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Monday, February 19, 2018 

The JTA fawns over Bendis

Of all the news sources that could sugarcoat Brian Bendis' career, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has really disappointed me too:
DC Comics’ newest writer says that the choices he has made for his new Superman series are “deeply connected to [the character’s] origins.”

And those origins are very Jewish.
But bragging about wrecking other people's toys most certainly isn't. Don't expect this otherwise irresponsible news syndicate to recognize the importance of history and why it'd do some good to challenge these scribes with theirs. However, this article does tell something interesting about his background:
Brian Michael Bendis, who recently jumped ship from Marvel to DC Comics, will start drawing new comic books with the iconic superhero in May. He happens to be a product of a strictly Orthodox Jewish day school in Cleveland.
I'll soon note why this is embarrassing, especially if they don't mention whether it was a Haredi school he went to. First, here's one moment in his career they brought up, but didn't specify where it came from:
Bendis is perhaps best known from his days at Marvel as the man who killed off Spiderman — or at least his alter-ego, Peter Parker — in order to replace him with a new half-black, half-Hispanic character who gets bitten by a genetically altered spider. He said he was trying to make the comics look more like the real world.
If they'd at least have noted it was in an alternate-dimension setting (the Ultimate universe), it probably wouldn't be so dismaying, but they failed to do so, and as a result, make this worse than it actually is. They're not even concerned about the publicity stunt approach Bendis was known for, which made his run on Avengers so bad too. At least Miles Morales, in the end, didn't replace Peter Parker wholesale when he was merged with the 616 universe proper, but it doesn't excuse the fact Peter's still been subject to some of the worst editorial mandates in history. But making comics look like the real world has already been done years before, and I'm sure Bendis knows it too.

Now about that part involving the Jewish school he went to:
He said the rabbis at his school did not enjoy his drawings, in particular the sketches of men in tights. He frequently got sent home for his artwork.
I'm not sure what kind of school this was he went to, Orthodox sect or otherwise, but if this part is true, those "rabbis" gave the Judaist religion in any form a bad name, and people like that explain perfectly why anybody could be discouraged from practicing religion. Not specified is whether they're ultra-Orthodox/Haredi/hasidic, because I'd figure that bunch, if any, are the ones with the real negative view on creativity, and they'll have to shoulder responsibility for turning Bendis into the kind of leftist he represents, but I'm guessing they're stupid enough not to. Or is it possible Bendis is going for victimology? I just don't know.

The article also cites his quotes from Forbes about taking "the American way" for granted, and I won't be surprised if their coverage is little more than a subtle anti-conservative slam, exactly the problem with a lot of the left-leaning members of the Jewish community Bendis is pretty much part of.

Since we're on the subject, he's still working for Marvel in ways of moviemaking, and while a Kitty Pryde movie is a fine idea in itself, Bendis' hiring to write a screenplay is most certainly not:
Deadpool director Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis, one of the biggest authors in the comic book world, are teaming for an X-Men spinoff.

The duo are developing a project called 143, which will be set in the X-Men universe, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Bendis, who wrote various X-Men comics during his almost 20 years at Marvel, will write the script, while Miller will direct.

143 is a code name for the project which sources say will focus on the character Kitty Pryde, a mutant who can phase through objects. The character was played by Ellen Page in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Gee, the same writer who mistreated Jean Grey, alternate timeline doppelganger or not. I know it's entirely possible he'll write a movie, which is less overlooked than comics, with more respect for the characters, but that's still no excuse for all the harm he did at Marvel since the time he first worked there, including, most notoriously, to Scarlet Witch in Avengers prior to his run on X-Men. As a result, that's why Bendis is somebody from my community I'm simply not proud of, because his sleazy acts of yore only caused embarrassment.

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