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Wednesday, April 06, 2016 

Several writers signal their lack of consideration for how women feel

Kurt Busiek continues his downhill journey into Crazy Town with the following recent tweets:

Yup, stay classy there, Kurt. But don't expect to win over many fangirls as an audience for your own creations like Astro City and Arrowsmith, if you're backing a grant of permission to transgenders for using public bathrooms for the opposite sex, even if it leads to situations where male predators could exploit it for stalking women in public facilities. Busiek later even posted the following stupefier:

Straight from a man who lacks chivalry and didn't even answer a challenging query put forth by a woman with a valid concern. Even if that was an April Fools joke, it plummets to earth with a deafening thud. Again, he turns a blind eye to how there've recently been cases of sexual assault reported in unisex bathrooms, and one of the activists calling for men's use of women's bathrooms has a very dark background:
“The homosexual leader of efforts in North Carolina to allow men to use women’s bathrooms is a convicted and registered sex offender, according to documents made available to Breitbart News… [Chad] Sevearance and his group have taken a lead role in seeking the right to allow males to use the restrooms and showers of females, including those of little girls, which is described by advocates as nothing more than nondiscrimination measures.”
Well now. This is whom Busiek's lending support to? He has truly sunk to a new level of vileness, and explained why, in hindsight, it's for the best if he's no longer working on superhero comics for the Big Two.

And while we're on the topic, here's a few items from Gail Simone, who didn't do any better:

And watching Simone try to explain the same is a real head-shaker if she can't defend women's right to privacy. So I don't see much point in criticizing cartoonist Sim for his own repellent viewpoints. Then comes the following tweet about graphic novelist Doug TenNapel:

Tsk tsk, such language, I must say. And again, all coming from somebody who's shown no understanding for women's privacy. Like Busiek, she too has gone around the bend. She's another leftist who won't ponder the dangers this leads to for children. An American Thinker writer said:
From a scientific perspective, it’s clear that men who claim to think they’re women need our help and support, but the right answer is not to enable their delusion. But even more importantly, both men and women have, according to liberals, a constitutionally ensured right to privacy.

Yet what greater invasion of privacy could there be than to be forced to share a bathroom with a stranger of the opposite sex? Cuomo is appalled that parents don’t want their 10-year-old daughters exposed to any man who simply declares that he’s a woman. Apparently, liberals have no interest in protecting children from pedophile voyeurs. But even adult women don’t want to be forced to share a bathroom with a person with a male reproductive organ.

It seems that to liberals like Cuomo that the only citizens who have rights are those who deny their biological identity -- a rather bizarre faith-based belief.

Cuomo and his ilk reject the settled science that says that merely thinking one is of the opposite sex does not in fact make one a member of the opposite sex in order to advance their purely faith-based belief that people are infinitely malleable.[...]

Interestingly, both Obama and Cuomo have visited Cuba, a country that has a far worse record on LGBT issues than North Carolina. Apparently concern for LGBTs is limited to places where Christianity is a key cultural force. Atheistic persecution of LGBTs by China and Cuba don’t seem to bother either Cuomo or Obama.

And then of course Obama’s continual praise for Iran, a country that persecutes LGBTs, shows that he’s not motivated by a real compassion for the “transgendered”.
Simone and Busiek have declared themselves part of those very liberals who complain about alleged discrimination locally, but validate it overseas.

There's demonization going on against conservatives, and it's coming from irrational leftists like Simone and Busiek. There's certainly some very foul-mouthed denigrations abound. And they're not the only ones. Even artist Phil Jiminez is blowing it:

I don't think I ever watched any movies produced by Lions Gate, so I wouldn't be missing them anyway. I'd advise North Carolina to stand strong and not be intimidated by the cowardice of movie studios. Now, here's another writer who's effectively brought himself down to rock bottom again:

Dear, dear, dear. Why am I not shocked? Not for nothing did anybody pan Marz for turning Alexandra deWitt into a sacrificial lamb so crudely back in 1994. Now he too, like the above examples, is throwing his support behind a position that can jeopardize women's safety. And fangirls will hopefully keep their distance from Mr. Marz at the next conventions since he wouldn't consider they have a right to privacy and safety. One can only wonder if he shuns all ladies on Twitter who'd criticize him for such an irresponsible stance. Just recently, a man was arrested in Palmdale, California, for videotaping in a women's bathroom while dressed in women's clothes. And just like the other leftists, Marz has ignored that too. Now, one more example, and this one more of a veteran:

At this point, some could argue he cheapened any positive impact of Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy story, as he throws common sense and women's rights under the bus, and made it hard to feel sorry if he didn't get the credit he wanted for creating Caitlin Snow in the DCU when the character was featured on the Flash TV show. What these writers/artists have done is to declare the War on Women they accused conservatives of conducting. It's not often I've seen such a degrading display of contempt for human dignity as these disgraces have just presented.

Update: here's also a tweet from writer B. Clay Moore:

Say, wasn't this the same guy who was putting down talented Good-Girl-Art experts and such at least a year ago? Not sure why he's now backing a "progressive" position that jeopardizes women's safety. Clearly, Moore has no moral compass. Here's also another one from Gene Ha:

So he's obscuring the Religion Clause in the 1st Amendment, I see. For somebody accusing Mississippi of being "anti-gay", he sure is being pretty anti-religious, selectively or otherwise.

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On a further note, Doug TenNapel offered to refund the leftists' money, and was otherwise classy. That's why he's awesome.

At this rate, the Marvel and DC writers should just tell Diamond outright to "send our comics to good liberal states only" or "don't send anything to the South." With the constant demonizing of states, way to cut off extra revenue. Or they're wondering why selling only 50,000-70,000 books per month is considered a borderline triumph.

If North Carolina and Mississippi were foreign countries, and if they called themselves either "Muslim" or "Socialist," then they could have all the "anti-LGBT" laws that they want. They could execute gay people in public by throwing them off of roofs. And Marz, Busiek, and Simone would condone it. And Obama would be signing an agreement to help their governments acquire nuclear weapons.

Hey Busiek -- how is being "anti-LGBT" racist? LOL, these dopes are constantly on patrol for offense that they're mixing up their terms. Then again, no matter what to these idiots, everything is "racist" so it sorta makes sense ...

And, to add: States like Mississippi and North Carolina ought to begin boycotting states/cities/localities who have policies with which THEY disagree, notably those with so-called "sanctuary cities."

So many concerns about cross-dressing men raping women, but what about the other way around? As for TenNapel, are you sure he wasn't stoned when he did stuff like Earthworm Jim and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

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