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Wednesday, January 11, 2017 

What are any creators saying about the Gerard Jones debacle?

I decided to look and see if any creators on Twitter are responding to the terrible news that comics writer and historian Gerard Jones turned out to be a repellent child porn trafficker. Before I begin, let me note that, if you know how to spot a SJW when you see one...not many seem to be reacting to this upsetting case, if at all. Indeed, the traffic on Twitter featuring comments about Jones is far from vast. It's enough to wonder if the SJWs are even remotely concerned, and I've long doubted they are.

Similarly, despite Comics Beat's claim that there's alarmed reactions around the medium's spectrum, I couldn't find many creators reacting either. I tried looking at the feeds of some artists who worked with Jones over 2 decades ago (Ty Templeton, Cully Hamner, Gene Ha, Darick Robertson, to name but some), but they didn't seem to say anything. In their case, I can guess why - it's clearly embarrassing to discover that the man whose scripts they were realizing in illustrations had an even more revolting personality than they. Well, I guess it's best not to concern oneself over those who worked with Jones proper. That's why, let us turn now to those who actually did say something. For example, Ron Marz, who took over from where Jones left off on Green Lantern, and made the title a dud in the long run (and now, after what Jones did, he's tarnished what came before very badly):

Oh, look who's talking. One of the same people who gave his backing to the idea of allowing men into women's bathrooms, which led to the danger of similar crimes occurring. Maybe he should go back and take a good look at his own revolting politics before he thinks of himself as qualified to comment, which he's not.

And here's something to ponder: what if Jones was influenced by the political atmosphere his leftist peers were leading to, and this encouraged him to commit such evil? If so, then a lot of leftists have to start looking at themselves in the mirror and ask where they went wrong. But alas, a lot of them probably won't.

If there's any other scriptwriters I've found commenting on the case, John Byrne is one:

Oh for heaven's sake. If felons in the movie business have their professions named, then it can only be fair to identify the professions of comics creators to boot. Stephen Collins and Bill Cosby's careers were too, so it's idiotic to say the press shouldn't let know the professions of comic creators. And Byrne's off base: when a comics writer commits a serious offense, it is he/she who taints the medium with their disgust, not the press. That's not saying the MSM is innocent, and they've done some very sickening stuff of their own, not the least being their own contributions to an atmosphere that encouraged monsters like Jones to go down dark paths. But in this particular case, it's not fitting to say the MSM shouldn't let know what jobs/careers any felons have worked in.

That's about all the writers I can find so far. Among artists commenting, there's Phillip Hester:

Oh, now look who else is talking. Somebody who worked with Brad Meltzer, who penned a repellent insult to women in Identity Crisis, and worse, sugarcoated his resume. And who was oblivious to the dark side of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, his comments sure carry a lot of weight.

There's also the artists Peter Krause, Bill Sinkiewicz, and even Rob Liefeld who've chimed in:

Regarding Liefeld, well at least now he's saying something sensible for a change! Sinkiewicz's post may have originally come from Facebook, but I can't reach it because his page needs logging into, and I don't have an account with them. I can only guess he's told those who can reach his pages that he met Jones briefly at a convention, and now we've all had to bear the awful news about what Jones really is. As for Krause, I can agree with him that this is a very upsetting case. Update: here's the exact link to what Sienkiewicz has to say. He'd met him at least twice, and among the comments following up, Catherine Yronwoode noted she knew Jones in the 80s and early 90s, and wasn't as shocked as most others were about the news. So somebody evidently got insight to his personality to learn what he was like.

And then, there's also the comments of reviewers and historians like Tim Hanley, author of a few books on Wonder Woman and even Lois Lane:

Well, Hanley does deserve some congratulations for recognizing that when a writer commits such an unspeakable act of evil, it tarnishes his/her past work for a long time to come. I just hope he also understands that there's leftists out there who've created an atmosphere that encouraged sick men like Jones to cross the lines.

On which note, it's also worth examining one of Jones' older series, the Malibu character named Prime, which he co-created with Len Strazewski and Norm Breyfogle. It was basically a Billy Batson/Capt. Marvel clone, albeit more adult, and tackled some grisly topics like child molestation. According to this history page on Malibu comics:
Prime wasn’t fighting off some insane supervillain; he was menacing a high school gym teacher who had been molesting his students. [...]

“[The Malibu editors] knew that they wanted to kick comic book heroes up a notch,” said Strazewski. Co-writing Prime with Gerard Jones, Prime would not only face villains, but would face molestation charges when Prime continued to visit a girl his thirteen year-old alter-ego had a crush on or staying in superhero form to sneak into a bar. [...]
One can only wonder what Jones' exact influence was on that particular story. Even if the subject itself was depicted negatively, the whole series has now been irrepairably damaged by the sad misfortune of having a hypocrite on board. Don't be surprised if it'll be a long time before Marvel has the books reprinted, if they still own the rights to the properties (they're probably reeling with regret that they bought it now). And don't be surprised if the Malibu books are never adapted to movies, if they ever really had those ideas in mind.

As things stand now, any legacy Jones might've had, however minor, is gone. He's left a lot of superhero fans feeling punched in the face, and tarnished dozens of books he wrote, especially his own history books like Men of Tomorrow. If Marvel and DC had plans to reprint some of his past work anew, it's clear they're unlikely to do so in the forseeable future. The medium's been hit with a really sad experience that won't be easy to recover from.

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If a creator commits evil, should the creation made beforehand be tainted or labeled evil as well?

Bad news from the Land of the Rising Sun: http://www.cbr.com/attack-on-titan-manga-editor-arrested-for-murder/.

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