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Saturday, September 14, 2019 

Polygon considers Tom King's Mr. Miracle miniseries among the "best" of the year

Surprise, surprise: the awful Polygon website gushes over what they think is the best of the year (coming awfully early, before it's even ended in December), and wouldn't you know it, they believe bottom of the barrel scribe Tom King's dreadful Mr. Miracle miniseries is one of the best this year's seen:
Mister Miracle is the greatest escape artist in the universe. Mister Miracle is about becoming so accustomed to escaping that we forget when to stop.

The twelve-issue miniseries, collected for the first time in 2019, begins with its title character surviving a suicide attempt, and goes many places from there: war, sex, show business, renovating your condo, governing a planet. A baby’s first birthday party is planned. A god tears out his own eye.
Wow, there's gore and self-mutilation in this horror story? Okay, I've heard enough. Won't be wasting my money on this junk. It goes without saying that depicting Scott Free as suicidal was out of character to begin with.
From an outside-of-comics perspective, Mister Miracle is a barely-third-tier superhero. From the vantage point of comics history, he’s a can’t-miss character, a whole cloth creation of Jack Kirby, one of the medium’s greatest talents, at a time of peak creative freedom. King and Gerads weave layers upon layers of meaning into the series, allowing it to unfold more meaning the deeper you’re willing to look.

For everything else that it is, Mister Miracle is an ode to the form and history of comics. A love letter to Jack “Comics will break your heart” Kirby and the work he did when most disillusioned with the industry.

Mister Miracle will show you it’s possible to put a heart back together again.
Not if King's handling of Heroes in Crisis says anything. Maybe that's why it isn't mentioned in this "roundup". Nor do they acknowledge this is exactly why Kirby could've been disillusioned with the industry in his time. You cannot even put a heart back together with horrid writers like King - and reprehensible editors like Dan DiDio - in charge. So long as they remain, it's about as possible as it would be to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. And what meaning is there in a story by a man who makes life look like such a downer?

Another item to comment on here would be Cosmic Ghost Rider, where an alternate world Punisher apparently becomes a combination of GR and Silver Surfer:
Cosmic stories can be a challenging hook for new readers, precisely because they have so few parallels outside of superhero comics settings. But then ... there’s Cosmic Ghost Rider: Baby Thanos Must Die.

It’s a comic about what happens when an alternate universe version of the Punisher — who has gained the powers of both the Ghost Rider and Galactus’ herald, the Silver Surfer — decides to go back in time and kill Thanos in his cradle. Basically nothing goes the way you think it would go from there.

The most surprising thing about Cosmic Ghost Rider: Baby Thanos Must Die is that as bizarre as Donny Cates’ plot is, and as inventive as Dylan Burnett’s art is, the book is totally accessible, and totally convincing of the madcap fun that can be found in the cosmic genre.
Yup, I'm sure it is. Anybody who's going to fawn over King's embarrassments does nothing to convince me here. Besides, if Thanos lives by the end of this story, it'll be no shock at all. Mainly because mainstream superhero publishers have put more value on villains in the past than heroes. The art sample I've seen on Polygon's page doesn't look particularly inventive either.

Polygon has once again demonstrated they have no understanding or respect of the superhero genre, or what makes it work.

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what clout do a bunch of maladjusted communists homos have when it comes to judging anything?

You can tell the sexuality and political leanings of a person from that alone?

There is enough information out there to suggest that the writers that comics journalists hold in the highest esteem, are those whom they share political views. Many of them are hired because they are underrepresented sexual minorities because the comic industry has rebranded itself as a safe space for homos in recent years.

The rebranding of comics, and other geek activities as safe spaces for homos, particularly lesbians, has been a long-term thing dating back to the late 1990S.

Comicsgate dumbasses have been whining about sjws taking over comics in 2012,
when sjws entered comics in the early 2000s.

I came across this blog many years ago,


not only was it unexceptional, the kind of people on it were on the creator comics online forums. Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, and Bendis! attracted sjws to their forums and helped amplify their voices.

With a few exceptions, all of the sjws were communists and homos. Those who were not homos and Communists were purged for being part of the Oppressor classes. Warren Ellis and Mark Millar and no longer welcome in the current comics community because they are too white,straight, and male.

*". Many of them are hired because they are underrepresented sexual minorities because the comic industry has rebranded itself as a safe space for homos in recent years."
should be
Many of the journalists that are hired, are hired because they are underrepresented sexual minorities. The comic industry has rebranded itself as a safe space for homos in recent years.

Sjw s entered comics en masse in the early 1940s, although many had entered earlier. There have been openly gay artists in comics since at least the 1970s, including some of the best in the business, and gay comics characters started appearing in the 1980s, earlier in the undergrounds.

I think you guys are a bit behind the times. America has rebranded itself as a safe place for all sexual orientations in recent years. Comics are following the trend, not leading it.

The majority of comics creators in the 1940s were not leftists. Aside from anti-axis war propaganda, there was no progressiveness in comics. No one was advocating for reparations for slavery or to end slut-shaming

A lot of them comics creators from the 1940s were jews, probably.
Are you conflating Jews with social justice? Are you saying liberalism is a Jewish thing?

