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Saturday, February 25, 2017 

Marz ignores Sweden's real plight, and makes hypocritical, unaltruistic attacks on Yiannapolous

Let's see what other reprehensible or downright one-sided remarks Marz has lately. For example, he's insulting everyone's intellect over Donald Trump's comments about Sweden's disastrous immigration policies and the accompanying violence that came with them, which people like Marz deliberately take out of context:

Good grief. I'd say he's abusing that hashtag. He refuses to ponder how Malmo, in particular, has become a hellhole with intifadas and a recent riot outburst that occurred just after Trump made his last statements. That's right, as noted earlier, they've had them before, and the one that took place several days ago is just another of what the government practically allows. Worst, Marz is insulting Europeans who've had their lives ruined by jihadism. No surprise coming from him after he insulted Christian refugees from Muslim countries. Here's more:

Except that Marz doesn't get along very well with the conservative side, despite any attempts to claim the contrary. And did the right really say anything outright negative about Priebus? Not that I can tell. Besides, Marz later said:

So what's he trying to prove anyway?

Ah, he's still sticking with an embarrassment like Waters, despite how he's lost a lot of support lately due to his anti-Israeli activism. Another in Marz's long line of double-standards. He then turned to the subject of Milo Yiannapolous, who's been accused of trivializing child molestation.

So far, the details are sketchy, and Yiannapolous says the video circulated - possibly by Never-Trumpers - was edited out of context to make him look bad. Milo wrote a Facebook post where he made clear he doesn't condone pedophilia, and notes he exposed at least 3 in his career as a journalist, so judge for yourself. Either way, he has proven sloppy at times, and sometimes I do find Yiannapolous galling. That said, I'm skeptical Marz is being altruistic about this, based on his support last year for allowing transgender men into women's bathrooms at the ladies' expense. On which note:

So, he's still sticking by that? In that case, I don't see what his beef is with Yiannapolous. Sure, there have been times when Milo's proven to be a real loose cannon, and even if he didn't make light of the pedophilia subject, I'm sure I'd still find his commentary aggravating, but it's clear from this that Marz is still not being altruistic. A writer for the Phila. Daily News says those gleeful about Yiannapolous' downfall are hypocrites. And indeed, that's just what Marz is. Has he even condemned George Takei for making light of the subject? After discovering how monstrously low Takei stooped, I'll never be able to look at his past showbiz portfolio the same way again, because he has proven truly revolting. Yet not a word of complaint from Marz about what an embarrassment Takei's become to the the Star Trek legacy.

Maybe they can get Chuck Dixon or Dan Jurgens to take the stand. Personally, I'd want somebody versed in comicdom to go there and speak out against...men like Marz! Describing how they give the medium as bad a name as Takei already is to Hollywood.

I think we most certainly do have our answer who sticks by Milo longer - one-sided men like Marz, who else? An obsessive type, isn't he? He doesn't even consider that several Breitbart insiders, including former ones like Steve Bannon, were growing uneasy with his conduct and had a role in his ouster.

Well gee, it's pretty apparent he has no interest in trying some of the ventures Dixon took of recent, like writing in the Wall Street Journal, and publishing several books like Levon's Kin. And even if Marz did, I've got a feeling he wouldn't get much of an audience there either. He'd very likely end up whitewashing the medium and working as an apologist, and that's just the problem with him.

And Marz is thinking of J. Jonah Jameson's approach, because he remains as one-sided and dishonest as ever.

In the end, I'm not that bothered if Yiannapolous had to resign from Breitbart, because I can't say I've found every aspect of his conduct that appealing. But Marz has made the unpardonable error of being a hypocrite, and proved it at nearly the same time as he attacked Yiannapolous.

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