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Wednesday, March 30, 2016 

Rob Liefeld goes overboard with an indirect comment on Batman vs. Superman

I think the following tweet was written in response to the new film, and does not serve Liefeld's already dismal reputation well at all:

Wow...I may not think depicting Batman as lethal is any better than depicting Superman that way, but that's going way too far. What has that atrocious ex-football player-turned-actor got to do with any of this? If he's comparing the audience to the stupid jury in OJ Simpson's trial, that is sick. Besides, there's a stark difference: Batman/Superman are depicted killing criminals, not innocents like OJ did. And one of the scenes in the film builds on what I think is a valid idea:
In Batman v Superman, the titular Dark Knight breaks one of his biggest rules; killing people. In one scene in particular, when he is fighting off goon after goon to save Superman’s mother, Ben Affleck’s hero isn’t afraid to use any means necessary to get to Martha, even resorting to shooting people.
While this doesn't guarantee the movie is well handled, the above idea itself is just what I argued makes for a worthy instance where a superhero could kill: to save innocent lives in danger. So why's Liefeld being so narrow?

Since we're on the subject of OJ, just recently, a knife was discovered that OJ may have used in his attack. I hope the new evidence ensures he'll remain in prison a lot longer now. But all that aside, Liefeld's horrid crack was uncalled for, and doesn't reflect well on his personality. It's probable he's feeling vindictive over his long term rejection by the readership for the poor artwork and character design he was known for in the 1990s, and this got the better of his judgement. But what he says only makes things worse, and anybody who's seen the new Deadpool movie and learns what kind of revolting comparisons the character's creator made could get quite annoyed and might not be back for the sequel.

Then, in reply to a guy complaining how Liefeld's going out of his way to belittle anybody who likes the movie, he said:

I don't see much point in that protest when he said something very revolting that only speaks poorly of him. If he's got a problem with Batman and Superman killing criminals, may I point out that Deadpool, subject of the surprisingly successful movie earlier this year, was created as a ninja-style assassin? Liefeld sure knows how to join the bandwagon of creators who could talk out of both sides of their mouths.

He also tweeted the following about Ted Cruz:

He ought to ask himself that question. Because I sure don't see much appeal in somebody who makes such a tasteless crack about people who like a certain superhero movie, because Batman apparently kills criminals in it, and specifically to save innocents from tyrants. The movie doesn't look like it's doing well in the long run, but that's still no excuse for denigrating people who think highly of it so badly. It does nothing to help the already poor reputation comicdom's getting at all.

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Who the hell cares what this no-talent hack says about the film. Why's his opinion any different from anyone else's -- especially long-time comics fans?

Actually, I think the comment *does* serve Liefeld's dismal reputation! LOL

"Support for Cruz is far more disturbing than any Trump support. What is his appeal?"

The appeal of the candidates breaks down this way:

"I'm voting for Bernie because he's going to give me lots of Free Stuff." ("Free" meaning that someone else will have to pay taxes to pay for it.)

"I'm voting for Hillary because it's time we had a token woman president. Plus, she will give me lots of Free Stuff."

"I'm voting for Cruz because it's time we had an honest, principled, competent, patriotic president."

"I'm voting for Trump. I know he's an SOB, but that's what we need. It's time for No More Mr. Nice Guy."

If I were being menaced by violent criminals, I would want my rescuer (whether Batman or a police S.W.A.T. team) to use "any means necessary, even resorting to shooting people" in order to save me.

Using deadly force as a last resort, in self-defense or to protect other innocent victims, is just not the same thing as committing a murder.

Attacks on Liefeld are like beating up a dead horse, try looking for more original material here people! Besides, he only does prototypes, not fully fleshed-out characters.

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