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Friday, August 24, 2018 

The SJWs turn against Brian Bendis

So who's the latest left-wing comics writer who ran afoul of the leftist SJWs? Why, none other than Brian Michael Bendis, that most notorious maltreater of Scarlet Witch when he was working at Marvel. He's now been slammed for a line uttered by a villain, using the word "autistic". Some of the perpetually offended include notable reviewers too:
Writer Brian Michael Bendis has come under fire for his derogatory use of the word “autistic,” as spoken by a villain in Action Comics #1002. Readers and comic journalists, some of whom have or work with autistic children, took to Twitter to criticize Bendis, DC Comics and its editors for the usage of the term.

Bendis has since apologized and explained why he used the term, which was uttered by a villain and not Superman himself. [...]
If it was put in the mouth of a villain, that's why it's not necessarily bad in itself, unless we consider that Bendis actually has come up with quite a bit of juvenile dialogue before during his tenure at Marvel. But it seems only now people are beginning to notice, and not because of the artistic merits - or lack thereof - but because it offends their personal beliefs and they feel it's a disservice to any patients they've worked with suffering from mental disabilities. Here's some of the folks involved, beginning with a guy who's a comics journalist, and Bendis' apology to them:

In another situation, I'd probably think Burlingame was overreacting, considering this was a villainous character in the story who uttered the word "austistic". But given how juvenile and poor Bendis' writing actually is, including a time he was scripting Doctor Doom's dialogue in Avengers-related material, that's why I decidedly can't be bothered, and I certainly don't feel sorry for Bendis that the crowd who once favored him and stood idly by while he dumbed down any Marvel comic he could get his mitts on is now going 360 on him. The language he applied to Doom did not fit with the honorable villain's persona Stan Lee originally gave him.

Anyway, following this, here's what Bendis wants to do next:

Wow, so now they're going to do what'll probably become a trend - modify any lines found offensive in pamphlets for the trades! There've already been two examples involving politicized propaganda, in GI Joe and Centipede. Now, it could be happening for the wrong reasons too. On the CBR comments, one guy said:
I can see people's issue with it but I also see Bendis's explanation that it is said by a villain. I'm a Black dude and wouldn't be calling for a change in print if a member of Hydra or somebody called Black Panther the N-Word...they're supposed to be villains. It's okay for them to murder and rob but using a derogatory term, that's too far?
See, this is the problem when you have bozos out there perpetuating outrage culture for all the wrong reasons. I'm sure it's not all that new either. But what's also funny is that, as I recall, back in the 2000s, Marvel under Quesada still wouldn't allow the word "ass" in their flagship comics (and DC likely didn't either), yet bloody violence was allowed almost full force. One of the biggest reasons they've been brought down in terms of quality and merit, because they took double-standards on many matters to horrific extremes. In the new Superman story, however, as you may notice in the panel I found and added, the word "ass" has finally been allowed; I have no idea when that became fully acceptable. But, if you know Bendis, does that make this story good on an artistic merit basis? I don't think so.

And all this time, the undercurrent of sexism prevalent in various Bendis books is basically ignored, and likely will continue to be, due to selective outrage that never really was during the 2000s when Bendis laid out the groundswork for Marvel's path to collapse. The SJW attacks on Bendis are selective only, yet given he fits the term SJW himself, that's why it's no surprise he'd appease them, until the day comes when they finally abandon him altogether, as you can be sure they will.

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Not a fan of Bendis, but he did not owe anyone an apology. It is not his fault that the professional SJWs are too stupid to understand that the offensive remark was made by a villain, that it did not reflect the writer's opinion, and that the readers were not expected to agree with it.

Apologizing to SJWs never works. They don't want to forgive you, they want to virtue signal by hurling wild (and usually false) accusations.

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