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Monday, April 16, 2018 

Some more horrid propaganda from the mouth of Heidi MacDonald

Comics Beat manager MacDonald recently posted one of her "kibbles and bits" balderdash entries linking to various external articles across the web, and found time to peddle more of her own SJW agenda. For example:
Nice art: IDW is reprinting Prison Ship, by Bruce Jones and Esteban Maroto, a space opera originally published in the 80s. Maroto’s obsession with drwaing sexy women in the middle of an adventure story is a habit that seems out of place now, but he sure could draw.
In that case, we can guess what she thinks of Will Eisner for co-creating Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, and even John Romita Sr. for his beautiful designs for Mary Jane Watson when she made her official debut in 1966. There's plenty more fine artists she's slapped in the face, and if she thinks Good Girl Art's somehow outmoded now, she had no business praising these artists in the first place, seeing as she has no respect for them.

It gets worse with the second example:
Asher Elbein has contributed another examination of #Comicsgate: #Comicsgate: How an Anti-Diversity Harassment Campaign in Comics Got Ugly—and Profitable. This is a strong, necessary folllow-up to Buzzfeed’s story a few weeks ago and goes into a lot more detail on how Comicsgate has a special troll gun pointed at trans comics creators, and with multiple examples of the kind of harassment being spewed.
Surprise, surprise. She vehemently refuses to mention just how reprehensibly Michelle Perez behaved a few weeks ago towards Richard Meyer, resulting in the closure of one of Perez's Twitter accounts. Eric Stephenson appears to have gotten Perez to stop, but MacDonald's obscuring the incident speaks volumes, making her almost as bad.
While there’s some fear that naming these groups gives them more power, I think it’s important to document this, and Elbein did everyone a service by getting some of the main players to go on the record. IN a tweet he noted that he had worked on this story for three months. That’s why people need to get paid for journalism, folks.
Not if they lie. Which could partly explain why MacDonald's no longer working for Publisher's Weekly; they deserve much better than her. Elbein didn't do anybody a service so much as he did insult their intellects with a weak, unnecessary followup to the Buzzfeed baloney.

And this further confirms how useless MacDonald's site really is if she doesn't want to better the industry.

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You may be misunderstanding McDonald a bit. She is not saying that
woman should not be drawn sexy. She is saying that there is a time and
place for everything, and that the string bikini is fine for the beach
but looks impractical in a superhero firefight. And she was admiring
the way Maroto drew women, even as she recognized that it seemed out
of place in the context of the story.

Shanna was not drawn that sexy as Eisner first designed her. That came
later, under other artists, as her costume got skimpier and more
filled out and the stories found more and more convenient
opportunities for her to take baths in jungle streams. Mary Jane
looked sexy without looking skanky, in normal street clothes.

Did Heidi really “vehemently refuse to mention just how reprehensibly
Michelle Perez behaved”? It is more like the subject did not come up
because Heidi was writing on another topic entirely. Richard Meyer
likes to taunt and goad people, so you can’t feel too sorry for him
when he gets as good as he gives; he is a big boy, and no need to
whine about him being picked on, the poor little drifted snowflake
caught out in the Spring sunshine.

Meyer doesn't harass people. Criticism of poor, unprofessional behavior isn't harassment. Criticism of bad stories isn't harassment.

"Anonymous" Heidi MacDonald fan... stop trying to do damage control for Heidi.

"You may be misunderstanding McDonald a bit. She is not saying that
woman should not be drawn sexy." No one who has been visiting her blog for the last ten years can honestly say that. She is a hardcore feminist that is 100% against female characters being drawn sexy. She, like many sjws, think sexy women are degrading. There are many blog posts that can be pointed to where she makes that point.

She most likely approves of Michelle Perez' actions because Perez is a member of a marginalized group and that, to her, is much more important than Perez' behavior.
Heidi is under the impression that people who are members of marginalized groups can do no wrong--which is why any criticism of people who happen to be members of marginalized groups is ultimately met with accusations of bigotry.

"Mary Jane looked sexy without looking skanky," Most feminists, religious people, and other people who find sex disgusting can hardly tell the difference. What is considered slutty and what is not, in terms of dress, varies among cultures but the concept or slutiness stems from disdain for sexuality.

If MacDonald approved of Perez' actions, you cannot tell from the post discussed in this comment; she doesn't say anything about Perez actions one way or the other.

Feminists and religious people don't necessarily find sex disgusting; it depends on the feminist and the religion. But we are not really talking about how woman look or dress, but about how artists draw them. Some artists like women and it radiates from the page; other artists draw them with hatred that comes off the page too.

What gives food for thought is when nudity is in weird contexts, or only in contexts of violence. And it is odd to see it in the midst of some stories; Batman doesn't wear a Speedo and cape when he goes out swinging on the Bat-rope.

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