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Saturday, September 09, 2017 

Frank Cho defends his style in Singapore

The Straits Times interviewed Cho for a convention in Singapore, and he told them about the witch hunt he experienced a few years ago by SJWs with no respect for beauty and who don't even read the books he was assigned to draw:
From Brandy, the animal psychiatrist with pin-up looks from his long-running cartoon strip Liberty Meadows, to dinosaur-punching jungle warrior Shanna the She- Devil, the women he draws are feisty, powerful and voluptuous.

This has brought him controversy in recent years, as online commentators feel he objectifies women. But Cho, who will be in town this weekend for the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention, maintains he is drawing women as realistically as he knows how.

"I enjoy drawing strong, independent women who are realistically proportioned, not those super- skinny supermodels who look like teenage boys," says the 45-year-old over the telephone from Baltimore in the United States, where he is based. "I don't draw skinny victims."
I'll bet a lot of those disgraceful SJWs would rather he drew grotesque, obese "victims", and only that kind. Some people have no understanding why beauty is something we need in life, first inside but also outside. And no doubt, they detest that he'd draw up powerful women too.
...he has recently come under fire for his sexualised imagery. In 2015, he drew backlash online for a sketch cover of teenage character Spider-Gwen in a sexually suggestive pose on all fours. He responded to critics by drawing Harley Quinn in the same pose. He later donated US$1,000 ($1,400), raised from the sale of the Spider-Gwen image to a charity for victims of domestic violence.
Something his opponents never thanked him for. It just goes to show why it's better not to waste time on Twitter, if that's the kind of quagmire it was bound to become.
Last year, he walked off DC's Wonder Woman series, which he had been commissioned to produce covers for, citing a spat with writer Greg Rucka, who he said objected to the amount of skin Cho had Wonder Woman showing on the cover.
On this, the paper's not very accurate. Rucka got Cho's art semi-censored because Cho had the guts to draw WW's rear end in view. Something artists like Joe Staton had done with Power Girl before in the Bronze Age, and if nobody had any objections to that, they shouldn't have any with WW either, period. As far as I know, even after the UN's insulting rejection of the Amazon princess as a program mascot, Rucka never apologized to Cho for being so petty and panicky. Maybe it's high time he did for a change?
"I've drawn women for 20 years and reactions have been mostly positive," says Cho, who has two teenage daughters from his previous marriage.

"Then, three years ago, the political climate changed. Some Internet yahoos wrote a critical piece on me and, overnight, I became this misogynist who objectified women. It's complete nonsense."

He says he has had his fair share of compliments from female fans, some of whom approach him at conventions to get him to sign parts of their bodies. "It's usually their chests or their butts."
If so, then it's pretty clear few but the most PC "moralists" have any hostility to him. Such vicious hounding may have died down, but could still flare up at any moment, if anybody with a head on their shoulders continues to let the SJWs have their way. Since this is a foreign paper doing the interviewing, I have to wonder if US papers by contrast refuse to give him his spot to defend himself because they, by contrast, are far more PC-infected?

Cho should be congratulated for defending himself and his art skills, and it's regrettable some scummy trolls on social media are causing such problems for petty reasons.

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