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Friday, June 22, 2018 

Both DC and IDW have PR embarrassments on their hands again

This past week, two very troubling examples of creators/editors with viciously expressed politics surfaced. One of them is a writer for DC's Vertigo imprint named Rob Sheridan, who's been churning out anti-conservative rants, beginning with this one involving children of illegal immigrants, and Sheridan replied to Daily Wire writer Michael Knowles with the following:

Looks like everybody concerned can save a lot of money and not buy Sheridan's upcoming Vertigo series, "High Level", since he's chosen quite the opposite. All that aside, this is a most blatant violation of the guidelines DC supposedly set up for freelancers and staffers. Do they intend to stand by their newly minted rules and take disciplinary action against this embarrassment, or, do they intend to ignore it at the expense of their otherwise dwindling sales? I think Sheridan, who evidently buys into all the worst of the MSM's lies, doesn't realize his antics are bound to have the opposite effect, much like the propaganda he buys into. So too, in fact, is the following he wrote:

And we comics readers are going to vote with our wallets and not buy you're crummy book from Vertigo, sonny. Should've kept quiet, or at least been polite. It remains to be seen now whether DC will stand by this unhinged buffoon or discipline him for his atrocious idiocy. Has he even paid attention to what this illegal immigration disaster's done to Europe?

The second one is IDW editorial director Justin Eisinger, who wrote more politically charged and potentially violence-condoning tweets, although they since appear to have been removed. As noted here:
Eisinger implied President Donald Trump should be taken to the guillotine and have his head chopped off just like they did during the French Revolution.
The text of Eisinger's tweet can be seen the following screencap (found here):
What Eisinger said is horrific. And he even indicated he saw nothing wrong with hitting a woman for being a Trump supporter, as seen in the next picture (found over here):
And then he turned more Orwellian with the next:
Completey normal people have taken to cursing and swearing throughout their messages because the pain of being unable to choke these assholes into submission is unrelenting.

— IDWjustin (@IDWjustin) June 20, 2018
That might better describe his fellow fumbler Sheridan, who so far has left his own tweets intact. Eisinger may have erased his insanity, but the fact remains he resurrected a PR disaster for IDW that would've been better avoided after last year's debacles, and could precipitate their demise as a publisher. By the way, he and deMatties may want to consider Obama separated families at the border, and the problem began with him, not Trump.

As noted by BIC:
The comic book industry appears to be filled of people who viciously hate their customers that they go out of their way to insult them and even threaten them with violence. It’s vile and disgusting and should not be tolerated.
Absolutely not. So now IDW's management is going to have to make a choice whether to punish the guy for his revolting antics or not, and DC is too. What they've done is detrimental to the industry's health, and the more this continues, the closer it'll be to the day the comics medium as we know it goes out of business.

Update: as now noted in this item, Eisinger apparently scrapped his whole account, thanks in part to a campaign to speak with Hasbro, who licensed several properties to IDW. Point: when men like Eisinger cross the line that badly, they more or less embarrass the sources whose properties they're adapting when working on licensed merchandise. Presumably, IDW's management had to listen as a result, and saw to it their undeserving employee ceased all his activity on social media. Thank goodness.

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"Observe which side resorts to name-calling, and you have identified the side with the weaker argument, and they know it."-Charles Anderson

Sheridan's hysterical ranting is Trump Derangement Syndrome in its advanced stage.

The Time magazine cover was photo shopped, and they have admitted it. In fact, the little girl was never separated from her mother.

And the infamous photo of children in a cage was taken in 2014, when Obama was in office. Did Sheridan (or Chuck Schumer, or Jimmy Kimmel, or CNN) complain back then?

The Democrats have created a catch-22. You can't separate the children from their parents, you can't house the children in the same detention facility with their parents, and you can't deport the children and their parents together. What does that leave? Open borders and totally unrestricted immigration.

Congress makes the laws; the president enforces them. If existing laws are inhumane or otherwise unacceptable, it is the responsibility of Congress to repeal and replace them.

But the Democrats can't openly advocate open borders, so they leave the existing laws in place, and blame Trump for enforcing them.

Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a bill to address the problem, but the Democrats shot it down. They don't care about the children, they want an issue that they can exploit to make Trump look bad.

(Just as Cruz co-sponsored a bill to improve school safety, but the Democrats blocked it, because they want a lot of school shootings that they can exploit to promote their anti-gun agenda.)

And the Democrats' Ministry of Propaganda, aka CNN and MSNBC, are playing up the immigrant crisis to divert attention from the FBI scandal and from the economic recovery.

Kate Steinle, Josh Wilkerson, Jamiel Shaw Jr., and Dustin Inman were all separated from their parents. But the SJWs don't care about that.

"Observe which side resorts to name-calling, and you have identified the side with the weaker argument, and they know it."-Charles Anderson

Crooked Hillary. Wacky Jacky. Lyin' Ted. Cryin' Chuck. Little Marco. Rocket Man. Failing New York Times. Crazy Joe Biden....

Not enough gigs for the webpage to list all of them. You get the idea. And the scariest thing is that it works better than intelligent argument.

"But the Democrats can't openly advocate open borders, so they leave the existing laws in place, and blame Trump for enforcing them."

Don't the republicans have a majority in both houses these days? Sounds like Republlicans are the ones leaving those existing laws in place. The president has a great deal of discretion as to how to enforce the law, as he has shown, and is not afraid to use executive orders to undermine the law, when he so chooses.

Obama exercised discretion in enforcement, which allowed Congress to pass the buck.

And the country club conservative Republicans are as bad as the limousine liberal Democrats (Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer). Both parties are run by rich bankers and brokers, who want illiterate, unskilled immigrants to provide cheap labor.

All prosecutors exercise discretion in law enforcement. That is what they are supposed to do. It is part of their job description. When they don't exercise discretion, the system becomes overwhelmed and falls apart.

Bankers and brokers have no use for cheap labor; you don't hire illiterate unskilled people to work as bank clerks or in brokerage houses. Farmers and New York construction guys, maybe.

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