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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 

These comics creators don't care about facts in the Covington case

There were reports - pushed by the otherwise unreliable Buzzfeed - that MAGA hat wearing students from the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky had insulted an Indian-American guy. Which leftists like Bill Sienkiewicz bought into immediately:

And none of the exact facts, some of which are already debunking the case, seem to matter to him. Here's The UK Mail providing some counter-claims:
A student who was part of the MAGA-hat wearing crowd who allegedly taunted a Native American veteran at a rally claims the older man made his way into their 'cheer circle' as a publicity stunt. [...]

The encounter took place at an anti-abortion March for Life rally in the capital on Friday.

A student from Covington claims it was Philips who approached them and he 'has a history of claiming racial harassment.'

In a letter posted on Twitter by a priest named Fr. Jim Sichko, the unnamed student said that his friend - who has since been identified as junior Nick Sandmann - who came face-to-face with Philips as Philips stood singing and beating his drum.

The unnamed student says Sandmann now faces expulsion for 'a crime he didn't commit.'
It goes without saying that, if Sienkiewicz doesn't apologize for overlooking any of the facts even after the case was debunked, he's simply perpetuated the ultra-leftist custom of defamation. He also said:

The fake news should also stop here, along with the buck. But tragically, it won't.

And he's not the only one. Ron Marz also attacked the students:

But he refuses to refrain from defaming them over trumped up accusations, I see. Is he heartened by the distortions that originally took place? Since he was a former reporter himself (for sports), I guess the answer to that should be easy to guess.

But not so when it comes to the media providing any corrections and apologies, huh?

Wow, he suggests he's a "beta-male"! Dear dear.

And Marz gets a grade F for perpetuating distortions for the sake of leftist narratives. Gerry Conway also predictably took the wrong side:

Yep, he just bought into all that, hook, line and sinker. And doesn't seem interested in offering retractions and apologies. And I guess he's not even interested in how this Phillips fellow tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass gathering in District of Columbia:
While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group of Native American rights activists reportedly led by Nathan Phillips attempted Jan. 19 to enter Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.

The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during its 5:15 pm Vigil Mass, according to a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass…

The guard told CNA the situation was “tense.”

“I’m just really grateful that nothing too bad happened, they were really angry.”
John Sexton at Hot Air says:
As I said on Twitter, this story is more evidence that Nathan Phillips is someone who looks to create confrontations, not someone who is the victim of one. His initial story about being surrounded by Catholic High students wasn’t true. His story about being blocked from proceeding wasn’t true. What is true is that he walked into the crowd followed by a cameraman and a guy telling the kids to go back to Europe. And it appears his stunt the next night at the Basilica was more of the same.
Even the claim he's made about serving in 'Nam, it turns out, isn't true either. We really live in a world turned upside down, and the comics creators who contribute to the turnover aren't making things any better. Nor is comics editor Jennifer deGuzman:

There's no power spoken in falsifications, and where did she get the picture from? The awful NY Times? Patrick Zircher also made at least one statement:

Will Zircher by any chance admit now it was all a hoax? I sadly think the answer is...no way. He also made this peculiar analogy:

I don't think any of the reports about that incident said the creep, whose named was Gregory Bush, said he was a Catholic or a Christian, if that's what Zircher's insinuating, and it's certainly offensive and bizarre if he's trying to draw an analogy between the Covington students and whites like that disgusting crackpot in Louisville. (One can only wonder what his reaction would be if the criminal hadn't tried to invade a black-led church.) That Zircher would also exploit that tragedy as an excuse to attack a Republican and imply they're the root cause of all evil is also distasteful.

There's been questions asked if the Covington incident would've happened if the student hadn't been wearing a MAGA hat. You could also ask if the comics creators above would've said anything if not. And if they didn't, had that been the situation, it'd just confirm their reactions are only politically motivated.

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Bill also drew a portrait of Phillips and typed #VietnamVeteran. Turns out Phillips did not serve in Vietnam.

Phillips was a refrigerator repair technician in the military. He was never a "recon ranger" (???), never served in combat, and never served overseas. He was punished for UA (unauthorized absence) at least twice (maybe even three or four times), and received a less-than-honorable discharge. Yet CNN, HuffPo, and Slate all described him as a Vietnam war veteran. His story was just Too Good to Check.

A slander lawsuit is pending against the media outlets who spread the false story that the students provoked the confrontation. Marz and Sienkiewicz should be added to the list of defendants.

After a mass shooting or bombing by a Muslim terrorist, the media always insist that we can't rush to judgment, and that we can't blame Islam.

After the altercation involving the Covington students, the media rushed to judgment, blamed the students before the facts were known, and continued to push the false narrative even after it had been debunked. And they blamed Trump. Congressperson Deb Haaland (D-NM) tweeted that the students' "blatant display of hate and intolerance" was a sign of how "common decency has decayed under this administration."

It is more general than that. How often after a mass shooting by a guy who has spent time on white supremacist websites does the media dismiss e crime as having happened just because he is mentally ill? It is a fine line - of course he is mentally ill. But what drove him to think killing was a heroic thing to do, what makes him target the people he did? What tipped his crazy in that direction? Who sent out propaganda that weoponized his mental illness? The media is not good at investigating these things and has given too many fanatics a pass, whether they are fundamentalist Muslims or white supremacists.

Amazing what money and hiring a crisis management public relations firm to write a script for you can do t reshape the narrative.


Do you think that if it was an Irish terrorist, the Irish would get the same pass as a Muslim Anonymous #4? Still, in this case both sides should be punished very strictly, no favoritism or leniency allowed.

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