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Sunday, November 22, 2020 

Of all the statues DC could make for display in Burbank, it's first and foremost Batman

ComicBook reports there's a new statue dedicated to a DC comics character on display in the California city of Burbank, and wouldn't you know it, they base it on Batman:
It wasn't long ago that Marvel's Captain America received a bronze statue in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Now DC Comics has immortalized one of their iconic superheroes in a statue in Burbank, California, the home of DC Entertainment. DC Entertainment revealed, in collaboration with the city of Burbank, a seven-and-a-half feet tall, 600-pound statue of Batman located in the city. The statue is based on the artwork of seminal artist Jim Lee, who drew Batman: Hush and All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder. These days the artist is the publisher and chief creative officer of DC. Digital sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra designed the statue with a team of artisans working at Burbank’s American Fine Arts Foundry and Fabrication. [...]
As expected, Lee's slobbering over this news like there's no tomorrow:
"It's been an honor to contribute to the legacy of one of the world's greatest superheroes," Jim Lee said. "I've worked in comics now for over three decades and there have been very few characters that I've worked on in my career that have endured for decades like Batman and inspired that next level fervor and passion that you see in his fan base. Batman fans are fan for life, he's not just a character but a way of life and I've seen people literally transform their homes into their own version of the Bat Cave or get Batman tattoos simply because this character means so much to them. While Batman's base of operations is in Gotham City, he truly is a character that is beloved all around the world."
This may be the first in a series of statues planned, based on DCU creations, but it's still extremely cheap a choice to make the Masked Manhunter the very first in line, and I've got a feeling that, if and when a Superman statue will be completed, no similar fuss will be made about that. I won't question that Batman is a popular figure worldwide, but how come Superman doesn't get the same attention now being heaped with what seems very deliberate upon Batman? It's ludicrous, and perpetuates the obsession with darkness we don't need. So much darkness isn't healthy. So nobody transforms their lives and homes based on the Man of Steel, huh? Gee, how touching to know he obviously means zip to Lee. I am so not amused by this rather obvious choice of a figure who's world doesn't emphasize sci-fi the way others like Superman's do.

If I were in charge of this project, even if Superman weren't the first choice, I still wouldn't go for one already as easy as Batman makes. I'd choose Hawkman, Flash, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Atom, Metamorpho, Jonah Hex, Supergirl, Swamp Thing, Legion, Titans and Infinity Inc. members, and maybe even the unusual pick of the Omega Men, as were originally realized in the early 80s. How do you expect certain creations to be recognized in any way if you're not willing to take the challenges and risks needed to realize those possibilities? "Recognizability" or lack thereof is too easy an excuse when you're relying on an image that's already painfully well known in the wider public. This news doesn't encourage me to take a trip to a now failing state like California, and for somebody who makes such a big fuss over Batman, liberals like Lee don't seem very concerned about stuff going on there that Batman could be written combatting. Indeed, don't expect DC as they stand today to greenlight a story where Bruce Wayne takes on so much as a metaphor for cities like Los Angeles, where stability is crumbling under the weight of political correctness. As a result, what's the use of celebrating a statue like when the elitists who built it aren't particularly concerned about the mess California's become?

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