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Saturday, December 02, 2017 

TV Supergirl's political crisis on Earth-SJW

The vicious leftism of the Supergirl TV series keeps getting meaner and meaner. Newsbusters tells how a crossover between 4 of the DC adaptations (including Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Flash), they did a nasty allusion to the 2016 Make America Great Again campaign slogan that really goes overboard:
For example, take this moment. After a surprise attack by an army of Nazis from Earth-X, the superheroes regroup and ponder what's next. Of course, no discussion of Nazis is complete without a Trump reference (and with Supergirl's anti-Trump history you know that's exactly what this is).

Barry: Killers, heroes, then what?

Felicity: If I know my history, ethnic cleansing, world domination.

Jax: Make America Aryan Again.

Caitlin: Which it never was.

Iris: Hashtag "Melting pot."

Mick: I hate Nazis.

Why do these writers think someone needed to point out the obvious fact that America “never was” Aryan? They probably think Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan is racist code for "Make America Aryan Again," a supremacist's dream of a return to a white American ideal that never actually existed. Well, it's not.
Definitely not. And, the dialogue sample from the episode strikes me as incredibly dumb. No doubt, the move to the CW network was made to facilitate an easier time concocting non-stop leftism, and the producers sure made themselves look bad and selfish by tossing all sense of entertainment in the trash for the sake of their politics.

Warner Todd Huston reminds everyone that:
This is not the first time the Supergirl TV show has infused left-wingery into its writing. Its season opener, for instance, essentially told conservatives they were stupid and shouldn’t watch the show, ridiculing those who disagree with global warming theories. The show also praised Obama’s press secretary.

Since its move to the CW, Supergirl has featured multiple episodes with a gay theme, and in one episode, the show also went after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.
But no pursuit of left-wing news anchors who've been accused of sexual misconduct? Not even series co-producer Andrew Kreisberg, who was put on suspension for said misconduct? Let me note that O'Reilly was otherwise a bad lot and his own dismissal from Fox was fully deserved in retrospect. But if the producers of the DC-based TV series won't go after men representing their own political background as well, they're not being altruistic.

In the end, it's clear these adaptations aren't worth the DVD technology they're filmed on, and when they're canceled, they won't be missed.

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If you want to see another comic book caricature of Trump, check out last year’s Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys mini-series. It has a rich guy with an office in a New York tower named after himself who is a dead ringer for Trump, right down to the freakish overgrowth of Archie-colored hair. The story and the character have nothing to do with Trump, there is no political message to it, but the physical resemblance is there.

Does anybody really know what MAGA does mean? Some of us thought America was great before the election and didn’t understanding the contempt Trump has for his country and its people.

Trump’s policies include shutting the door to Mexicans and people from those Muslim countries that don’t have oil wealth, and he takes pride in being bluntly politically incorrect, making statements that often cross over the border into barely-veiled bigotry, racism and anti-semitism. He is a favorite of neo-nazis and the alt-white; the most well-known of the American Nazi web-sites, the Daily Stormer, still talks about him as the God-Emperor and reveres him almost as much as it does Putin. And when it comes time to criticize them, Trump waffles. The popular sarcasm about his slogan really meaning Make America White Again is not undeserved.

Trump is not Hitler. Hitler wanted a government run economy; Trump wants the government to leave rich people alone. Hitler admired the British and wanted to reduce the population of Russia; Trump likes Russians and denounces the Brits. Hitler wanted to take over the world, Trump is an isolationist. But Trump’s technique of blaming the country’s problems on the foreign-born and the people who follow different religions, his appeal to people who have been displaced by economic change and resent cultural change, his obsession with and manipulation of media imagery of himself, are very familiar. Are the comments on Supergirl that far off the mark?

I watched the episode, and yeah, I hated that line. It was completely unnecessary and didn't add anything to the story. The writers should just keep their political views to themselves. I watch these shows to escape, not to be lectured.

I see there's another anonymous twit in the comments comparing Trump to Hitler. Give it up already. The guy once received an award for giving black people jobs... from Jesse Jackson. That doesn't sound like a racist to me.

A lot of SJWS don't understand that not everyone was on board with "Hope and Change" eight years ago, and that Trump's election was in response to eight years of Obama bashing cops, white people and anyone who has been deemed a target by the politically correct left. I don't like being told I'm a horrible person simply because I'm a straight white male. I treat everyone with respect, unless they're mean to me.

SJWs like the second Anonymous need to get over it and accept that Trump won. I got over Obama being elected twice, and accepted the results. I didn't go around whining about the election results, protesting, beating up people or anything like that.

"...the contempt Trump has for his country and its people."

Like when he said that working class Americans are "deplorable"? Or when he said that people who live in the midwest are all xenophobes "clinging to their guns and their religion"?

That was Obama and Clinton.

And Obama administration policy allowed unrestricted Muslim immigration, but included "shutting the door" on Christian and Yazidi refugees.

Trump has not ended immigration. He has merely tried to enforce already-existing law. Common sense, reasonable immigration laws designed to weed out criminals, terrorists, and freeloading bums.

Trump is the president of the U S; Obama is retired as president and Clinton is no longer in public service. Odd comments from them don't excuse him.

But in any event -
Clinton never said working class Americans were deplorable. She said that deplorable people - Nazis, KKK, alt-white - were supporting him. That was true. Still is, if maybe not as much now.

Obama did not say mid-westerners were xenophobes. He did say that when the economy goes bad, some people focus on guns and religion as well as other hot-button cultural topics; he apologized for saying it almost immediately. For what it's worth, Obama is religious while Trump is not; and Trump does serve up cultural war for his base while giving economic benefits to the rich.

"Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." - Donald Trump

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." - Donald Trump

Blah, blah. Keep babbling away, troll.

Heck, this wasn't even the first time Supergirl (whom I'm going to call leftistgirl due to the fact that the series as of season 2 simply cannot shut up regarding its leftist politics) tried to implicitly tie President Trump to the Nazis. I remember the episode Exodus where Snapper Carr said when firing Kara, and I quote, "One wrong statistic about the stock market and we're in the Great Depression, one miswritten quote from a candidate and we've a fascist in the White House." And don't get me started on how when Cat Grant during her rousing speech basically paraphrased Make America Great Again and attributed it to the Daxamite invaders (despite the fact that... I don't know, Queen Rhea and her Daxamites in the series were far closer to the illegal immigrants that Trump's trying to deport).

Besides, the Nazis if anything were far left, supported gays and even had some people in their forces who were black or middle-eastern (if anything, their primary targets for extermination were Whites).

Did cnn tell you this? You so left wing just by this comment it's ridiculous

Lmao any proof to those statements libsack?

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