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Tuesday, January 31, 2017 

The pseudo-creators who oppose Trump's efforts to keep the USA safe

Trump's taken the step of barring entry from 7 Muslim countries in order to screen carefully for possible terrorists trying to infiltrate. None of which matters to the following comics writers/artists I could find blabbering about it, beginning with one of the most obvious:

And Marz couldn't be more ignorant. Especially of how Obama selected the list of countries in the executive order. And that a pretty good majority support temporarily blocking entrants from terrorist havens, if that's what's needed to keep the neighborhood safe.

Oh, and he relies on a UK paper as embarrassing as the Guardian happens to be. I grew tired long ago of their hugely dishonest junk. But now, here's where he really says something disturbing in response to Trump's announcement that the government wants to prioritize Christian refugees from Muslim regimes:

*Shudder* Is he saying he considers them inherently dangerous, whereas not a single Islamist could pose any danger in the USA? What a disgrace, and all coming from one of the apologists for allowing men into women's bathrooms at the expense of the ladies. To imply that Christians persecuted by Islamofascists have no value only compounds the view that Marz is not worthy to take the assignments he's been given in comicdom. Bizarrely, at the same time, he put down a so-called conservative activist who's actually on the left's side:

Honestly, I do think it's weird that somebody who's an Islamophile would have a problem with someone like Norquist after all the problems he caused for the USA. Seriously, it's bizarre, and the biggest problem in all this is that Marz obviously isn't carping about Norquist because he has an issue with his standings.

Is he also proud of the "women's march" activists who gave a platform to a woman who'd been convicted in the kidnapping and murder of a gay man? And when somebody points out how the Obama administration wouldn't give asylum to Christian refugees, the possibly anti-religious Marz said:

Something wrong with that? I think not, and Marz is only making himself look laughable, and shameful.

So he's perpetuating an already debunked claim about Bannon. What a sorry case he's being. Now, here's another guy who's going out of his mind:

How long will it be before Palmiotti takes note of the 4 percent of Clinton voters who regretted their choice? His post was followed up by:

Umm, like I noted above...

Let's not. Safety must come first.

Translation: the 1st Amendment's religion clause is invalid, and nobody can make distinctions between religion and race. All that aside, the "ban" hardly affects Muslims by any stretch. Now, here's another one of the usual band of buffoons:

Portrait of somebody who won't make distinctions between religions, and ask whether there's such a thing as a bad one.

Will the perverse comments never end? Guess not.

Waid's mood is very 9-10, and not particularly concerned about the public's safety. And then he says:

In reply to a comment about Peter King and McCaul being involved in working out the temporary ban on arrivals from Muslim countries who could possibly be dangerous. What a sad case.

And continuing our little look at all these embarrassments in motion, here's somebody who's taking a one-sided view of things:

I'd say Slott's being an opportunist, because the MSM downplayed Obama's more reprehensible approach in 2009. This current tempest is just a phony, and WJC chairman Ronald Lauder's condemned the moonbats crying wolf:
“It does no honor to the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust to play politics with their memory.

“Any fair reading of the White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day will see it appropriately commemorates the suffering and the heroism that mark that dark chapter in modern history.

“There are enough real anti-Semitism and true threats facing the Jewish people today. Our community gains nothing if we reach a point where manufactured outrages reduce public sensitivity to the real dangers we confront.”
And Slott won't be doing anybody a service if he keeps up his own shameless exploitation of manufactured outrage culture and opportunism. All Slott's suggested is that he doesn't care about victims of persecution in Muslim lands. Remember, if Jewish lives matter, so must many others.

And so many of the leftist sources Slott buys into without question or reservation have lied too, yet has no issue with that.

He sounds like a 9-11 Truther here, and refuses to consider that it's temporary, in order to screen entrants properly, or that Obama chose the countries in the exec order long before Trump did. Public safety is no concern to Slott. Now, who else is there:

All this coming from somebody who most likely didn't vote for Reagan in the 1980s.

Wouldn't it be better to congratulate those senators who, specifically, are concerned for the innocent citizen's safety? Conway doesn't make any sense.

