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Friday, December 16, 2016 

The UN just caved to the SJWs who hated WW

Little more than 2 months after the UN chose Wonder Woman as a mascot for their program to inspire women, they've rejected the superheroine for the sake of the ungrateful SJWs who hate gorgeous women in positions of power:
The United Nations is the latest institution to surrender to the demands of social justice warriors. On Friday, the international body will end it’s use of Wonder Woman as a symbol female empowerment because it offended progressives.
On which note, let's take a look at what the text coming from the petition against using WW says, because there's more disturbing news of what they think:
“The character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee high boots –the epitome of a ‘pin-up’ girl,” the petition stated.
If there's anything just as lurid as their position that WW is nothing more than a sex object, both ignoring and obscuring all ascribed personalities, intellect and purposes, it's that the UN's Orwellian peabrains also detest a character whose costume is comprised of American flag designs. France uses the same colors sans the stars, so I think they should be troubled as well. Their complaint about a woman being white like so many of the Greeks whose mythology she was drawn from is also insulting. And what's this about "current iteration"? WW's been like that for many years, and there's plenty of artists who drew her with marvelous features for decades now, as artwork designs improved considerably.

However, DC's contributors like Brian Azzarello may have to shoulder some of the blame too, since they were going out of their way to downplay most of that when they took over the writing, and even then dumbed it down. If they're ostensibly galled now, they should go back and look at their own conduct, including Greg Rucka's recent insult to Frank Cho. If we hear men like Rucka and Azzarello say they're disappointed, then they'll also have to issue apologies to guys like Cho for censoring his coverscans.

Interestingly enough, the Sydney Morning Herald argues that while it's bad they're caving to SJWs, the UN's initial use of WW involves some bad timing:
Coming just weeks after the UN rejected seven potential women for the role of Secretary General in favour of the organisation's 10th man in the job, the October decision seemed like yet another slap in the face for the real women who do real work to further the cause of gender equality. The timing of it so close to trailer releases for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie also seemed off.
Be that as it may, it's still no excuse for dissing other people's favorite pop culture literature. And anybody who's a realist could tell you even women in the UN don't all exactly further the cause of women's rights, let alone gender equality. As a result, depending on one's viewpoint, their rejection of WW as a mascot may not be entirely a big loss, since the UN's long been dominated by some of the most evil men and women alike who obsess over Israel while turning their backs on human rights violations in Muslim regimes, and I wouldn't be shocked if some of the delegates and other staffers at the UN who shunned WW were part of that crowd. Some UN workers even committed sex offenses themselves. The SMH goes on to say:
There are plenty of arguments that could be made for Wonder Woman's suitability as an honorary ambassador for women and girls that look past the fact that she's "sexy" - not that having large breasts and a conventionally beautiful appearance should ever preclude a woman from the possibility of being taken seriously.

But it seems the UN didn't really do its homework, and wasn't prepared to properly explain or defend its choice. Instead, it merely jumped on what was little more than a marketing opportunity - then bailed when it didn't go to plan.

Which is a shame, because the message girls are getting loud and clear from this is that their bodies remain the biggest hurdle to being taken seriously. And that when it comes to feminism, world leaders have no idea what they're doing.
Actually, I think they do know, and it's suppressing women's rights by failing to show some guts on hard issues. Furthermore, if they were thinking of somebody like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton to symbolize the cause, they'd be nuts.

The irony is that the UN's used Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell as program mascots and nobody gave a damn about them. Artist Nicola Scott was one comics contributor who's certainly dismayed, and said the following:
Wonder Woman was created for female empowerment during WWII but these petitioners are fixating on a 70's or 90's version. 75 years of power and progress and they've reduced her to pretty lady in a bathing suit. Way to strip her of her power and position, just another woman who's lost her job.
Depending on one's POV though, their rejection of WW is probably not something to be too disappointed about. If you look at the UN's true record, it's actually embarrassing to be associated with them, and DC honestly shouldn't have bothered. If it's bad to be politicizing, then obviously it's no better act oblivious to the true image of the UN, which has just succumbed to a culture of body shaming.

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Bit morbid here, but will the SJW idea mutate further or will it eventually die down?

I doubt SJWism will die down, as we're too far gone, but I do suspect they might go into hiding, as people are catching on to them. However, they'll double down privately and publicly, as they always do. Anymore, they really believe their own nonsense.

Meanwhile, on the comic side of things:


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