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Saturday, December 22, 2018 

Eric Esquivel speaks, but avoids taking real responsibility

The would-be comics writer whose projects like Border Town have been shut down due to the allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him (there appears to be at least a handful of accusations so far) reopened his Twitter account to issue an apology for his past misconduct, but, it all looks more like an attempt to deflect blame from himself onto "role models":

I honestly doubt he will, if the following entries say anything about where he's going with his personality.

Oh, tell us about it. He may be confirming at least a few of the accusations against him are true, but, there's still reason to believe he's not taking full accountability. From what I know, the legal consenting age in Arizona is 18, and if any girls he'd gone after were underaged, he's certainly guilty of violating statutory laws. So he might want to consider turning himself in to the authorities.

Sorry, but I think he is blaming pop culture for his revolting actions, and parroting modern liberal views that Ian Fleming's Agent 007 was nothing more than a bad example. It doesn't excuse Esquivel's personal responsibility in making mistakes, and if he'd wanted to, he could've figured out the differences between right and wrong, and made a positive figure out of himself without need of a direct patriarchal figure.

And he can't find and read self-help books providing the best examples, or anything? Yawn. He sure doesn't admit he's disrespectful in his views towards conservatives and patriots in the USA. And the following further hints he's trying to absolve himself of direct blame:

Wait a minute. Is he saying he led affairs with adulterous women?!? That's only attempting to deflect blame onto his sex partners, and that's what's really evil. He certainly won't be wanted or appreciated if he doesn't have what it takes to avoid extramarital affairs with women whose husbands/boyfriends are in committed or monogomous relations with them, and worse, if he actually did force himself upon any defenseless ladies and then try to pretend he's the victim instead.

Evidently, he did harm somebody, but clearly doesn't have what it takes to apologize and take responsibility for his past actions.

Honestly, this is not so much an apology as an attempt to alleviate himself of guilt. He's just demonstrated why he's not fit for showbusiness. Besides getting his Vertigo series canned, he's also been removed as co-writer for Nightwing, which he almost got assigned to. What an embarrassment indeed. If the story he had going in Border Town was left incomplete, it's clear it won't be finished, which is just as well after what politics I learned it was built on. Mr. Esquivel's career's come to a close even before it began.

Update: good gosh, it looks like he's erased the official entries, leaving only the skeleton data! Evidently, if he's a coward, then he couldn't take the backlash he faced from Twitter users either. Sigh. Anyway, it looks like he could be facing legal action from a law firm called Portelli, and if the case does go to court, it'll remain to be seen how that turns out.

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Typical Hollywood-type apology, full of words, but empty of sincerity, honesty, and a desire to avoid repeating his mistakes.

"Typical Hollywood-type apology, full of words, but empty of sincerity, honesty, and a desire to avoid repeating his mistakes."

What he had done that is different is try to put blame on depictions of masculinity
in popular media. As if the reason he behaved the way he did is because there weren't enough beta men depicted in media. He is trying to save face with the sjws by giving them more ammunition to call for more depictions of masculine women and more feminine men in comics (and probably the wider media since this story has been picked up by major online news outlets) in a bizarre attempt to combat "toxic masculinity".

The spirit of Fredric Wertham lives on in sjws.
What the sjws believe in, is in social collectivism.
To a social collectivist, all actions are social.
The individual has no real free agency.
he/she/IT is just a bag blowing in wind


at the mercy of social conditioning.

I'll admit that the execution is different, but the insincere plea at the core of it is still the same.

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