And there's some examples I could find of "creators" making idiots of themselves, and not giving any consideration to safety for country.

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Well, that was soul-sickening. At least, they won't make the female comic characters do this, yet.... (Give it a few months.)


Cucks are going to cuck.

There is no "Muslim ban," just a temporary delay for immigrants from known terrorist hotbeds (countries that even the Obama administration designated as being "of concern").

But the leftists are so heavily vested in their "Trump is Hitler" meme that they can't give it up now.

If I go to the DMV and renew my driver's license, I have to wait in line, fill out forms, pass a vision test, and pass a computer check of my driving record. It's a nuisance, but it's worth it, if it keeps some reckless drivers off the roads.

If I go to a sporting goods store and buy a gun and/or ammunition, I have to show photo I.D., fill out a form, and pass a background check. And that's OK, too, if it keeps just one criminal or psychotic from obtaining a firearm.

Similarly, it's worth making immigrants submit to some delays and inconvenience if that's what it takes to prevent another 9-11, or another San Bernardino massacre, or another Boston marathon bombing.

CNN did a segment a few days ago about the plight of refugees stranded by "the Muslim ban." The reporter sneered, "The refugees need compassion and mercy, but those are not high priorities under the Trump administration's 'America first' policy."

And, as we saw for the past eight years (Boston, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino), protecting the lives and rights of American citizens was never a high priority under Obama's (and Clinton's) "America last" policy.

And make sure they don't slip or lie their way through the cracks, like Tashfeen Malik did. Deception is a tool for The Cause, after all.

Latest Champions issue addresses a mosque bombing. Given the proper criticism against the infamous pseudo-Taliban issue, it looks like we'll be having a redux. Goodie.

Should analyze Waid's social justice ridden Champions #5 by Waid. Just terrible and the perfect example of everything wrong with Marvel today.

Mosque bombings and other hate crimes against Muslims are as common in fiction as they are rare in real life.

In fact, every anti-Muslim "hate crime" that I've seen reported by the so-called mainstream media turned out to be a hoax.

IRL, anti-Trump protesters are rioting, looting, setting fires, and assaulting people. And former president Obama has responded by saying he is "heartened by the level of engagement" and by people "exercising their right to assemble."

At the Portland airport, thugs (i.e., Democrat "protesters") beat up a Trump supporter while calling him a Nazi.

In Chicago, black thugs tortured a handicapped white kid while yelling "F**k Donald Trump!" They also called the victim the N-word. CBS reported that a special needs kid was tortured by assailants who called him racial slurs and who "repeatedly referenced Donald Trump." Giving the impression that white Trumpkins attacked a disabled black victim, which was the exact opposite of the truth.

Since Trump won't allow ISIS Trojan Horses ("refugees") into the US, the Democrats are launching terrorist attacks themselves.

Tashfeen Malik entered the US and obtained a visa even after openly posting pro-jihad comments online. Syed Farook was an anchor baby who returned to the US after visiting the Middle East. Neither one of them was ever on the No-Fly List, or any sort of anti-terrorist watch list.

Both were observed behaving suspiciously at home, but their neighbor did not report it to the police or FBI, because he feared accusations of racism and Islamophobia. Farook's employers did not say or do anything about his suspicious behavior at work, for the same reason.

Then the jihadists murdered unarmed victims, in a designated gun-free zone, in a blue state that had strict gun control laws.

The Obama administration's response:

1. Increase unvetted Muslim immigration (while turning away Christian refugees).

2. Blame the NRA, and call for more gun control laws. Specifically, call for a ban on gun sales to terrorist suspects on the No-Fly List. The list that never included Malik or Farook. (Since Obama ordered the FBI and Department of Homeland Security not to spy on Muslims, it's possible that the list has never included a single real terrorist.)

3. Threaten to "take action" against anyone who said anything that could be considered "anti-Muslim rhetoric."

Obama's "No-Fly, no buy" proposal would not have prevented the massacre. Trump's so-called "Muslim ban" would have.

So Trump's put in a screening process for Muslim terrorists now, how about extending it to other terrorist groups as well?

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