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Friday, September 15, 2017 

Kyle Higgins exploits Nightwing for subtle political propaganda

Here's a pretty biased interview Inverse did with Higgins about a Nightwing story he wrote that's apparently meant to serve as an allegory for "evil conservatives", even if it was already written before the Trump administration assumed office. It may be an alternate world story, but it still sounds irritating:
When Kyle Higgins pitched Nightwing: The New Order to DC Comics in October 2015, the world was a different place. The threat of fascism was something that belonged in history books, not a shocking reality in contemporary America. But throughout 2016, as Higgins reunited with his New 52 Nightwing artist Trevor McCarthy on their new miniseries, everything changed. Current events, such as Trump’s Muslim ban and an emboldened white supremacist movement, inadvertently imbued their Elseworlds-style tale — in which superpowers are treated with prejudice — with a stunning relevance they hadn’t anticipated.

“There’s never a good time to put out a book like this,” Higgins admits to Inverse in a phone interview, “but as a writer, I think it’s good to be uncomfortable to level up your game.” He remembers DC editor Jim Lee telling him after his pitch: “Make it count.”

In Nightwing: The New Order, Dick Grayson — Batman’s first Robin evolved into his own entity, Nightwing — took it upon himself to stop a catastrophe in Metropolis by eliminating superpowers. Exactly how and why will be laid out in upcoming issues, but for now, all readers need to know is that Nightwing made a judgment call that changed this alternate DC Universe forever.
Dick's being turned evil in an alternate world? I'd heard that a decade ago, Dan DiDio wanted to kill off the character, as per the approach that was prevailing at the time (and likely still is), but this is just as tasteless. And it's not all that different from Marvel's Civil War, where an accident performed by the New Warriors leads to demand for registering superheroes and superpowers, in an attack on the Patriot Act. I'm sure DC had at least a few variations of their own even before this story, even if I can't recall them just now. What's telling about Higgins' story is that it sounds like a metaphor for gun control, with superpowers standing in.
In case it may look or sound like The New Order is about a superhero dictatorship, Higgins says it’s not. “It’s not a dystopian story,” he says, because objectively, things are better in this alternate DCU. There is, in fact, less crime, and as it turns out, citizens are at a much lesser risk when there aren’t superpowers out and about. “That’s part of what made it really interesting from a premise standpoint, because things are better.”

But how Nightwing achieved “peace” is where the book’s true conflict lies. “As people see in Issue 2, Dick joins the Crusaders, which is a program the country wanted and Dick joined it believing he could be a moral compass to it,” Higgins explains. “There’s the quote that the Mayor of Charlottesville used: If you dance with the devil, you don’t change the devil, the devil changes you. That’s that problem when you’re looking to be kind of the arbiter of all that is good and right.”
The current Charlottesville mayor is a leftist who's been trying to turn the burg into a sanctuary city. And - surprise, surprise - he also scapegoats Trump. So it's not hard to guess where Higgins is coming from. Or, what his story could bear similarities to:
This new light on Dick Grayson is a compelling thought experiment, but many comics fans weren’t sold when previews of Nightwing: The New Order surfaced last spring. Internet reactions were divisive. Timing played a part; the book’s announcement came right when rival publisher Marvel released the first issue of its controversial series Secret Empire, which wrapped up late last month. Although there are key, fundamental differences between The New Order and a totalitarian Captain America, critics and fans dwelled on the similarities.
Obviously, there are some vague similarities here, but what's clear is that the books share the same political approach, and that is what's reprehensible. So, just like no sane person should buy Secret Empire or the Captain America series written by Nick Spencer, they shouldn't buy these Nightwing stories written by DC's most blatant leftist writers either. Again, if anybody needed proof DC could be just as ultra-leftist as Marvel, here it is.

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