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Monday, December 04, 2017 

Subtle negativity to Trump in DC's holiday special?

Is there some subtle attack on Trump in this holiday special DC's putting out, which Comics Beat describes as "Trump and North Korea have Superman down"? Let's see the picture with political references:
From this opening, it looks more like John Constantine's the guy feeling down. Here's a description of the story:
...In “The Reminder,” we find Clark Kent at the Ace of Clubs bar in Metropolis, which is run by Superman’s greatest fan, Bibbo Bibowski. After a long 2017 filled with blowhards and the threat of nuclear annihilation, even Clark is feeling a little down. [...]
And he doesn't rush into a phone booth to change into his Superman costume so he can do something about the nuclear weapons? They already ran the gauntlet of minimizing serious issues 6 years ago with the botched story where Supes gives up his US citizenship, as though he'd have it in his secret identity, and he never tried to bring down the Iranian regime. This is no improvement when they put allusions to North Korea on the TV screens at the nightclub, to say nothing of "blowhards" whose own mistakes pale considerably in contrast with their liberal counterparts. If that's what they see in Trump, no wonder this latest story won't work well, and they're not helping matters by sticking Superman in a restaurant instead of trying to put a stop to autocratic regimes building lethal nuclear warfare. That's just not fitting of Clark Kent's character. Certainly it would look absurd if Superman took down North Korea while it still reigns in reality, but that's why it's far better from a modern standard to use metaphors instead of putting the real thing on display, which just makes everything seem ridiculous.

What this does tell us is that DC's slid back to more noticeable - and very awkward - political allegories that make the heroes look like they're just sitting around, and failing to make use of metaphors for real life regimes that the heroes could combat without concern whether serious real life issues are being trivialized.

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So sticks and stones can't break Superman's bones but Trump and North Korea will definitely hurt him. Lol.

At this rate it will definitely be a long time before we get to read about or watch any or all of the following:

Superman keeping North Korean missiles from reaching US soil

Captain America cracking down on ISIS terror cells in the Middle East

Batman or the Teen Titans stopping Black Lives Matter riots

Wonder Woman kicking the devil out of Harvey Weinstein and several Hollywood bigwigs and actors after finding out that they groped and raped thousands of women and teenage girls

Spider-Man coming to the aid of a depressed father after his overbearing wife took his children away from him and kicked him out of his own house

Matt Murdock defending a police officer or a civilian family on trial for grievously injuring or killing a hardened criminal in self defense

SHIELD or Amanda Waller apprehending illegal immigrants from Mexico or terrorist plotters from the Middle East

The Power Pack coming to the aid of a bully victim who was punished for fighting back against an unrepentant schoolyard bully

Young Justice stopping someone from shooting up a public place

Superman took down some Nazi-like dictators in small countries before America joined the Second World War, but afterwards he refrained from taking down Hitler, saying 'our boys don't need any help!'
Problem with him taking out North Korea or Iran is what to do the day after. Will he run the countries himself? Or would we have a situation like Afghanistan, where coalition lives are lost and nothing changed, or like Iraq, where we took down one dictator and left a worse power vacuum in its place?
Superman is actually showing admirable and sensible restraint. In invasions, the rule that 'if you break it, you bought it', should apply; you don't intervene militarily unless the good you do outweighs the harm you cause, and unless you are prepared to invest the money and time to clean up the mess you make afterwards.

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