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Saturday, January 23, 2016 

4 more tweets by Conway

Here's some more tweets by the gallingly leftist Gerry Conway, who's lost his sense of direction in his later age. And the following is one he wrote in reply to Brad Meltzer, signaling he has no reservations about scripters who willingly take assignments rife with insults to women:

After all the militantly left-wing statements Conway's made over the years, I'm honestly not shocked to discover he's willing to be chummy with a "novelist" who's got as big a stain as Identity Crisis in his portfolio. The funny thing about Conway is that, for somebody who complained about not getting proper credit for several characters he created that appeared on the new Arrow and Flash TV programs, he still doesn't seem to care much about them, save for royalties. Which could explain why it must make no difference to him if Meltzer did anything terrible to the characters Conway conceived during his original quarter-century in the business. Conway's also pretty much indicated he has no problem with Marvel's mistreatment of Mary Jane Watson either (he's been on pretty good terms with Joe Quesada to boot). If all he cares about is money or superficial recognition without even proving he cares about the better interests of his creations and other story ideas, then it's hard to feel sorry for him if he didn't get the credit he insists on. The wish to be given credit/recognition for past work in itself is an argument I support, and I'm glad Siegel and Shuster fought for theirs for Superman. But it's still no excuse, IMO, for ignoring other writers who produce reprehensible storytelling. Certainly if the writers in question have no remorse over their past misdeeds.

Here's another Conway wrote, and oddly enough, he seems to hint at disenchantment with Obama while responding to a tweet making jokes about Republicans, and says:

Well in that case, how come Conway didn't just say so years before he was disillusioned? I get the feeling he's really disappointed because Obama wouldn't stay quiet about all the awful deals he's been making, that are leading to failure. In that case, Conway's not being very altruistic.

Here's also one he wrote signaling his own backing for "diversity":

Imagine that, insulting Roy Thomas and Gil Kane for daring to make their protagonist white! Basically, what he's saying is: nobody should be permitted to create a white martial artist vigilante today, and even in the past, it was wrong. If I were Thomas or Kane, I'd be hugely disappointed to hear Conway say creating a white protagonist in Danny Rand was wrong, and doubly disappointed to know he supported arbitrary changes to what they worked so hard to create years before.

Then, there's his comment on Republicans, using an awful paper like the NYT for the sake of his poor points:

What's so awful about either one that isn't so awful about Iran's nuclear threat? In that case, it's clear Conway still makes the error of acting like conservatives are all just hazardous waste. And that's simply no way to build an objective viewpoint or opinion. The man is a big disappointment.

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Iron Fist is a catch-22. If the character is white and American, then the professional race-baiters will complain about a lack of ethnic diversity. If the character is Asian or Amerasian, then they will whine because the image of an Asian as a martial artist is a stereotype.

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