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Thursday, April 12, 2018 

Suicide Squad #35 and #44 feature an allusion to and an appearance by Donald Trump

In a cameo role, if anything, as this Bleeding Cool blather states, and in the following pictures, here's what they show. From 35:
One of the word balloons alludes to the MAGA slogan. And, from 44, more recent:
Trump appears to be seen from the rear. The question is whether these stories are respectable to Trump or not. If the following says anything...
Trump isn’t named but certain of his verbal tics are obvious, very bad people, let me tell you, making America safe again – and of course, the Wall. Mexico aren’t paying for this though. Oh, and letting out state secrets on the fly.
...it's not very respectable of Trump at all. And oh, just look at that, they're even rehashing the tiresome Russia conspiracy theories again. "The Wall", if you're wondering, does not appear to be Amanda Waller, but another character or something meant as a stand-in metaphor for the border wall. In fact, here's the plot:
“BREAK THROUGH THE WALL” part two! The government loses control of its new military weapon, the Wall, and he’s rampaging through Washington, D.C. with his sights set on the Capitol building! Rick Flag is forced to turn back to the Suicide Squad to stop the Wall before Washington is in ruins!
This is not funny, and it reeks of more "enemies from within" cliches. Rather than an outside menace, it has to be an insider, courtesy of the US army? If that's what writer Rob Williams crafted, he and the editors were being disgracefully cheap.

So no surprise, but, DC's proven they can be as full of contempt as Marvel can.

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The irony is that the "enemies from within" trope is the President's standard theme these days. The deep state is against him, the FBI is against him, the Department of Justice is against him, and Clinton is conspiring to give the Russians uranium. The most powerful man in the world still wants people to think he is an outsider.

The nice thing about living in America is that you don't have to be "respectable" to the people in power. Mr Trump certainly was not respectable to the last president - he was the one who kept the birther conspiracy going. Trump is not respectful of anyone else, so there is no reason to demand that people be respectful of him.

It was Clinton who started the birther conspiracy, not Trump.


The article from the Washington Times referenced in the last two comments by CP does not say that Clinton started the birther conspiracy. It is not even close to saying that. It says that one of Clinton's advisors made a suggestion to her that she run with the idea that because Obama spent some of his childhood outside the continental U. S., he was a stranger to American values. The article does not go any further than that; it does not even say that Clinton followed the guy's advice.

Trump ran with the birther idea from no later than 2011 until at least 2016.

Clinton first put the theory out there during the 2008 campaign. If you weren't so ignorant, you'd know that.

She did not put it out in the 2008 campaign or anytime else. See, for example

But why would it matter? Is Trump excused from stupidity because he says the Clintons did it first, so there? Does he have some irresistible compulsion to do things just because they did? When Melania throws a lamp at him because of Stormy, does he say "Bill and Monica made me do it"? He is president of the United States. He can take responsibility for his own actions without saying "Well, they started it."

Politifact? Lol. They're in the tank for the Democrats, so please forgive me if I ignore anything they have to say.

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