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Thursday, December 07, 2017 

The latest leftism from Ron Marz

Here's some more comments I found from Marz, including a reply to a Wash. Post article claiming that GOP voters don't think tax cuts will help, and he says:

We could ask the same about people like Marz, who ignore the damage wrought by Obamacare. Then, he attacks politician Roy Moore, whom the left's been blatantly claiming committed sexual misconduct without concrete proof, after all the ignorance they exhibited towards Bill Clinton, and even Harvey Weinstein:

And people like Marz made no effort to get Eddie Berganza thrown out of DC for the reprehensible sex offenses he committed as a senior editor. People like Marz did, however, send completely unqualified loons like Al Franken to the Senate in the past decade, and only now, he's finally getting his comeuppance. In the past few weeks since the Buzzfeed expose got him booted, I couldn't find any signs of Marz commenting on how humiliating it feels to have worked with Berganza when he was assistant editor on Green Lantern, one of the first books he was assigned to in the mid-90s when he began working there.

Marz even said:

But Democrats like Bill Clinton never did the same, nor did Hillary Clinton? Not even Harvey Weinstein, whom they were both chummy with? Another example of somebody only concerned with one side of the spectrum, but not his own.

When news came out that Moore condemned ultra-leftist George Soros, all Marz could say was:

I guess it doesn't take much to guess Marz has a low opinion of Hungary too, where Soros has been trying to cause damage with illegal Muslim immigrants. He continues on the Moore topic with:

And apparently, so is Berganza, because again, I couldn't seem to find him saying anything about his former co-editor on GL. But I repeat myself.

And to see some of the disgraceful ignorance of people who turned their backs on the offenses committed by Berganza, which isn't so surprising. Sigh.

Just like he didn't see Roman Polanski as the scumbag he sadly turned out to be, with more than just one offense to his record, yet France's government/establishment so far refuses to extradite him to the US. Because of Polanski's early origins, that's why it's angering he'd later stoop to sexual atrocities and sully his past career so badly.

Imagine a holding a panel at a comics convention, and Marz is only the second most morally objectionable person next to Berganza. Again, he has quite a bit of nerve joining the accusations against Moore while doing nothing to demand all Berganza's enablers at DC be fired. A list which unfortunately includes at least a few women who failed to act against the now disgraced editor any more than the menfolk at the company, making themselves little better than Angela Merkel. That's a sad reality, that even women can throw their own under the bus if they feel high up enough in the company ranks.

So there we are, Marz continues on his weak path as an ignoramus, only worried about Republicans but not about the screwballs in the Democrats. For now, let's just say that, if anybody sees Berganza's name on the staff credits in the recent trade paperbacks of Marz's work on Green Lantern, they could feel discouraged from buying them just for that, and who could blame them? These days, especially after the bad news about Gerard Jones, I think the whole third volume's been tarnished, and indeed, it certainly has.

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Feminist author Kate Harding, in an opinion column in the Washington Post, basically said that Al Franken should be given a pass because he will vote the way he's supposed to.

Trump's tax plan is basically the same as President Kennedy's. But JFK didn't have the controlled media denouncing everything he did.

The people who denounce Roy Moore (based on unsubstantiated allegations) are the same ones who gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation.

VP Pence's policy (which leftists denounced), of never being alone with a woman other than his wife, looks better and better each day.

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