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Monday, October 31, 2016 

Frank Cho realized it was liberals who attacked him

Heat Street just spoke about the attacks that were directed by SJWs against artists like Cho and J. Scott Campbell, and they linked to a Bleeding Cool interview from last May where it turns out he stated he's aware that the SJWs going after people like him are standing on the left:
BC: There has been plenty of social media criticism of this. You’re painted as the worst choice for the series – embodying all that is sexist and skeevy about comic books. Is it possible your covers will put women off the comic, or simply send a wrong message about the book?

As a life-long liberal Democrat and advocate for free speech and equal rights, it fascinates me to see when ultra-liberals become ultra-conservatives where they see injustices everywhere and cease to see reason, and start oppressing people who they disagree with. Thanks to the social media, we have entered into a dangerous era of Salem witch trials where no one is safe. Everything is being attacked everywhere in this hypersensitive atmosphere: The movie Grease (Sexualizes teenagers), Road Runner cartoons (Violence against animals), Game of Thrones. (Promotes rape and injustices against women.) The list goes on.

I have a huge female fan base. They are absolutely wonderful and they don’t share the hateful political views of Mary Sue and Comic Alliance sites. If you look at the various message board postings, you’ll see multitudes of positive notes of support for me and my art, especially for my Wonder Woman cover project. Let’s face it, I was built to draw Wonder Woman. I’m a huge Lynda Carter fan. I fell in love with her when I first saw her Wonder Woman TV show as a kid. In many ways, Lynda Carter is still the main source of inspiration when I draw women.
So he knows that ultra-leftists have turned out to be the real problem, from a modern perspective, and maybe even long before. And that's a good thing, because to know how to deal with troublemakers, you need to know where they're coming from, past and present.

The galling columnist Beth Elderkin also attacked Cho and Milo Minara on Inverse, and said:
While these men might be talented artists, neither of them are qualified to speak as “masters” of drawing women, because in order to draw something, you have to understand it. Neither of these men have bothered to know or care about what women want to see (or be) in comic books. [...]
Obviously, she's obscuring every lady fan of Cho's for one, who doesn't make such a big deal over how they want to draw women. Heat Street summed it up:
She’s basically arguing that men shouldn’t be allowed to illustrate women unless they identify with whatever brand of feminism Elderkin espouses. It’s absolute nonsense.

Both adult men and women are sexual creatures, and as such, some artists — like Frank Cho and Milo Manara — are going to depict them in a sexual manner. They should have the freedom to do so. Producing such work doesn’t make these artists inherently offensive, and arguing that they’re wrong to draw women as anything other than chaste limits the sexual agency that every woman has a right to.
It's as though Elderkin's saying that no woman's got the right to have a body like what many supermodels do, or to look beautiful. What a disgrace. And she was the one who babbled out of both sides of her mouth about how Wonder Woman should be depicted on cover drawings. That's why she's not qualified to speak as an "expert" on what women want, which she herself doesn't seem to know or understand.

For now, I'd say Cho did the right thing to leave DC, mostly because Rucka's an otherwise pretentious writer and as I've argued myself a few times, a good artist's illustrations shouldn't be wasted on a bad writer's script.

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I wouldn't call Rucka a bad writer, but I am very disappointed with his positions and attitude in this matter.

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