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Saturday, March 24, 2018 

If Black Lightning's daughters were brought back to DCU, it shouldn't be as daughters per se

CBR is making the argument that a contrived part of history Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella didn't approve of should be brought back just because the characters were used in the TV show:
Black Lightning and Batman have a storied history together as members of the superhero team known as the Outsiders. Though the prelude to Dark Nights: Metal alludes to their stint as teammates, this will be the first time in Rebirth history that we’ve seen the two of them working together. Judging by the arc’s title, it appears that this arc will bring the Outsiders back into the DC Universe in some capacity, and that’s all well and good. But this is also a great opportunity to bring back Jefferson Pierce’s daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, aka fellow superheroes Thunder and Lightning.

[...] After a brief appearance in the New 52’s Teen Titans series, the two heroes basically vanished off the face of the Earth. The last time the two of them were really acknowledged by DC before their live-action debut was in a pair of well-received animated shorts, so their return to comics would be both welcome and incredibly smart. Given how Marvel has gotten so many to fall in love with Black Panther‘s Nakia, the Dora Milaje and Shuri, it would behoove DC to follow suit now that audiences have grown to love Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain’s performances as the two daughters on television.
Sidekicks are fine, but IIRC, Isabella once argued that the characters, either or both whom were introduced by Judd Winick, did not fit in plausibly with the premise as he originally developed it. In other words, he disapproved. Though I will say that, if Chuck Dixon treated Thunder with disrespect when he was writing Outsiders in the mid-2000s just because she was turned into a lesbian earlier, that was a decided mistake; it's not her fault for that, but Winick's.

And according to the comments section, there's inaccuracies in this article:
Thunder and Lignting didnt appear at all in any New 52 series, the characters youre referring to are completely different just with the same code names.
Figures CBR would be that sloppy at this point. And another says:
Jennifer and Anissa Pierce exist as Black Lightning's cousins in Tony Isabella's current "Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands" mini-series.
So in other words, contrary to what the dopey CBR writer told everyone, they were reintroduced, just in a way more plausible with BL's origins. Personally, I'd think it even better to make them his nieces. But not as biological daughters, as it simply doesn't mesh well with the original premise from the Bronze Age. In fact, it shouldn't have to be done simply because of a TV show, but because co-stars in a comic could have potential for storytelling possibilities.

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You've misinterpreted what Isabella said about Thunder and Lightning. He did not disapprove of the characters or of the idea of Black Ligtning having kids as such. He disapproved of him being portrayed as an absentee dad, believing the character would have put his kids first. His most recent version of BL is too young to have kids, though, much younger than in the tv show. For what he has to say, see his blog, for example:


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