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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 

Geoff Johns really is disliked at Warner Brothers

Via Cosmic Book News and Bounding Into Comics, I found this video from Beyond the Trailer's Grace Randolph, who brings the fascinating news that Geoff Johns, one of the most overrated writers the DCU ever fell victim to, is actually very disliked at WB's studios, and even betrayed director Zack Snyder while the Justice League movie was in production. From the video transcript provided by the former site:
Inexplicably, Geoff Johns is still one of the producers on the movie. He is listed first. Even though he is widely disliked at Warner Bros. In fact I can tell you, Johns is pretty much the one who was responsible for Zack Snyder getting replaced by Joss Whedon. He did it behind his back. That's all I'll tell you today. It's really bad.

So anyway, Geoff Johns is pretty much disliked by everybody. I hear Jim Lee is beloved, so he's great... but Geoff Johns was banished from [Birds of Prey] and he was the head of the DCEU for a hot minute, and that is what allowed him to do that to Zack Snyder, but everybody hated him and so he got banished to the DC Universe streaming service, and maybe he will redeem himself with Stargirl, which I hear is massively delayed because I hear he doesn't know how to be a showrunner, but it is coming, maybe it will turn out great... Even if Stargirl doesn't work out, he still has Batgirl...
He shouldn't. The live action DC adaptations for TV have been just as pretentious as their film counterparts, due to the level of politics the Supergirl series has become particularly notorious for. I vaguely recall reports there were personnel at WB who blamed Johns for the failure of the Green Lantern movie, and this news, if factual, says plenty more about what's wrong with him. In the first link, it also states:
Back when the Joker movie was released, the former co-president of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, was called out by fans for defending the violence in the Joker movie, but not defending the Zack Snyder DCEU films.

A fan actually made mention that Nelson was too busy helping her buddy Geoff Johns destroy Zack Snyder's work from the inside, but Nelson tweeted back, "He's no buddy of mine" (meaning Johns).

Diane Nelson actually resigned from DC in 2018 which saw Geoff Johns also resign two weeks later from his position as co-president and chief creative officer of DC Entertainment.
Even if the Joker movie is artistically successful, there is a valid argument to make that Nelson was throwing the original Justice League director under the bus, probably because the film wasn't dark enough to suit their biased visions. Nelson obviously wasn't delivering as a movie producer, so it's no big deal if she resigned, and this must've had an effect on Johns to boot. Neither contributed any positive effect for DC as a comics publisher either, so that the latter resigned is fortunate. And if Johns doesn't know how to manage a movie, his employment by Richard Donner in the 90s notwithstanding, we shouldn't be shocked if he doesn't know how to manage a TV series either.

With any luck, this'll give an idea just how pretentious Johns always was, and it clearly hasn't changed. The man sounds so quixotic, and it ultimately cost him prominent roles he shouldn't have been given.

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Just as I suspected.

Say what you like about Kevin Feige but he knows how to be humble and not let his own personal Nostalgic preference drag the MCU (That's Bob "the 2nd Coming of Dukakis" Iger and Kelly Sue DeConnick's job). Geoff (plus Kevin Smith via Green Arrow) inadvertently harmed DC's future by limiting its choice of characters for his own bias.

Re: Snyder- Much as I feel he too shouldn't have anything to do with DC after BVS, I never realized how kuch of this was Johns' doing. Then I realized Snyder's Manchester Black-esque "You're living in a f*cking dream world" remark may possibly been aimed at Johns (who truly sees the Christopher Reeve Superman movies as the only thing Superman everyone should accept. Both Geoff and Zack truly are bipolar and Dangerous opposites

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