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Saturday, January 21, 2017 

A leftist-owned comics store explains why they're not worth buying at

Comics Beat fawns over a store in the DC area called Fantom Comics that's providing "safe space" for anti-Trump protestors, in a move reminiscent of liberal-dominated universities that want to make their own campuses "safe spaces":
Last week, Fantom Comics in Washington, DC announced via Facebook that they would open their doors as a safe space and rest area for those protesting the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump on Friday, or marching in the Women’s March the following day. [...]
Oh, and that's not all. There's something pretty shady about the following statement:
They even welcome Trump supporters to check out the store during inauguration weekend, as long as they are respectful to those utilizing it as a safe rest stop from their protests.
Sounds like coded dialect, meaning "don't try to persuade anybody to change their minds." Or something like that. They proceed to interview the manager:
Edie Nugent: How does the creation of a safe haven during this years’ inauguration (and related protest march) “for anyone seeking shelter, solidarity, or just a drink of water” fit in with the mission of your store?

Jake Shapiro: Many of our close friends and family of the store are worried for their safety, not just in this upcoming inauguration weekend but for the upcoming four years in our country. We pride ourselves on our diverse community, so it behooves us to stand up for those people in a time of need. We’re trying to be as inclusive as possible, though–none of our messages are anti-anything. If a family of Trump supporters wants to shop here this weekend, they’re more than welcome, as long as they’re respectful to the folks in our space.
I can't help feel they're implying Trump supporters aren't respectable at all, while ignoring that leftists make mistakes too. Isn't that awesome; pushing liberals for sainthood.
Edie Nugent: Do you have any fears about backlash resulting from publicly providing this type of space?

Jake Shapiro: Yes, we’re definitely a little worried about backlash. Not in our direct community–DC is one of the most progressive cities in the country, and went over 90% for Clinton in the election. But tourists are visiting from all over, not to mention angry people on the internet. Of course, what happened to our friends at Comet Ping Pong is always on our mind, and we know anytime we take a stance we’re going to make ourselves a target. But that risk is worth it to us, because being a positive community space for marginalized groups is more important now than ever.
Oh, just look at that, he's implying that right-wing vandals are on the warpath! Naturally, no consideration that there's vandals on the left, not the least being the Black Lives Matter nuts he's pandering to. And how is possible that conservatives aren't marginalized in any way?
Edie Nugent: Comics and cartoons have long been intertwined with politics, whether it’s political cartoons or comic books that explore the issues of the day. In your view, why are comics and political expression such a potent combination?

Jake Shapiro: Comics are a visual medium, which gives them wide appeal. They’re no better or worse than any other medium for socio-political commentary, but unlike literature or film, comics are still fighting the stereotype of being “just for kids.”
Did it ever occur to him there's liberals out there who could be major perpetuators of the stereotype? They may be no better or worse for politics, but the problem is that superhero comics in particular are clogged today with ultra-leftist propaganda - far more than ever before - that's suffocating the entertainment value out of all they were meant to be when they first began.

At least one of the commentors, himself a store manager, spotted what was wrong with the Fantom staff's declarations, and said:
Wow. When you put it this way, it doesn’t sound like Trump supporters are very welcome at all
Everyone is always welcome at my store. All viewpoints are welcome. Liberal and conservative. To say that Trump supporters need to be warned to be respectful is rather rude and not a very inclusive or tolerant remark to make at all. Why on earth would you want to alienate 50% of your potential customer base? Could you imagine the backlash you would be getting if you had said the opposite. You should sit back and think about that for a moment. Just some friendly advice from someone in the business for over thirty years in the most liberal state of all…
Bingo. All the store staff were doing was taking a partisan position, strongly hinting they don't like conservatives, and only see the right as troublemakers. Another guy said:
Love the whole “Trump supporters WATCH YOURSELVES” line.. When it’s just as likely the anti-Trump people will be violent.. but I guess the owner is saying that Anti-Trump people can be disrespectful and violent against the Trump supporters. and the Trump supporters just need to take it..

Sorry, this space doesn’t sound remotely safe to me. Why not instead of trying to scream that it’s a safe space and promoting violence against one side by implying that ONLY one side is capable of it when that is clearly not the case.. not just say “My store is for everyone. Period.”
That's an idea. Another idea for the moment is to simply vote with our wallets and not put any money into the pockets of a store ownership that's so cynically political. The store's ownership may want to consider that they might've alienated over half their customers already, and as I've indicated, no one should waste their time buying at their very unsafe haven.

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"I can't help feel they're implying Trump supporters aren't respectable at all, while ignoring that leftists make mistakes too. Isn't that awesome; pushing liberals for sainthood."

Well, liberals are our moral and intellectual superiors. After all, they tell us so, every two seconds.

The comic store I used to go to, I don't think there was ever a political discussion or addressing how political comics were getting (this was early 2000's).* I was becoming more politically active/aware at the time, but I wasn't up for any such debate and the store owners weren't political and weren't up for a long debate, either. They had a business to run, worry about their bottom line, lives to lead, etc. Who had the time or energy to wank about politics, like Fantom apparently does?

I don't go into comic shops seeking political debate, but when the comics themselves are becoming political, I suppose it's inevitable. Thanks, liberal comic book writers.

*If anyone cares, the store is still around, but it moved to a new location I can't easily get to. So, I couldn't say what current attitudes are.

There is no point in discussing politics with the leftists now, because there is no basis for communication. They are out of touch, not just with Middle America, but with reality.

They have no facts or logic to support their opinions, so they just hurl their unfounded accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever.

And we are told that the Trump supporters need to be respectful. But it's the Obama/Clinton supporters who are rioting in the streets, smashing in store windows, and starting fires. And assaulting people.

CBS Radio reported on a cross-racial assault where a mentally handicapped kid was tortured by assailants who called him racial slurs and "repeatedly referenced Donald Trump." Poor black kid beaten up by white Trump fans. Right? Wrong. Turns out, it was a special needs white kid who was attacked by black thugs. They repeatedly said, "F**k Donald Trump." The opposite of the impression that CBS gave.

There have been widespread reports of anti-Muslim hate crimes. So far, every one has turned out to be a hoax.

Remember all the right-wing nuts rioting in the streets when Obama was elected?

Neither do I.

Indeed, the weekend hasn't been the best in light of the antifa onslaught on DC, or leftists' apparent or gradual passive-aggressive acceptance of political violence. It's pretty pathetic when Nick Spencer comes off as the voice of reason on Twitter. (Yes, seriously.) Conversely, after this weekend, I wish I never became aware of Kristina Wong's name. What a loathsome woman.

We're in the age of no-platforming, people, and middle ground is quickly evaporating. Antifa is going to make us all pick sides whether we like it or not. (And this would have happened if any Republican were made President, not just Trump.) You normies and cucks out there better choose wisely, as antifa hates you all regardless.

"They have no facts or logic to support their opinions, so they just hurl their unfounded accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever.

"And we are told that the Trump supporters need to be respectful. But it's the Obama/Clinton supporters who are rioting in the streets, smashing in store windows, and starting fires. And assaulting people."

Aziz Ansari has that covered:


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