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Sunday, May 24, 2020 

Warner Brothers favored the diversity-pandering Asian Atom over the Silver Age one

Screen Rant reported that, with Zack Snyder's Justice League special movie cut coming about on HBO, they released footage showing Ryan Choi, the Asian character introduced in the mid-2000s to forcibly replace Ray Palmer in the Atom's costume, had more of a role in the movie than previously thought:
Zack Snyder shared a new image of the Justice League Snyder Cut featuring Ryan Choi aka Atom. It's been three years since Snyder exited Justice League and resulted in fans seeing a version of the movie that was heavily reshot a few months later and sparked a campaign for the Snyder Cut to be released. After all that time, fans of DC and Snyder finally received the news they were hoping for: the Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max in 2021.

The Snyder Cut, or Zack Snyder's Justice League as it officially has been named, will be a very different story than what viewers experienced in 2017. Snyder has spent the last three years teasing fans with details on what his plans contained, revealing just how much of Justice League was changed. His cut of the movie included Darkseid, alternate character arcs, and even several characters who were left out of the theatrical cut. One of the new characters Snyder planned to introduce was Ryan Choi.
Well, I'm sorry, but based on how repellently Ray and Jean Loring were kicked to the curb in 2004's misogynist screed, Identity Crisis, the miniseries that was a subtle metaphor for Chomskyism by extension, that's why I won't be wasting my time on what was a disastrous, incoherently produced film to begin with. I ask, what made this new Atom originally marketed on being a POC such a big deal for casting in a live action film, but not Ray Palmer, or even the Golden Age Al Pratt, for that matter? This is an insult to the intellect, and I don't see why this is such a big deal for moviegoers asking for Snyder's own cut of the footage. It's no better than changing Heimdall's racial background in the Thor movies, and it is an example of social justice obsession leading to cheap casting choices. And it's not even the only place where they've resorted to PC casting: there was also the recent Arrowverse series on CW adapting Crisis on Infinite Earths. The actor who played the role didn't even seem the least bit troubled by how it all came about, judging from this Newsarama interview:
Nrama: You’ve read the comic books before taking the role. Were you a DC Comics or comic book fan in general growing up?

Chau: I don’t usually read comics. The Ryan Choi comics were actually the first I read as a kid and I only read it because my roommate - this was like seven, eight years ago - my roommate, we went through a list of all these superheroes I could play. If you could play a superhero it would probably be Ryan Choi. Then I got all of Ryan Choi comics and I was like, "Yeah, you’re right."

And this was like way back when superheroes were just starting to become prominent, and as this Asian actor I was like I got to do something towards that. We actually put a pitch packet together for Ryan Choi because I did a lot of research and I love the story. I even connected with Gail Simone who is the writer of it. So, when I came to the audition - they're were fake sides, but I knew right away I'm like, "This is Ryan." Like I told the writers in the room like "This is Ryan, right?" I think I definitely caught them off guard.
Some research, I'll bet. It sounds like we got here one very politically correct performer who can't appreciate the previous renditions, and only cared about the most brand new material, for a role that hasn't been given a solo book of any kind in over a decade since the Simone material was cancelled. And she's proven to be a bad, social justice advocating lot herself since that time too. The guy does confirm Ray turns up in the program he filmed, but it's clear he cares far more about having the role suit his PC visions than for Ray - and Jean - to be given the justice they've been denied for years. If Ray had been forcibly replaced by a Jewish character, I would've rejected the role by contrast, because I don't approve of political correctness for the sake of identity politics.

After nearly 15 years in the comics, it hasn't even led anywhere, not even post-Rebirth, seeing how after one of the previous JL volumes was cancelled, the Choi character mostly vanished, his being given the costume by Ray notwithstanding. All this social justice catering could be exactly why characters like the Atom will not be able to get a spotlight, because DC doesn't want to fully undo the harm caused during the DiDio era, and emphasizing the SJW-themed Atom in a solo book will only cause more division and controversy. They really climbed a high tree, and the results are pretty apparent now. I don't know what the big deal is to the crowd asking for the Snyder cut of the League movie, but if they're as PC-minded as those watching the Arrowverse, something is certainly wrong here. In such a case, that's why I can't be part of such a filmgoing bunch.

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"If Ray had been forcibly replaced by a Jewish character, I would've rejected the role by contrast, because I don't approve of political correrctness for the sake of identity politics."

Gerry Conway indicated that Ray was a secular Jew, in Justice League 188. No force was applied.

Ray has been a regular in the Arrowverse, first in Green Arrow and then in Legends of Tomorrow. So Warner Bros have been making good use of him on screen.

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