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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 

Polygon pushes for Marvel to shove more transgender propaganda into their comics

It's bad enough Marvel's publishing LGBT propaganda promoting directions unhealthy for children. Now, the awful Polygon site's making it worse by taking up a position much like leftist Gizmodo did that comics should be forcibly political, and insisting Marvel flood their output with transgender characters. It has what to do with Disney Plus, which I'm sure we needn't buy a subscription for:
Marvel’s 20-episode docuseries celebrates kids who’ve “dedicated their lives to selfless acts of bravery and kindness.” Each episode follows its subject on a big day — a presentation, a meetup, a fundraiser, a protest — and unpacks their journey using interviews with family, friends, and community members. Just when you think you can’t get teary-eyed enough, the genuinely awesome kid is presented with a Marvel comic illustrating their victories, and a hefty donation to their chosen cause.

Episodes released so far have featured a disabled engineer, a blind athlete, and a young boy who rallied his town against child abuse. The connection to Marvel Comics characters are not much of a stretch: Iron Man is a guy who turned to engineering in the face of a medical disability; Daredevil and Hawkeye are superheroes who sometimes struggle with not being able to see and hear; and Captain America’s ability to inspire those around him is one of his most consistent not-exactly-super powers.

This week’s episode focuses on Rebekah, a transgender girl and an LGBTQ activist. The story is no less inspirational, but slightly tarnished by the undeniable fact that the Marvel Comics universe has virtually no transgender superheroes.
I wonder why it's such a big deal every "minority" status character be made into a superhero proper, and can't just simply be a recurring co-star? That kind of thinking's ruined corporate owned comics long before. Then, the main problem with Polygon's beliefs is that, if there were transgender "heroes" in Marvel's books, they'd be throughly opposed to depicting the practice and lifestyle negatively in any way, let alone stating scientific facts that there's only 2 genders, and you can only be one or another. Hence, their demand is nothing more than a push for propaganda and poor examples for children and adults alike.

And the biggest irony about this article is the citation of a kid who rallied against child abuse. It tragically doesn't occur to them that parents who force their son and daughter to act as though they're the opposite sex is a form of child abuse too, mental or otherwise, did it? Or even public schools who practically encourage this smut at both child and parent's expense. Nor is there any concern over men who pretend to be women as an excuse to commit horrific crimes. This is all the fallout of western societies desensitized to violence and perversion via some of the worst educational curriculum possible.
Over the decades, Marvel has introduced superheroes of color, female superheroes, and crusading young superheroes, but vanishingly few LGBTQ superheroes, and no prominent gender nonconforming superheroes. The list of genderqueer characters who do exist in Marvel Comics is chockablock with aliens, gods, and anthropomorphic entities with fundamentally different cultural norms around gender than human society. Loki, the trickster god of Asgard, freely takes female form when it suits him. Tong, the Moloid, came out as transfeminine to her brothers in the pages of Fantastic Four. Xavin, a member of Skrull royalty who appears in Runaways, explained to their lesbian betrothed that to Skrulls, changing gender from male to female was no different than changing hair color. These are characters that might function well as points of identification for gender nonconforming folks, but they don’t constitute representation of actual trans persons’ experiences.
Well now, what's this? Even if what they tell here is true, science-fiction is not the same as reality. And are we supposed to consider the cultural beliefs of these alien societies palatable? Of course not. It's said that a peculiar flaw in how the Inhumans were developed was that Attilan went by a classist system that regarded some members of their community as lesser and all but left them in such a position. Are we supposed to consider that acceptable? Of course not. So why should we just take every alien culture presented in sci-fi for granted, and not ponder whether a particular belief system in an alien society is something we consider a negative trait in ours?

Anyway, these examples from Marvel stories are certainly disturbing (they even indirectly reference the Muslim Ms. Marvel), and it doesn't get any better with the following news:
Ken Shiga, AKA Koi Boi, a supporting character in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, is the only transgender human superhero in Marvel Comics at the moment. And even then, Ken’s transgender identity was never unpacked on the page, but rather confirmed by artist Erica Henderson after readers noticed that he was being drawn wearing a chest binder. Since Squirrel Girl’s finale, it remains to be seen when, if ever, Ken will appear again.
I think this is reason enough not to buy what should be called Unbearable. I realize the artwork in that book is crummy, but this is even more ghastly when they inject this kind of cheap sensationalism.
Marvel’s eternal competitor, DC Comics, isn’t exactly doing better. Sir Ystin, the modern version of the superhero Shining Knight, is a medieval knight who identifies as both male and female; but they’re not a regular cast member of any current comic. The same can be said for Alysia Yeoh, Batgirl’s former roommate; or Porcelain, a genderfluid member of the Secret Six. Beyond those, the pool dips into gods and entities, with the intersex, agender Greek deity of love, Atlantiades.
A crucial reminder DC's equally guilty of this LGBT propaganda push, and the 19th issue of their most recent Supergirl series featured this obsession in one of the most rock bottom examples they've ever produced, one of the worst exploitations of the Girl of Steel's own solo tales for the sake of an agenda.

