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Thursday, March 14, 2019 

Neal Adams comes out in favor of rightists facing discrimination, then backtracks

Veteran artist Adams, famous for his work on Batman, among other notable ventures, first posted the following tweet worried about conservatives blackballed for their politics:

Alas, it's not wrong, if you take Chuck Dixon's experiences as an example. Also Mike Miller, Billy Tucci, and maybe even Peter Simeti. It's a problem much deeper than it looks on the surface, and isn't limited to just the majors. Even minor players can be pretty foul.

Unfortunately, later in the day after writing the first, Adams proceeded to write the following:

Some people assume he was slammed by his fellow liberals daring to speak out, so he wrote this as an attempt to steer clear of the subject as quickly as he came. It's disappointing nonetheless, and he's pretty much ignored any and all writers and artists who replied to him. In that case, what's the use of saying anything at all? Saddest part is that a guy who's already over 80 would worry about reputation with the wrong crowd, because Roy Thomas was more outspoken in the past, and there were leftists and SJWs who threw him under the bus, and even denied the validity of his own creations like Iron Fist, all because he had the audacity to speak about entertainment value coming first and foremost. It's worth remembering Adams himself was attacked by a hysteria monger because he drew Wonder Woman with her rear end in view. But simultaneously, it should be remembered he's the kind of man who's also leaned far too much to the left, to the point where he'd serve as apologist for bad ideologies, and that's a terrible shame.

I think it'd do a lot of good if Adams were to just shut up, but he's just one more leftist on Twitter who can't keep quiet, even though it would've done him a lot better to avoid making political statements altogether years before. And that's very sad.

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A: Did the guy actually do any work at all, or was he just expecting people to call him?

B: He probably realized there wasn't enough fame and/or money involved with this kind of stunt at this point in time and gave up on it.

Oi, take a look at what happened in New Zealand: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/03/15/shootings-reported-mosques-christchurch-new-zealand/?utm_term=.53a558141b72

There is no way Adams made "a hundred phone calls" and polled writers and artists in less than 24 hours.

Maybe he received a lot of phone calls from industry insiders. "Neal, it would be a shame if you got blacklisted, and disinvited from conventions..."

New Zealand's draconian gun control laws did not seem to be much help in Christchurch.

What draconian gun control laws? New Zealand's gun control is much less strict than either the UK or Australia, and there are a lot of unregistered fire arms in private hands. that will probably change now; NZ is less tolerant of collateral damage in the pursuit of gun ownership rights than the US.

Gun control laws don't stop all gun violence, any more than laws against murder prevent all murders; they just reduce the number of them.

The Christchurch shooter bought the five guns he used in the shooting legally, including two semiautomatic assault shotguns. No, the gun laws were not much help.

New Zealand requires a license to own a firearm, and law enforcement have broad discretion in deciding whether to grant a license. Further, self-defense is not considered a valid reason for owning a firearm.

The worst thing about the Christchurch shooting is that it may provoke a backlash against innocent gun owners, and leftists will use it as an excuse to persecute innocent nationalists and white separatists, most of whom do not condone terrorism.




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