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Friday, May 19, 2017 

Is the WW movie shaping up to become a PR catastrophe?

With the Wonder Woman movie soon to be releaed, Leslie Loftis spoke on the Federalist about why she thinks it may be a PR disaster, probably because left-wing feminists are willing to bash it no matter what, and already have. A few years ago, Loftis thought the movie wouldn't be made, but now that it has been, she makes the point that SJWs are bound to turn everything into a whole farcical circus:
...Fans, feminist factionalism, suffocating pieties to politically correct thought, and trigger etiquette would mean that some group or groups would object to whatever movie resulted. [...]
Including - but not limited to - campaigns for fitness, like the Think Thin protein bars. Just one more example of how petty they're obsessed with being. Some SJWs even objected to a]casting an Israeli woman in the role (which casts serious doubt on the notion they uphold the beliefs of the original creators, or that they're fans at), b]that WW be shaving her armpits and c]the UN really lowered the bar with their revolting opposition to running a campaign with WW as a mascot. But if there were a valid beef, which the prior examples most definitely are not, it would have to be whether the World War 1 setting in the movie will be dealt with honestly by making clear the Germans/Turks were the enemy at the time, and make a point about the Armenian lives lost because of them. Some of the materials I read a few months ago told that Ares, the Greek god of war, would be the prime culprit who's influenced everybody into clashing, something even the Golden Age comics never really did, and if that's what the screenwriters have in mind, I honestly find that annoyingly weak and insulting to the intellect. It can take away the seriousness of the issues involved, IMHO, and even in a science-fantasy setting, that's pretty risky.

All that aside, it's surprising to note the movie isn't getting much promotion lately:
After a very rough start to the D.C. Extended Universe, Warner Bros. needs Wonder Woman to be good—which is why it’s so weird that this movie has received such a muted promotional campaign. Wonder Woman comes out on June 2. That’s less than a month from now! So why does it still feel like Warner Bros. is treating this movie like an afterthought?
In hindsight, I think they're right; the movie's promotions may have subsided, and aren't as big as they were a few months ago. Is it because WB suddenly got cold feet following the tepid reception for Batman vs. Superman, its liberal metaphors for illegal immigration notwithstanding? I remember that some of the early promotional material I saw for the WW movie showed the costume with muted colors like black and grey. In the recent pictures of what I assume is the finished product, the costume now has more red and gold (presumably, this is why it took them a bit longer to complete), yet even that looks muted. They aren't doing enough to prove they respect the ideals the creators originally stood for.

After noting the negative reactions to the film's fitness campaign connections, Loftis says:
Of course, everything these days is potentially sexist, which brings me back to my original argument: she is a perfect storm of PR disaster. Today there is no way to make a movie about any female superhero and not anger some faction. But Wonder Woman is special. She was created as a Siren fit for the male gaze, to seduce them into accepting female dominance. She cannot be written without triggering something that is completely and utterly unacceptable to trigger. And gone are the days when all PR was good PR. Now, triggers mean boycotts, which is not conducive to achieving a blockbuster. (Ask the producers of “A Dog’s Purpose.”) [...]

About the only thing getting praise right now is the lonely trailer because Wonder Woman is “totally kicking ass.” But that leaves rogue feminists like me with plenty of fodder to complain about unrealistic heroines and girl power propaganda. As a matter of myth making, I do not object to women with super powers. But I do find it more than ironic that people who seek equality between men and women seem to only respect women who fight like men.

There is an entire strain of feminism that thinks if women will achieve equality with men, then they must become men. It is rarely so clearly stated but easy to see in all sorts of mythologies. The heroines who throw the punches just like the guys do are the ones that get the #girlpower Seal of Approval. Of course, given biological strength and stature differences between men and women, that’s a setup for failure. Men will always win a contest of being men, and the super powers writers give heroines to disguise that fact are just one of the many lies we tell young women under the guise of empowerment.
Funny thing is, I'm not sure most of the SJWs who attacked anything about the movie even care that Diana's depicted as a capable fighter in physical terms either. I certainly do realize that, if the movie depicts any kind of serious love between Diana and the film's take on Steve Trevor, that's something they're bound to condemn for the sake of it, all because in their narrow minds, WW must be depicted as some kind of exclusive lesbian and William Marston/H.G Peter in their minds were not allowed to conceive her otherwise. Or, if recent history says something, they believe WW is throughly invalid and should not have even been created at all.

This doesn't mean the movie won't make money. I'm sure it will make considerably more dollars at the box office than say, the 1996 Barb Wire adaptation, which lasted barely a month in theaters and made back less than a quarter of its already low budget. Or the 2004 Catwoman adaptation, which was a major embarrassment. But if the WW movie fails, I'd say the SJWs should be the ones to blame for their constant yammering over peanuts. They certainly aren't attacking the movie for any valid reasons like the plot and screenplay setups. If movie studios - and comics publishers - allow such nonsense to govern how they do their business, they can't be surprised when they wind up botching everything.

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