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Thursday, June 25, 2020 

Scott Allie's finally getting booted from Dark Horse

Still another scumbag in comicdom's been brought up in discussion this week, the Planned Parenthood-supporting former Dark Horse EIC Scott Allie, and this newest accusation, pertaining to the past 2 decades, is by far the most obscene and gross. From International Business Times:
Dark Horse Comics has decided to cut ties with Scott Allie after the former editor-in-chief was accused of sexual abuse by co-worker Shawna Gore.

Gore, who worked at the company from 1997 to 2011, took to Twitter on Wednesday (June 24) to describe the abuse she faced, which took place over the course of 14 years.

"Scott Allie sexually harassed me, sexually assaulted me, and retaliated against me, causing a negative impact on my career. All of these things happened over the course of 14 years. This is a pattern of chronic, escalating and unchecked abuse that was not related to his alcohol use. This was and is illegal behavior that he needs to be held accountable for,” she wrote.

She went on to describe an incident that happened in 1999 where the accused allegedly “slid his left hand” down her pants in a minivan during a company trip. She asserts that he was not drunk at the time of the incident.
I'm decidedly not going to quote more in text, as it gets very graphic, but here's Mrs. Gore's main post with special paragraphs in pictures:

It appears nobody else riding in that minivan tried to stop him, and she's blaming other industrialists for enabling Allie to continue his violent side-career unopposed. I hope she'll file a police charge against him, because this is something that warrants a prison sentence. Similarly, she should also file charges against her former DH employers for failure to report and prevent a crime. Their prior silence is what leads to this abuse, and legally, there are laws under which they can be charged. The India-based Koimoi site says:
Furthermore, writer Mike Mignola, the man behind the popular Hellboy franchise has also severed ties with Scott Allie with regards to Gore’s claims. For those of you unversed, Mignola and Scott had worked closely over the years on Hellboy and B.P.R.D. books. Taking to his Twitter handle to announce his decision, Mike Mignola has shared, “I believe Shawna Gore. Given what I have read today, I will be discontinuing working with Scott Allie.”
I'm afraid this is coming awfully late. Allie was accused in the past, it was reported, Image's contributors distanced themselves from him, yet only now Mignola and DH are responding to the accusations when they didn't before? I'm sorry, but this is just too hard to swallow. That's why, if you admire Mignola's creations, you'll have to take them from this point on with - what else? - a grain of salt.

It should be noted that Allie's given a lot of signs he's a male feminist, and if the information I found when an IDW employee served as apologist for him is correct, Allie virtue-signaled and covered his tracks by opposing T&A/sexualization. This should serve as a vital lesson how bad male feminists can really be. Getting rid of T&A does not get rid of sexual abuse in the workplace; at worst, it only increases it.

It remains to be seen how many more culprits will be found over time in comicdom's upper echelons. There are bound to be more, and no matter their political standings, it's bound to be truly awful.

Update: according to AIPT, another allegation was made against a book writer who was just beginning on comics named Myke Cole, and has now been dropped by Vault publishing following the allegations against him.

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