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Tuesday, February 26, 2019 

Another right-wing comics specialist was endangered by swatting

Edwin Boyette is a guy who films videos about various comic book related subjects, and a Comicsgate supporter, and just a few weeks after Peter Simeti was endangered by a Swatting tactic, now Boyette's experienced the same, as he informs here:

This is getting even more horrifically out of hand, obviously, and the query now is, how do we find out who's behind these alarming attempts to endanger people's lives over peanuts? Bounding Into Comics notes that the hoax call the police received was similar to what Simeti did, suggesting whoever's behind this could be the same person. If any of the cybertrolls, on Twitter or elsewhere, have anything to do with this, they should by all means be investigated. From what I know, a cybertroll who'd threatened Billy Tucci was banned from Twitter several weeks ago, and may be under arrest by the police now.

I hope Boyette's okay, and that the authorities are going to find out who was behind this. If the calls were placed using Skype, it's possible the perpetrator used it because it might be hard to trace. Which is why technology should be modified so that it can be traced, in order to make it easier to track offenses conducted using the device.

And any industry insiders who recognize why this behavior is wrong would do well to step up and show solidarity with anybody who was a victim of these criminal tactics so far.

Update: on a related note, Ethan Van Sciver says he'll be taking legal action against at least a few offenders, which is probably the best way to deal with some of them.

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Police in Wichita, Kansas shot and killed a man by mistake after they were dispatched to his home by a swatting prank.

The prankster who made the fake 911 call was found in Los Angeles, CA. He was convicted of cyber stalking and of filing a false police report, and is expected to do 20 years in prison.

And, even when swatting does not directly result in a shooting, it is a waste of police resources, which are often limited. While cops (and/or firefighters and paramedics) are tied up responding to a false alarm, someone, somewhere, is getting mugged, raped, or carjacked. Or people are injured in a traffic accident caused by a reckless driver.

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