"I think you guys are a bit behind the times. America has rebranded itself as a place where people with abnormal sexual orientations are given prominence . Comics are following the trend, not leading it."
The majority of new comics de-emphasis heterosexuality and have either gay leads or gender behavior reversals where men act like women and women act more like men. Critically acclaimed books like Wicked+Divine, Saga, and a lot of the YA comics show that the default is now homosexuality.

Anti nazi stories were a significant example of progressive thought in the 1940s comics. But not the only example.

Dick Briefer was a progressive; his pirate prince fought slavery, he did a series about a native Indian hero that challenged bigoted stereotypes, he presented in Rex Dexter an idyllic Martian utopia straight out of the communist manifesto.

Simon and Kirby did stories about slum problems in the Newsboy Legion, about juvenile delinquency and exploitation.

Siegel and Shuster wrote about urban problems, about child poverty and the exploitation of workers and spousal abuse.

Walt Kelly challenged racist assumptions with sympathetic non stereotypical black characters.

Gaines and Feldstein included anti bigotry messaging in their stories.

The Justice Society of America did a story stacking anti nissei prejudice in the midst of war time and another about stret gangs nd juvenile delinquency.

The Green Lama attacked nativist bigotry and white supremacist thought, as did Harvey kurtzman.

Slut shaming wasn't a label in the 1940s, but you could find a lot of romance comic stories displaying how cruel that kind of behavior is.

Reparations weren't on the table back then, but many stories took stands Against bigotry.

Crooked businessmen who got rich off the exploitation of ordinary people were a staple.

Wonder Woman was an avatar of women's rights, who ran for president on the cover of one issue.

So, yeah, progressive thought.

For a book where homosexuality is the default, Saga has a lot of raunchy, x-rated, sexually explicit male-female encounters.

Thor and She-Hulk are an explosive item, Odin and Freya have reignited the physical side of their relationship, Ben and Alicia just got married and want to have kids, Pete and MJ have bedroom scenes, Tony and Jan chat in bed with each other, Machine Man and Jocasta were keeping house for a while, T'Challa and Storm just had a hot reunion, Harley is as raunchy as ever; heterosexuality is not exactly getting short shrift.

addressing corruption, organized crime, or juvenile delinquency is not progressive.

Ending slavery also is not a progressive talking point. There are plenty of people who wanted to end slavery but who would balk at their children marrying blacks. or living next to them.

no GOLDEN AGE romance comic i ever came across advocated for women to sleep around with as many men as she wants.

That just leaves you with comics calling for an end to "bigotry" which weren't that influential or widely read for the most part.

saga is a comic book known for gender behavior reversals where men act like women and women act more like men. this is a theme related to feminism and feminism is closely associated with homo advocacy these days.

Trying to end exploitation of the poor by the rich, looking at how social conditions create crime and juvenile delinquency, idealizing a (Martian) society with no money economy run on the principle of from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, advocating for the equality of all races - those are progressive themes.

Women in golden age comics did not sleep around on panel. But sympathetic heroines were often shamed for being loose with boys. Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

Comics against bigotry not well read? There were lots more than the above posts mentioned, in romance, war and superhero comics, and they sold well. Do you not think all star comics with the justice society was widely read?

Jews and social justice? The label sjw originally meant single Jewish woman in the singles ads. Appropriated as a derogatory term for mainstream liberals, it has anti Semitic connotations; it was a bigoted sneer.

So the label Progressive has changed over the years?

Interesting point about Saga. It does have women who are warriors in it. But then Mr Miracle, where his wife is the tough warrior and he the more sensitive thoughtful type (as she told him once, 'I am a warrior, I am trained to die - but you are beautiful inside') would also be gay advocacy. And Peter Parker, not the conventional macho type, would also be gay advocacy. Any time you have a sensitive male type, it is gay advocacy. The mind boggles.

"saga is a comic book known for gender behavior reversals where men act like women and women act more like men. this is a theme related to feminism and feminism is closely associated with homo advocacy these days."

The logical leaps in this are dizzying and awe-inspiring. If Fredric Wertham were still alive, he would be dumbstruck with awe.

Does this mean that Lucy and Charlie Brown are gay? Or Maggie and Jiggs from bringing up father? Or any sit com about a hen-pecked husband?

It just means that sometimes trying to find deeper meanings in various things turns out to be just other people projecting their own delusions and beliefs into something that's a lot shallower than what it first appears to be.

Basically what your saying is that these guys are just as delusional as anybody over on a liberal blog? Guess that's what you get when you try to look for opinions from armchair politicians and psychiatrists.

" Any time you have a sensitive male type, it is gay advocacy. The mind boggles"

it's not sensitive man that is gay advocacy it's effeminate men being placed alongside masculine woman.

telling a heterosexual man that he needs to "get in touch with his feminine side", let his wife penetrate him with a strapon is telling him to behave more like a gay man but this is common advice that feminists, many of whom are lgbt will give to straight men.

Mike, you have been spending way too much time on those kinky fetish sites.

"Penetrate him with a strapon"?! What ever happened to cooking or sewing lessons?

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