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Monday, April 03, 2017 

It looks like leftist Comics Alliance is shutting down again

One Angry Gamer reports the SJW-infested Comics Alliance, one of the most ultra-leftist littered sites around, is closing down, and hopefully this time for good:
As pointed out in the thread over on Kotaku in Action, Comics Alliance was one of the many large media websites out there that decided to go on the offensive against their own audience during the height of #GamerGate and the seemingly indomitable influence of Social Justice Warrior topics taking over the entertainment medium.

As you can see through the search listings of Kotaku in Action, there’s a number of topics centered around Comics Alliance related to Social Justice activism. One of the links points to the editor-in-chief saying that the art in comics need to be more socially aware and adapt more to progressive identity politics.
In a way, they're responsible for dumbing comics down to the subterranean level they're at now. I also recall when one of their writers, a man by the name of Andy Khouri, attacked both me and Warner Todd Huston for daring to express our dismay at DC's kowtowings to Islam. Mr. Khouri later got a job as one of the editors for the recent take on the Omega Men, which saw the team turned into a bizarre mix of terrorist gang. (Similar desecrations also took place back in 2006.) And another writer, Chris Sims, turned out to be a sexist cybertroll. One whom they never got rid of, last time I can recall, and what was nigh hilarious was how they tried to blame his unmasking on Gamergate (!), even though it was clear onetime DC editor Valerie d'Orazio fully approved of taking Sims to task. As far as I know, Marvel's never distanced themselves from him either.

Oh, and the last editor of CA, Andrew Wheeler, just look at his personality:

It's not often I see something so...anti-heterosexual expressed by a supposed progressive. The only thing progressive about his commentaries is how he advances to a new level of hostility to anybody who won't toe his loathsome line. Since we're on the subject, take a look at this dismaying news:
With an old friend and ex-Bleeding Cool columnist Andrew Wheeler as Editor In Chief, the site won the Eisner for Best Comics Periodical/Journalism.
Groan. They got an award they didn't deserve? It's testimony to how the Eisner awards have been derailed by PC garbage over the past decade. They paid lip service to Bill Ayers, and for this they get prizes? What a disgrace. And Comics Beat's no better with their coverage:
Over the course of its existence, played host to many top comics critics such as Chris Sims, [...]
Whose past antics go curiously unmentioned here.
Under Laura Hudson, Comcis Alliance pioneered the brand of comics activism that has changed comics for the better so much. [...]
It's just like them to whitewash the whole affair, and refuse to acknowledge they had a hand in bringing comicdom down to the level of SJW activism that's ruined many comics of all kinds with rampant politics, advocating "diversity" at the expense of established white heroes and co-star, all minus any talented writing. Comics Beat just demonstrated why so many specialty news sites are failing and fading away. Fortunately, some of the commenters brought up what CB didn't:
I stopped reading that site after the whole Chris Sims harassment thing came to light and Andrew Wheeler’s hypocritically poor handling of it.
I practically got bored with it long ago. The guy's correct, Wheeler failed epically. And so too did the rest of the site. It won't be missed.

But if somebody wanted to buy out the domain, how about if a conservative business were to set up a major-sized website giving coverage for comicdom from an improved perspective? Somebody's gotta do the art form a favor. If video games can get decent, dedicated voices, then so too must comic books. I'd sure like to see if there's anybody who'd be willing to set up a variation on Breitbart or Fox that could deliver more convincingly than Comics Alliance ever did as an ultra-liberal mouthpiece.

In the end, Comics Alliance won't be missed, because they were but one site about comicdom that did terrible disfavors to the medium, and did their damndest to villify anybody who tried defending the better interests of the art form, superheroes or otherwise.

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