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Friday, January 27, 2017 

Supergirl TV star joins the anti-Trump crowd

Melissa Benoist, star of TV's Supergirl series, took part in the so-called women's march against Donald Trump this past week, without any of the same objections to Bill Clinton's own terrible acts in the past:
Melissa Benoist is one of a number of high-profile stars attending the Women’s March on Washington and the Supergirl star has a message for President Donald Trump.

“Hey Donald, Don’t try to grab my p—y — it’s made of steel,” read a sign Benoist held above her head on Saturday. The actress posted a photo of herself wearing a “Feminist” sweatshirt and holding the sign on Instagram.
I honestly don't think she's suited to play the Maid of Might if she has no interest in condemning Slick Willy for doing much worse than Trump's crude chat with Billy Bush, let alone Hillary Clinton for defending a child rapist in 1975.

Since we're on the subject though, if there's anything else overly political on the Supergirl TV show besides the gun control mishmash and border interloper apologia, it's their rendering of Krypton's destruction, which in this TV series involves - are you ready? - global warming!
From its comic strip introduction in 1939, Superman’s home planet was said to have come to extinction due to an explosion, which then became a new asteroid belt. In Supergirl’s version of Planet Krypton’s destruction, we learn it fell victim to global warming (or climate change, it’s hard to keep up with the politically correct liberal terms) and Aunt Astra (Laura Benanti) returns to ask for Supergirl Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) help to stop the same thing from happening to Planet Earth.

In the first episode of a two-part story arc, “Hostile Takeover,” a flashback to Kara’s childhood includes a conversation between young Kara and her Aunt Astra explaining that occupants of Krypton were killing the planet because they are “greedy for energy.” Just like when candidate Barack Obama lectured us on the rising of oceans threatening planet Earth, Astra spoke of the threats to her planet to young Kara by saying, “The oceans have changed, and the weather.”
Thinking about this, it's hard not to giggle, yet at the same time, it's a head-shaker. Instead of merely ignorant of the volcanic radiation that would end up destroying the planet, Kryptonians are made to look worse than need be. It's insulting to the memory of Siegel, Shuster, Binder, Plastino and the source materials they developed.

And in the end, the setup the producers are using only compounds the image this TV show is already taking on, that it's more concerned with spouting political balderdash than in entertaining the couch potatoes. Coupled with Benoist's blatant political activism, it doesn't make for a very good image.

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Show is isuper political and super terrible. They made her adopted sister "come out" as gay with an overt "of course we'll act your sexuality because only terrible, horrible bigots wouldn't' embrace homosexuality" along with making out between her and her lover. Also, they are planning to have the Valentine's Day episode focus on her sister and lesbian lover. But I suppose it can be expected because the show runner, Greg Berlanti is a gay progressive who is also pushing this stuff in the new Archie show.

I read the agonybooth's recaps of Season 1, and the episodes Dr. Winston O'Boogie described didn't strike me as being too political, save for a few spots. Season 2 has been very political, yes, or was Season 1 just as political? Or maybe I misread some things in the recaps, instead, I dunno. It's all terrible, either way.



It goes as well as you'd expect.

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