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Thursday, August 08, 2019 

Though Neal Adams still hates Trump, he's willing now to attack the Democrats

In the past week or so, veteran artist Adams may still be taking the unfortunate route of Trump-bashing, but surprisingly enough, he's now admitting he's put off by the Democrats as well. Let's see what we have here:

Well at least that's getting somewhere, as far as a leftist's willingness to signal disillusionment at the Dems can go. Also, interestingly enough:

How about that. He's even willing to take the House of Saud to task for their own evils, which have included forcing women to wear veils, forbidding them to drive or leave the house alone without a male escort, Islamic sharia-based policies which they may hopefully be abandoning, but you can never be too sure until actual proof's been clearly displayed. And IIRC, Adams is of Jewish descent, so in the end, he probably wouldn't be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia anyway. In any event, no amount of money should be worth taking to visit such a living horror story so long as it stands erect (and they actually have comics conventions? Just how censored are they in content, I wonder? Would Wonder Woman imagery be permitted, fully unabridged? Good question).

So, he doesn't like McConnell any more than he does Trump. What a shame, because McConnell suffered horrifying incitement, and Twitter decided he was the danger, not his leftist antagonists. And here's more:

Amazing. Though he takes the reprehensible path of comparing illegal immigrants to Jewish and Roma refugees during WW2, he does express disillusionment in the Democrats, and alludes to FDR's abominable record full of double-standards (on which note, wasn't he a Democrat too?). But then, there comes more Trump-bashing:

But Donald wasn't even POTUS at the time; it was Dubya who was! And what proof does he have that Trump, who'd been a liberal years before, never mourned 9-11's victims? Or that McConnell and his wife are KGB agents? This is most disgusting.

Well as a matter of fact, depending on the subjects involved, of course supporting Trump would be far better than going to a living horror tale like Saudi Arabia. For example, how about supporting Trump for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? As far as foreign affairs go, that's a plus.

I don't think Adams knows that the leftist ideologies he otherwise ignores have led to much of the world's chaos today. If not, nothing will be solved without a closer look under a magnifying glass.

On this, let me say the following: if Trump is providing any kind of weapons to the House of Saud, yes, that is wrong. But if Obama did anything similar, and Adams said nada, then this is classic hypocrisy at work.

That could've been said about WW2. If he recognizes the just cause in fighting that war, he'd do well to recognize the just cause in stopping Iran, who've been building nuclear weapons for many years, and Obama practically enabled it with the faustian deal he oversaw.

Is he talking about Joe Biden, who's been accused of sexual misconduct? Sigh. This is no improvement over any of the mistakes Adams made so far.

Okay, now it sounds like Adams is using moral equivalence, claiming Trump sees no difference between legal and illegal entrants to the USA. Simply shameful.

At least he's attacking the Dems again for their own reprehensible conduct. But a pity he won't abandon that whole anti-Trump idiocy.

And, he sees the Democrats and Republicans as no different from each other. Not even if the latter really do have members trying to ensure better laws and education.

Is he aware the perpetrator of the massacre in Dayton, Ohio was a leftist/socialist? And that the bloodbath at Fort Hood was the work of an Islamofascist at the time Obama was POTUS? Oh, and since we're talking about Obama again:

So Obama "improved" economy, not Trump, despite reports that straighten the record out. This says plenty too.

Some of whom happen to be leftist moonbats? Hmm, I gotta wonder if his ignorance is deliberate. Because, he then says:

And only while Trump is living there, right? Man, the way these liberal ignoramuses keep going and going with all this nonsense is stunning. Yet again, Adams refuses to ask whether a liberal education system is leading to all these shooting monsters. Granted, Adams is critical of the Dems, but it still doesn't really relieve the senses after all the dismaying attacks he's written against conservatives. So why'd he even bring up the topic of rightists in comicdom facing discrimination if he wasn't going to stick with the argument? It's very sad to see a talented artist crumble like this in his old age, and refuse to set a better example by not using such social media sites to espouse his otherwise dismal rants. This isn't going to save the comics industry.

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Looks like somebody has been watching CNN,MSNBC and NPR while infected with the Twitter anti-Trump mind virus. Speaking of Nazis, this kind of propaganda and feed back is how you get actual Nazis. Even if they call themselves something else, like anti-nazis. I'd say Adams has gone full Nazi. You never go full Nazi.

We could have used some of Adams' anti-Russia fighting spirit during the Cold War. But back then, leftists were blaming the US for the arms race, and were accusing Reagan of wanting to start WWIII.

"Moscow Mitch" did not sell uranium to Russia. And the Russian buyer did not donate money to a phony charity that was a front for McConnell's political slush fund.

Trump unequivocally condemned the mass shootings and the killers' ideology. Unlike Obama, who said that "we can't get on our high horse" and condemn Islamic terrorist attacks, because Muh Crusades and Muh Inquisition hundreds of years ago.

And Trump is "chipping away" at farmers by promoting improved trade deals and expanding agricultural markets.

The midwest did not share in Obama's "fantastic economy." But the Obama years were probably good for the limousine liberals (and country club conservatives) in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, who were able to exploit "undocumented immigrants" (i.e., illegal aliens) for cheap labor.

The republicans and democrats in Congress passed a bi-partisan bill preventing arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Trump vetoed it.

Previous arms sales to the Saudis were before they murdered a U S resident under the protection of the American government. Trump has made excuses for that murder.

“Is he talking about Joe Biden, who's been accused of sexual misconduct?” Biden hasn’t been accused of sexual misconduct. He has been accused of being touchy-feely. Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct. He has boasted about it.

Morning Joe is an on-air tv personality, Joe Scarborough, who used to be friends or at least on good terms with Trump before he election; he is not talking about Joe Biden.

Refugees who come to the US and make a claim for refugee status are in the
US legally until their claim is decided. They are not illegal immigrants. You many not like that law, but it is the law right now.

Adams has been involved extensively in Holocaust education over the past
few years, and has donated his talents for that purpose over and over again. Stan Lee and Joe Kubert worked with him on some of those projects before their deaths. You can look up their animatics on Youtube. When he compares the refugees of the World War II era to the refugees of today, he knows what he is talking about.

The principles Adams is acting on are the same ones he has had all his life; it is not like he is saying these things out of senility.

."But the Obama years were probably good for the limousine liberals (and country club conservatives) in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, who were able to exploit "undocumented immigrants" (i.e., illegal aliens) for cheap labor."

Trump has been one of the limousine liberals who has been hiring undocumented immigrants as laborers. They worked at his golf clubs and on his construction projects and laundered his bvds. It was only when he started getting bad publicity over it that he let them go.

"...Muh Crusades and Muh Inquisition hundreds of years ago."

Muh Crusades and Muh Inquisition? Muh goodness, who talks like that outside of 8chan? Why not just come out and say "I am a fascist troll dude" instead of hinting at it like that?

The Dayton shooter may have been left of center politically, but his crime seems unrelated to that side of him; his targets weren't political. The El Paso shooter was an anti immigrant racist who deliberately set out to kill Mexicans and Mexican-Americans and travelled hundreds of miles to a border city to find them, just after posting an anti immigrant screed to the internet that used language cribbed from Fox MSM and the president. That is political.

"Trump has been one of the limousine liberals who has been hiring undocumented immigrants as laborers. They worked at his golf clubs and on his construction projects and laundered his bvds. It was only when he started getting bad publicity over it that he let them go."

This isn't quite accurate. Trump wineries and golf clubs still hire undocumented immigrants; they let a few go who had been publicized in the news, but the general practice didn't change.

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