countdown to Infinite Crisis was either, nor how it was built on outrage culture as it was written to tear down on past creators' hard work and the audience's best past experiences. And no criticism of the writers who were involved in that slop either (Winick, Johns and Rucka). No wonder superhero comics became so bad - the mainstream press won't protest a bad more or defend tastefully written directions of yore. This article acts like Max Lord's supposed villainy is accepted fact, and criticism/objectivity doesn't apply. Again, no wonder so much great stuff of yesteryear has been soiled.

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Seems like heckling for the sake of heckling.

As for Max Lord, they did make out why he turned villain, years after that story came out.

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