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Thursday, September 07, 2017 

Black Widow left behind by Marvel's catastrophous editing?

Captain America may have been restored to good guy status in Secret Empire, but according to the following rundown of the finale, a certain lady crimefighter from eastern Europe is not having it easy:
You see, one of the biggest flaws of Secret Empire is the fact that the Cosmic Cube, and Kobik, remains in play throughout. As long as she around, there was always a chance that her reality-changing powers could simply change everything back to the way it was before Hydra Cap took over.

And that’s exactly what happens (though Black Widow stays dead, for some reason).
I also found information that Rick Jones has been killed in the crossover as well, and so far, he too is still in the afterlife. Gee, I'm not sure why we're supposed to be happy they finally reversed the Cap-as-nazi direction (or so it seems), yet appear to have left Natasha Romanoff and Rick Jones in a graveyard. Oh, say, is Jim Rhodes still there too?

As if that wasn't bad enough, this fluff coated review on CBR notes that the story resorts to crudeness:
...But while victory came as a result of heroes throwing down, it was really attained thanks to an Inhuman throwing up.

That’s right, the return of Good Cap and defeat of Fascist Cap came down to the stomach of a nobody named Brian McAllister, an Inhuman who could more or less barf up anything he envisions into reality. In this case, Brian regurgitated a Cosmic Cube shard which allowed Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Scott Lang to pull a quick one on Hydra-Cap, leading to his downfall in Secret Empire #10.
And I assume we're supposed to excuse such vileness because these are the good guys involved? I think not, and this only compounds their lack of creativity and grace in making the project. And, it gets worse when the reviewer says:
What Spencer did here was focus on the common man and appeal to the readers’ base instinct as humans. This was a case of the ‘other’ being apprehended, oppressed and subjugated — common themes that minorities, females, people of color, immigrants and LGBTQ people face in the world today.
But not whites and conservatives, huh? And what's this about "base"? Isn't that an awfully negative meaning? Which provides as a hint to what this book is really about: serving as a soapbox on which bitter liberals can vent their weak platforms at the expense of entertainment with real meaning.

Most comments I've seen on this terrible crossover on several sites panned the story as junk, and evidently it is. That they reversed their offensive direction with Steve Rogers does not make the story itself any good, as the description of the Inhuman guest star should make clear, and Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer have done nothing to prove they respect the true Marvel fans. Especially when, let's recall, they still vehemently refuse to restore Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson's marriage. Now they even have the gall to mishandle Black Widow and Rick Jones for the sake of their disastrous crossover obsession, which, as their staff indicated, they're not going to refrain from for long. And even if they did, Quesada's continued presence with Marvel's staff is reason enough to boycott their new products.

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There is a panel in Secret Empire #10 that appears to show both Rick Jones and the Black Widow alive and well after Kobik sets things right, although the drawing might have been a bit clearer.

The last few pages of the story show that the common man also has compassion for the other, helping an Inhuman clean up the home that had been desecrated by the Nazi mobs.

The CBR writer is using 'base' in one of the ordinary dictionary meanings of the word, as something low and vulgar; he is not talking about the bottom foundation of a structure, or of any particular politician's base of support.

The bit about the regurgitating Inhuman was a very minor plot point, not the fulcrum of the story; it was actually funny in the context of a story that sometimes veered too far into pomposity.

If you believe that they ever intended to keep Cap fascist, and that they changed their mind only because of reader outcry, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I am willing to sell for a real discount this week!

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