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Saturday, March 03, 2018 

As expected, SJWs will never be satisfied with Islamic representation in Green Lantern, no matter the taqqiya involved

Bleeding Cool, desperate for some more clickbait balderdash, looked at a Reddit forum talking about the Muslim Green Lantern's portrayal, along with his special guest star named Night Pilot, and, as expected, even if the story has a taqqiya (deception) angle, that doesn't mean the Islamophile SJWs will care. One of the comments they found said:
Representation should first start with the writers, the ones behind the scene. DC has always failed with writing an authentic, accurate Muslim superhero. Marvel, on the other hand, actually does it well with Kamala Khan, because the creative team behid [sic] her has actualy [sic], practicing Muslim women writing and editing.

If the people telling the story have no idea of the experience, then this sort of representation is regressive and does nothing.
Of course, that book has its own taqqiya angles regardless, but you can't expect these type of people desperate for something to complain about to care. Especially when even Marvel's own propaganda got shunned by some representatives of the very ideology they allegedly marketed it for. So, this is basically a similar situation.

They also added another reader statement:
How is it that whenever Muslims are represented in western media, they are painstakingly made out to be as far from orthodox as possible. I forget the name but I remember a mutant having a heart to heart with wolverine about his Christian beliefs and values,yet in the current atmosphere I don’t think any such expose is possible.

Despite beliefs to the contrary, a majority of Muslim youth hold fast to their faith, which includes not taking part in one night stands or premarital sex. Making it so that any Muslim represented in comics eschews such beliefs is worse than having no representation at all as it confuses American Muslim youth who are already entangled in the American social fabric.

I realize comics are not for proletyzing but something as simple as a panel of the hero finishing up prayer or closing the Quran would be a great first step. Otherwise, comics are just another medium for hegemonizing Muslim culture into an unrecognizable amalgam that has been bastardised and stolen like so many others.
Umm, what about the epidemic of rape crimes committed by Islamists for any number of pathetic reasons? And if to write a story involving koran prayer, what are the chances they'll be honest about any of the verses inside? The chances are close to zero, which only makes it all the more taqqiya. Say, wasn't this the same site that was willing to cite the anti-Judeo/Christian verses in the koran following the scandal Ardian Syaf caused in X-Men: Gold? Gee, I don't see what the point is of wasting time on this mishmash if they're going to forget what they spoke of before.

Which is exactly why their posting is - what else? - pointless, pandering clickbait.

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