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Monday, August 15, 2016 

CW network turning the Ray into gay

The CW channel is launching a new superhero cartoon allegedly based on the Freedom Fighters, and wouldn't you know it, they've decided social justice matters more than talented scriptwriting:
The series is to be based on the 1990s re-imagining of The Ray character first introduced in 1940 and will feature newspaper reporter Ray Terrill aka “The Ray.” The 1990s reimagining updated The Ray’s “Freedom Fighters” team to “better reflect American demographics,” and featured a gay “The Ray,” a woman, a Jewish character, an African-American character and others.

In the new series, the main character will be a reporter who stumbles onto a group of evil government scientists who are trying to invent a weapon of mass destruction based on the power of light. Ray Terrill will be accidentally transformed into “The Ray” and will use his powers to stop evil. He will also be portrayed as an openly gay man.
What are the odds the government scientists will be based on right-wing caricatures? I figure that's the only way Hollywood is willing to depict crooks working for the government these days.

And if they think putting a Jewish character in the cast is going to make people like myself soften our stances, forget it. The new lesbian Batwoman developed by Greg Rucka a decade ago also had a Jewish background, and does that make the homosexuality presented from a positive perspective any less degrading? Of course not. I'm not sure if the 1990s series actually did that, if only because it's so obscure to me (this might've happened in the Infinite Crisis crossover in 2005), but I do know that one of Marvel's worst modern editors, Joe Quesada, was the artist who developed Ray Terrill along with writer Jack Harris in 1992. I'm sure not many parents who find homosexuality a poor role model will want their children watching this new TV show, but I also don't see why anybody who realizes the harm Quesada did to Marvel should bother to provide viewership to a show based on something he created either.

And since we're on the subject, the planned series based on the Ray isn't the only one that'll involve homosexuality: the "Arrowverse" is going to feature something like that too:
One of the shows -- producers declined to say which one -- will find a "significant" character experimenting with their sexuality, and ultimately coming out as gay. Given there are already a number of LGBT characters on the four shows, fans' speculation engines are already going wild... Any guesses?
A better query would be "any interest"? The answer is "no". It sounds like the DC adaptations they're producing have become propaganda vehicles, and that's quite disappointing, because it takes away entertainment value. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the recent Marvel TV shows have also experienced the same PC entries. This is hardly the best to develop great escapsim and other entertainment programs.

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The gay stuff is really starting to get on my nerves. They're doing a special with Deadpool replacing Spider-Man in the style of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends where the author has already explicitly stated that Iceman's sexuality will be addressed. As if Dan Slott didn't pervert the old kid's series enough when he gave them a grisly death in his lousy Spider-Verse. But yeah. Now every Iceman appearance has to make a point about his newfound homosexuality. Gross.

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"One of the shows -- producers declined to say which one -- will find a "significant" character experimenting with their sexuality, and ultimately coming out as gay. Given there are already a number of LGBT characters on the four shows, fans' speculation engines are already going wild... Any guesses?"

Given the timing of the article, I'm guessing it's Alex Danvers of Supergirl due to what WAS revealed about that season. Seriously, I HATED that development and was one of the reasons I quit after Season 2 (aside from the rather obnoxious far-left talking points and overall bad writing ESPECIALLY compared to Season 1 which was at least tolerable). And I only found out about Alex being a lesbian because TV Tropes dropped that bombshell during the leadup to the airing of that season. I never even saw her as being closeted, let alone a full-blown lesbian, even ONCE during Season 1, and reminds me too much of the Claire Bennet and Gretchen Berg debacle in what was ultimately the final season/volume of Heroes.

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As a long-time comic book fan, I'm disappointed with the CW's focus on political agendas over quality storytelling. While diversity is important, it feels forced here, overshadowing character development and plot. Let's hope for better balance in future adaptations.

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