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Saturday, January 16, 2016 

Marz babbles about SOTU conference

Here's some dreary tweets ultra-leftist Marz wrote for the week of the State of the Union addresses. For example:

How about a call to end ignorance and lapses in logic, as can be seen with the following example?

I'm sure he's proud when Obama and staff ignore serious issues like Iran taking several American sailors hostage, and continuing their cowardice towards the tyrants running that hellhole by lifting sanctions. Such is probably about what we can expect from somebody who worked as a journalist before he took up a full time career as a comics writer, and only let his mindset get the better of him.

He's even said the following about the Dixie Chicks topic from the mid-2000s:

Boy, isn't this depressingly awful. "Media"? What about the public who got furious when they found out what the music band did behind their backs over in the UK? Or does he not have the courage to say what he thinks of the public who decided to exercise the right to boycott the band after their anti-war speech in London opposing the war against Saddam's autocracy in Iraq? Which brings us to the most vital point that could be made: if the Dixie Chicks really had to say they're against the Iraq war, why did they go to say so in front of a British audience and not an American one? I figure that was the last straw for many Americans put off by their disregard for any innocent human life that could've been saved by taking down Saddam's regime. Perhaps Marz is too much a fan of Doctor Doom, who, as a fictional autocrat, comes close to being like such vicious men in real life, to the point where he thinks anybody that degrading must be allowed to continue their rulership no matter how bad it could be in the long term. It may not be too hard to guess where he stands on Cuba either.

And using Bush, as poor as he was on some issues, as scapegoat for this topic is pretty poor. Instead of condemning the autocrats who make such wars inevitable sooner or later, the Dixie Chicks and Marz can only think to take out their frustrations on Dubya, and not lament how sad it is that some people in this world like Saddam have to follow evil mentalities. The band's members even acted "hurt" because the citizens of Lubbock, the town one of them came from, wouldn't support them after what they said. As if they're required to go in some kind of lockstep? That's just putting one's head in the sand, I'm afraid.

And, that's pretty much what former journalist Marz is doing now. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

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Charles Krauthammer nailed it: the SOTU address is really about the state of the administration. And Obama's is spent.

Obama took credit (yet again) for assassinating Osama Bin Laden. Is that all he's got? Yes, it is. He avoided talking about Crimea, Yemen, Iraq, the South China Sea, the Taliban's resurgence, or Russia re-emerging as a major (and possibly hostile) world power.

And ignore all those people standing by roads holding "will work for food" signs. The economy has officially recovered.

He still referred to ISIS as "ISIL," a subtle way of acknowledging the concept of the Levant, or "Greater Syria," an area that would include Jordan, Lebanon, part of Saudi Arabia, and, of course, "Palestine." That is, he does not recognize Israel's right to exist.

He also warned against "insulting" Muslims. Well, in San Bernardino, a neighbor had noticed Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik behaving suspiciously, but he did not report it, because he was afraid of being accused of racism and Islamophobia. Maybe a willingness to "insult" Muslims would have prevented the massacre. But Obama's Attorney General has promised to "take action" if anyone says anything that could be considered "anti-Muslim rhetoric."

The SOTU speech is an indulgence in vulgar self-congratulation. It is more appropriate for some third world dictator than for a democracy or republic.

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