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Thursday, June 07, 2018 

DC hires an anti-Gamergate developer to write mishmash for Vertigo

As if you didn't need further proof of DC's own dominance by ultra-leftists today, now they're hiring yet more SJWs in what appears to be an attempt to salvage the Vertigo line, which must really be flagging today:
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Vertigo Comics, the DC Entertainment imprint that brought us Sandman, Preacher, The Invisibles, and Y: The Last Man. Today, DC announced that it will be relaunching the line this fall with seven new comics from a diverse array of creators that focuses on “modern, socially relevant, high-concept, inventive” stories.

Many of the creators come from outside of the comics mainstream, including game developer Zoe Quinn, sex-education podcaster Tina Horn, and Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan. Many of them touch on hot-button issues like white supremacy, xenophobia, state surveillance, and government repression of sexuality.

Goddess Mode, which will be written by Quinn and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez, takes place “in a near future where all of humanity’s needs are administered by a godlike A.I.” The story, which Quinn describes as a “magical girl cyberpunk comic,” follows a young woman named Cassandra whose tech support job leads her into a dark digital world where superheroines battle monsters for “the cheat codes to reality.”
It's already beginning to sound like unintentional comedy. You can tell it's pretty much a metaphor for this Quinn's supposed victimhood via her dissenters/detractors. Whatever supposed accomplishments she ever made in the world of computers, it does not impress me, and what I recall reading about her quite honestly bores me at this point. The rest of the projects don't impress me either:
Other comics in the relaunch include American Carnage by Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez, about a biracial FBI agent who infiltrates a white supremacist group; Border Town by Eric M. Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos, about monsters from Mexican folklore set loose in a xenophobic Arizona town; Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo, about a coven of witches brainwashed into becoming Stepford Wives; High Level by Sheridan and Barnaby Bagenda, about a smuggler searching for a mythical city in a society rebuilt after an apocalypse; Safe Sex by Horn and Mike Dowling, about freedom fighters in a police state where sex is surveilled and regulated; and Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace, about Jesus returning to Earth to learn from a superhero named Sun-Man.
Now isn't that funny, coming as it does in an era where leftist SJWs are trying to suppress female sexuality. And white supremacy is already a cliche, throughly ignoring all the problems with Islamic terrorism the world now faces, and the real white supremacy. I guess the book about a town in Arizona must be an attack on opponents of illegal immigration. Talk about a lazy resume. The AV Club says:
Vertigo editor Andy Khouri shared some more details on Twitter, noting that Doyle had asked the new Vertigo team to “think big” and come up with books that they wanted to read, “that only Vertigo can do,” and that “can’t be ignored.” You can read the pitch for all of the books at DC’s website, and you can get some more thoughts on a handful of them from posts on Twitter below.
Yes, books they want to read, not the wider public, though it's clear they're hoping to troll the audience with their inferior visions, which amount to little more than controversy-baiting. The Vertigo books are actually some of the lower-selling products in DC's output, and this is unlikely to be any different, given they're only interested in writing for themselves, and not a wider audience. Otherwise, they would've hired some writers with conservative leanings to think up concepts they could try. But alas, you can't expect a bunch of selfish, entitled peabrains, including a few who once worked for the terrible Comics Alliance website, to consider that. This new project of theirs certainly isn't likely to endear them to the Gamergate supporters they obviously despise, nor the Comicsgate supporters, for that matter.

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"For those that don't remember, Zoe Quinn, was a (and here the air quotes are going to have to be huge) "Independent Game Dev." Who created the legendary POS title, "Depression Quest." It was a (believe it or not) interactive text game, you know like Zork from 1977. It was about an SJW feminist trudging around, being mentally ill and depressed like any other SJW. It was complete and total shit as a game.

Critics rated it a 10. Gamers rated it a 1 (or below where possible). It set off a round of grumbling by gamers over just how worthless the opinions of gaming critics were.

And then Zoe's former boyfriend made a blog post where he claimed that she had fucked five different guys in the gaming industry to get those good reviews.

It was the match that touched off the furious backlash known as #GamerGate. It was the first major push back the SJWs had ever felt in what they had assumed to be a safe space. And it was shattering experience for them."

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