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Wednesday, October 04, 2017 

More evidence IDW is going downhill

Megan Fox at PJ Media points to how IDW's adaptations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Jem & the Holograms cartoon have been farmed out to ultra-leftists with an obsession to turn quite a few of the subjects into their personal idea of what people should be, which is overweight, lesbian, or even transvestite. And, how one of the writers has been making offensive remarks about Republicans:
Popular female characters who used to be beautiful and lithe have been turned into dumpy, shaved-headed, overweight, man-hating lesbians or trannies (much like many of their creators). Stormer, the Misfits rocker from Jem and the Holograms, is now a fat POC ("person of color" for those uninitiated into newspeak) and a lesbian. Seriously.
The writer of that monstrosity may not think so, but making a POC obese is, IMHO, insulting and offensive to minorities, and not all that different from the racial stereotypes that showed up in the Golden Age. What's additionally disturbing is the likelihood obesity isn't presented as bad for health. How do they expect to impress anybody if they're going to sugarcoat health issues and not present overweight people as having a physical flaw?
Fans are perplexed at the constant pushing of transgendered and gay characters in comic books. Beyond that, Campbell's work shows a stunning lack of creativity with his obsession with the partially shaved head. Is there no other way to draw hair these days?
I looked at the selection of pictures Ms. Fox posted of these punk-like lesbians, and what's even creepier is that they all look underaged, or under 12. It wouldn't be any better if these had been products of a manga book. And just as terrible is the artwork, which is obscenely poor.

It's clear the books aren't suitable for children, or for anybody else, and if this is what IDW's come down to, it may be ill-advised of anybody to support their output. They're succumbing to the kind of diversity pandering that's bringing down Marvel, and DC, from what I know, may still have some on display. If they don't cut it out, they're going to collapse as quickly as they came at least a decade ago.

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As someone who reads IDW Ninja Turtles a lot, IDW usually does a pretty good job to make sure the SJW-isms or lefty politics don't infect the title very much. Vs. how SJW-isms succeeded with corrupting the Hasbro toy titles for the past several years. However, it doesn't mean we'll always be so fortunate, as leftist/liberal/prog politics had been forced into past Turtle comics (the late 80's/early 90's Archie era with Steve Murphy and more recently, Mirage Volume 4 with Peter Laird and Murphy doing his share of finger-wagging in Tales of the TMNT Vol. 2). Chances are that it probably will come up, given present and past comic trends. I'm not looking forward to that day, my friends.

I don't disagree anything said here about Sophie/Ross Campbell, who, thankfully, only draws once-in-a-while arcs or single issues in the main ongoing. (Currently, she's drawing an arc for the TMNT Universe spinoff title.) I had forgotten about April's official makeover during the Northampton arc, as per Campbell's apparent short-hair dumpy/chubby fetish, plus what Campbell did with Jem's Stormer. Which was a good sign to not bother reading Jem, alas.

And the "die, Republicans" comment was said right as Steve Scalise, who was nearly killed in a political-based assassination, which is now neatly down the memory hole, thanks to the media, returned to Congress. Charming.

I'm not going to call total shenanigans on IDW TMNT just yet, but we all should be wary of Campbell, yes. And thank goodness tht her Secrets of the Ooze comic is fan-only, as I don't think anyone would tolerate Campbell's on-the-side revisions toward April (being a chubby mulatto who likes to hoard things, for starters), if she had her way in actual canon.

Unrelated, but this was pretty repulsive:


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