And ignored in all this embarrassment is that there are plenty of transgender transitioners who've regretted it and abandoned the act. That's something else unlikely to be explored in whatever propaganda Marvel/DC and any smaller publishers who've shoved this obsession down people's throats are concocting. But it's another explanation why those who engage in pushing this on the audience don't deserve our hard-earned money. As for Polygon, this is just one more example why they're such a dismal entertainment site. And Disney Plus is one more cable streaming channel we could do without.

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There are competing views about trans-gender issues in Islam. Iran allows and encourages sex-change surgery, and a lot of operations are done there.

I would think that Western values of civility would mean that a person gets to decide for herself who she is, rather than having you decide for her.

I wonder at this hatred of Squirrel Girl. Steve Ditko did not originally draw her as a gorgeous babe; she was awkward and adolescent and goofy and not conventionally pretty. Insisting she look like the standard cookie cutter supermodel superheroine is just an insult to the hard work Ditko put into designing the character, his last major contribution to comic book mythology. Erika Henderson’s artwork was not slick or noodly, but it told a story clearly with imagination and had vivid body language and characterization. The character certainly did not look ugly; she had buck teeth like a squirrel, of course, and she was more buxom than the standard model heroine, but she was well within the normal healthy body proportion range. The book was a throwback to the Stan Lee style comics of the Sixties, with good characterization, clever plots and a respect for the fundamental silliness of superpowered people dressing up in costume to fight crime, never taking itself too seriously but still able to deliver an emotional punch. If you could take off the ideological lenses for a few moments, you would enjoy it.

"scientific facts that there's only 2 genders, and you can only be one or another"

Actually, that is not scientifically correct. Nature does not always adhere to the plan, and a small but significant number of babies are born inter-sex. In the old days, say the 1950s and later, doctors would be quick to do gender reassignment surgery on them, making them female because that was surgically easier than making them male. Now there is more of a feeling that people should be the way they are born, more knowledge about the side effects of the surgery, a recognition that many of the kids who had the surgery before they were old enough to remember it still feel that there is something missing or wrong about the gender identity they have been given. Trying to make them conform to our ideas of male and female did them physical and psychological harm. Nature doesn’t always care about or conform to our rigid perspective on life. Neither does the divine.

The first Marvel superhero I can think of who was transgendered was Starhawk, from the 1970s Guardians of the Galaxy series.

You want Squirrel Girl hatred? Here's a rant on her by devilkais:


The joke with Squirrel Girl is that she is so completely proficient and creative with her seemingly lackluster powers, that she can literally accomplish anything and defeat anyone.Now how quick can THIS joke get old ? Way too fucking quick, the first time it was fun, not laugh out loud funny but I get it Doom gets stopped by a bunch of squirrels... however repeat this shit for at least 3 more times & it becomes fucking irritating & lazy (besides Marvel, the hacks you hire are doing a good enough job of mocking your most magnificient villains, which makes her usefulness rather questionnable...)Shame because the other GLA members are fun & nice (especially Big Berta.). Doreen & her little to-be-neutered rodent (tippy-toe) is a candidate for pest extermination.I DESPISE Squirrel Girl. Why? SHE IS NOT FUNNY! It's like a snotty brat bothering you every 5 minutes to yell "This is funny! I'm funny ! I'm funny! laugh laugh laugh! Oh you HAVE to laugh !"
The only squirrel girl story I'm interested in reading nowadays is her getting sliced & diced by Carnage while he sings Happy, Happy Joy Joy (this needs to be drawn someday...) Or Deadpool going Bruce Campbell on her furry tail (again Deadpool doesn't really count as a Joke character. Mostly because he is a tragic, disturbing character who happens to be funny & can sometimes break the 4th wall, that's the real Wade for me...) Besides everyone knows that the fight of the millenium is Rex the Motherfucking WonderDog VS Snow-Flame the GOD OF COCAINE who feels NO PAIN! (although he relishes your feeble attempts to inflict it... Now that's a comic I would read !)

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