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Sunday, November 11, 2018 

Will these mangas about women in historical rulership positions be better than some of the western feminist propaganda seen today?

The Asahi Shimbun spoke about the work of a feminist mangaka penning history stories about women in politically powerful positions:
A feminist manga-style artist says she will use characters based on an Egyptian pharaoh and a Chinese empress to bring more female empowerment to the male-dominated world of comic books.

Queenie Chan is working on a series of non-fiction biographies aimed at children called "Women Who Were Kings," which will be rendered in manga, a comic book genre that originated in Japan.

"I'm doing a series of biographies on a bunch of queens from all over the world, and from many different cultures, who achieved political power on parity with what we expect from kings--hence the title," said Chan.

The first completed story focused on Hatshepsut, a female Egyptian pharaoh, and the next will be on Wu Zetian, the first and only female Chinese empress, she said by phone from her home in Sydney, Australia.
Well...these do sound harmless enough. Certainly if she stresses whether these lady monarchs had any positive influences and how today's political landscape can draw influence from them. Interestingly, the article also notes:
"It isn't unusual for women to be making manga, but it is unusual to have the theme," said Paul Gravett, an expert and who has written books and curated international manga exhibitions.

"The women's position in Japanese society hasn't had the big push of feminism that we've seen in many other countries."
And if not, that's actually a good thing, because if they did it from the leftist perspective employed by the MeToo movement and Women's March, which has already been rocked by the scandal of their associations with the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, then the Japanese advocates would be blowing it. For women to ascend and utilize prominent standings positively, they have to make proper distinctions between good and evil, and not associate with the kind of monstrosities the leftists in America have been for some time. So if Japanese mangaka can make their points without injecting the same mistakes feminists in the west are, then they'll be getting somewhere.

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I'm not entirely sure I agree that feminism hasn't made a big push on Japanese society or especially Japanese anime/manga. Let's not forget that the so-called "romantic comedy" Love Hina was very much part of the feminist movement ideology considering its "humor" involves a bunch of dorm girls constantly abusing a poor sap for being a "pervert" even when the guy either a., walked in on them completely by accident, or b., was forced to look at them, and when one of the girls walked in on him for a change, she beat HIM up anyway. Not to mention at least one of the girls explicitly hated men, and apparently all of them were wanting to get into college, one of whom was solely to effectively get laid with a guy she promised to meet up with from a game of pattycake as a kid. I may currently be cynical about College especially after witnessing first hand how it just acted as a brainwashing indoctrination center for the left, but I'm pretty sure the entire POINT of going to college is to learn specific skills and gain some intellect to get upward in society via higher learning, NOT to basically get laid with your eventual spouse.

But yeah, it's probably better off if they don't even bother making women with leadership positions.

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