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Monday, March 01, 2021 

Comics Beat defended firing Gina Carano from the Mandalorian

If you're wondering about left-wing specialty news sites defending the dismissal of martial artist Carano from Disney-owned Mandalorian, there's Heidi MacDonald's loathsome site Comics Beat. Most of what they say is pretty cliched, and it goes without saying their alleged concerns about antisemitism are phony:
This is obviously not the first time Carano’s social media posts have come under fire. Last September, she made transphobic comments when she mocked the use of identifying pronouns. In November, she mocked mask mandates and perpetuated the myth of voter fraud. And while these recent offending posts have been deleted from her accounts, the internet is forever. [...]

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Aaron Couch also reported that according to sources, “Lucasfilm planned to unveil Gina Carano as the star of her own show during December’s investor day. They scrubbed those plans after erratic tweets in November.”
Based on Carano's accounts of what goes on behind the scenes, to say nothing of the contempt the producers apparently had for her in the first place, the chances this is true are decidedly minimal. All that aside, they don't defend her right to an opinion, resorting as they do to the now classic accusations of "transphobia" as much as "homophobia", in all their PC mentality. This is another shoddy example of "opinionating" coming from a website whose main founder has been involved in shady activities, and continues with this drivel:
Carano’s Cara Dune was a main fixture of the Disney+ hit show and clearly had the potential to go on to do more within the Star Wars franchise universe. Will they replace Cara Dune’s character with another actor? Given the expansive nature of the universe, it seems highly unlikely. But, whatever plans Disney had for the Alderaanian shock trooper, rumored or otherwise, seem to have firmly been shelved.
As it so happens, it won't be easy for the TV show going forward when people are aware the producers caved to cancel culture over petty issues, and at this point, it could hang over the series' reputation pretty badly, diminishing what entertainment value existed.

Here's more from the awful Beat site, commenting on the cancellation of toy action figures based on Carano's character:
The Cara Dune 6″ Star Wars: The Black Series figure has been available in stores for a few months already, but the announcement that Hasbro won’t be producing any more is certainly a surprise. Incidentally, a new Cara Dune Funko Pop! figure, that was announced among a new wave of Mandalorian products a few months ago, will be available in just a few weeks. While it’s too late for Funko to pull production on those figures, it’s highly doubtful that Carano’s ardent fanbase will purchase them after vowing to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions, so I expect these Cara Dune Funkos to go the way of Jar Jar Binks Phantom Menace merch and fill discount bins.
Hmm, that's a good question. Some will surely want to purchase them in some form or other as an act of solidarity with Carano, but no, it's not like they'll want the studio to profit from them.
Meanwhile, Carano announced on Friday that she is partnering with conservative website The Daily Wire to develop, produce, and star in a movie project. It’s a far cry from headlining your own Disney+ Star Wars original series, but to each their own.
Something wrong with participating in a project led by a site first founded by a Jewish commentator? Or is the writer implying Carano should've literally jettisoned her conservative position for the sake of a shoddy liberal one?

And now, I looked through their database, and found this review of a graphic novel by an Israeli leftist titled "Falafel with Hot Sauce". It begins with this peculiar matter:
When it comes to opinions on Israel, I find that any wider view I might personally hear on the subject is typically drowned out by either American Jews or American progressives and radicals. I suppose it’s natural those would be the loudest of the voices in the debate, but explaining that might also give context to why I found Michel Kichka’s memoir of becoming an Israeli so enlightening. Falafel with Hot Sauce approaches the subject from a personal point of view, offering a memoir of Kitchka’s own experience but framing it as a secular liberal who embraced his new home but found the changes there over the decade to be alarming and demand more of him. In this way, he presents a complicated picture of what it’s like to be a citizen in the country that transcends what reaches my ears typically.
Seriously, this guy has a problem with "progs" and "rads", if you think some slang and figure of speech could describe the above well enough? Well based on the author's ideologies and this later paragraph, that's why any supposed problem with them comes into question:
Kichka recounts his time in school, the beginning of his career as a cartoonist, his marriage and family, and the political actions on the parts of he and his wife, who take their leftist views into different areas of protest, she to the streets and he as part of the group Cartooning For Peace. This group has his traveling and meeting numerous other cartoonists who share in common ruling parties in their own countries who feel threatened by the cartoonists’ work, often imprisoning and torturing them for anything from speaking out against government actions to merely depicting a ruler in the cartoons.

Kichka feels these bonds so strongly because he sees the oppression meted out by his own government in regard to Palestinians, and as part of Cartooning For Peace has worked to break the boundaries that are politically imposed and embrace a middle ground that sidelines the incendiary rhetoric on the far edges of both sides of the conflict. It’s in the autobiographical parts of Falafel With Hot Sauce that readers are offered the experience that led to his calm approach to the issue, in defiance to a historical backdrop of oppression and loss that Jews have felt as part of a diaspora. And that continues, as pointed out in one distressing section near the end of the book where Kichka points out the number of Jewish people he knows who have lost loved ones through anti-Semitic violence. It’s a conflict where innocents suffer on both sides as the dialogue is commandeered by the most politically angry as they seek vengeance and control.
Wow, no kidding, he finds that a valid viewpoint? Because that's what progs and rads of the left uphold; they believe quite literally that Israel is doing nothing more than "oppressing" the "poor and innocent" palestinians, and that includes the kind of so-called Jews who're part of the Biden bunch. Then again, he didn't actually say the above citations were leftists drowning out the wider view, so it's clear he was trying to be evasive in a sense. And was the author Kichka himself ever subject to the depravity spoken about here, as is alleged to have happened with other cartoonists he speaks of? If not, then I'm not sure what this is all about. And it would seem there's no concern or room in such a GN for what the PLO does to subjects who commit the Orwellian Thoughtcrime of selling land to Jews. If the writers in focus have no concern over that, or even about antisemitic crimes like this one, then this clearly indigestible Falefel is a textbook case of one-sidedness of the worst - but no longer shocking - sort. Besides, hot sauce is something I find too nasty for my meals.

And it proves Comics Beat's own issues with Carano aren't genuine ones, seeing how they lavish attention on something harmful to Israel, and the worst part being its crafted by an Israeli descendant indoctrinated in the worst of leftist institutions. But a right-winger's concerns are invalid by contrast. This is another reason why a sick site like Comics Beat shouldn't be taken seriously, and is doing more harm than good to the medium it supposedly represents.

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