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Friday, January 06, 2017 

Ron Marz continues to rail against Chuck Dixon's interviewer

Or, more precisely, against Milo Yiannapoulous. All because he got the book deal Marz didn't get. So what's he said recently about it? Here we go:

I wonder how Marz feels about Milo interviewing Dixon about the betrayals he went through in comicdom, not the least by Marz himself, who's never defended any of Dixon's work that was gutted and turned unrecognizable by ingrates at DC who practically did their damndest to ensure his work would never be the true success it could've been. Meaning, even today, his Robin run, if anything, has had very little reprinted in paperbacks, if at all (barely more than 3, last time I looked). I have no doubt it doesn't sit well with Marz, who probably does despise Dixon for daring to get an interview with Yiannapoulous a few months ago, but because they've worked in the same business, even on at least one project together (a Green Lantern/Arrow crossover in the mid-90s), that's the only thing keeping him from going overboard. However, I suspect that if Dixon worked in different mediums in the past and had no significant connections, Marz would be singing a different tune.

What about Bill Ayers? If he got book deals in the past, did he deserve them after all the trouble he caused?

There's tons of authors of all stripes who've gotten book publishing deals, and if Marz doesn't want to buy them, he's fully welcome to vote with his wallet. Some of the respondents made these points to him soon after. He'd better consider that they're bound to vote with wallets on matters regarding his own comics work soon enough. One such example is his awful Green Lantern work from the mid-to-late 90s. Nobody need waste their valuable dollars on that borefest.

By the way, I notice Marz is clearly unconcerned about the death threats Yiannapoulous received from neo-nazis a few months back. Supremacists whose beefs, intererestingly enough, included his conservative leanings. None of which seems to matter to moonbat Marz, alas.

What about the comics publishing arms he's worked for? They don't seek profit at the expense of decency? One of Marvel's early desecrations of Captain America, The Truth: Red, White & Black, could be cited as an example. One of the most disgusting things about that book was the stereotypical artwork, which took away any seriousness from the subject they supposedly wanted to shed light on.

Even for Marz, it always comes down to that, so what's the use of complaining? He's just making himself an example of a leftist who learns nada.

What's that supposed to mean? He doesn't like Japanese products? Or is he trying to use that to obscure any tasteless output coming from US companies in the past decade? Maybe he's just jealous. It's not like I haven't found any offensive examples coming from Japan. Believe me, there's plenty, sadly enough. But if Marz is trying to say American products are better in every way and can't fall victim to serious mistakes, that's very dishonest.

If anything, he's basically attacking the core audiences you'd think he considers crucial for success in comicdom. And above all, he's also giving Yiannapoulous all the attention he supposedly doesn't want to. Therefore, I conclude he does want Yiannapoulous to succeed. Yes, seriously. If he really had such a problem with somebody he supposedly has misgivings about, he would've been quiet 20 years ago.

It's not like Yiannapoulous hasn't ever said anything I found unappealing or slapdash. But that's why if anybody really, truly, absolutely has frustrations with him, than the less said about him, the better. And from the looks of things, Marz for one has none. I'm not kidding. I think he actually wants Milo to find success. By the same token, he probably doesn't want the same for Dixon. All that aside, why doesn't Marz try to work out his own book deals not unlike what the people he despises have, one wonders? Probably because he knows his writing and viewpoints are otherwise so weak and cynical, he couldn't find an audience much bigger than what his comics get.

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All I can see is one has-been trying to pick a fight with another has-been over a third has-been.

Look at this sad state of affairs:https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/co/image/1483/38/1483384015661.jpg

Hey Marz -- have you advocated a boycott yet of Roger Waters, that well known anti-Semite?? Have you contacted his record company to complain about "profit over decency"?

If not, f*** off.

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